Lawyer Suing DNC Mysteriously Dies!!

Attorney Shaun LucasAttorney Shawn Lucas was found unconscious on the floor of his bathroom at home after serving the DNC with a lawsuit! That suit alleges that former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton.” You might remember after the DNC email controversy proving that the DNC rigged the primary to keep Bernie Sanders from being the party’s nominee Wasserman resigned in disgrace only to be immediately hired by the Clinton Campaign.

Lucas filed the lawsuit against the DNC on June 28. In the lawsuit is says Wasserman and the DNC engaged in fraud and that they acted with negligence and misrepresented the true motivations in the Democratic presidential primary.

Lucas was found dead by his girlfriend on August 2 and police are refusing to say how he died for some odd reason! Friends say he did not do drugs and was in excellent health and they are shocked and “freaked out” by his untimely death. Lucas’ mysterious death joins a long line of “strange deaths” when it comes to the Clinton’s and the DNC with the latest being that of DNC staffer Seth Rich whom perhaps was the person who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Of course these untimely deaths have all been passed off as conspiracy theories by the MSM because then they don’t have to do any real investigations and have more time to snort their cocaine! In the past 6 weeks alone there have been 4 mysterious deaths of people tied to the Clinton’s and that should raise the suspicion of any real detective! It seems odd that people who get close to the Clinton Racket Machine end up mysteriously dead and no witnesses doesn’t it? As one commentator says in the link below, “We don’t need a mob boss in the White House. She (Hillary) needs to be in the Big House!”.

So are Slick Willey and Hillary MOB BOSSES or what? Now I’m sure these mysterious deaths will be spouted about in the MSM very little and in a few days it will all be ignored again and nothing will be done! And, once again, Hillary will get away unscathed as she has in the past. Don’t you think it’s time to investigate these mystery murders and put Hillary Clinton behind bars?


Friends of DNC-Linked Shawn Lucas “Freaked Out” by His Death


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