Official Daily Comrade News USSA! No. 1



Official USSA News for Comrades hosted by Propaganda Officer Sergei Dobrynin & Igor the Thug:


Your Host Propaganda Officer Sergei Dobrynin

Welcome dear AmeriKan comrades to today’s official state daily news!  By reading ONLY the official state news you are one step ahead of your other comrades because you are complying already with the new dictatorship and declaration of the Union of Soviet Socialist AmeriKa.  Once this nation is completely a Soviet State you may be able to teach your neighbors and fellow comrades how to comply with State Directives and you may also be able to inform them of how the State deals with those who do not comply.  If that is not enough please let us know so we can send Igor over to them for a “visit.”  Igor take a bow Comrade……

Igor the Thug

 Igor the Thug

“Take Bow?  Take THIS traitor comrades!”



In new and improved USSA every comrade has obligation to help protect the STATE from traitors and subversives! This is why it is so important for comrades to keep eye on neighbors and report suspicious activity even if you have to make a bit of it up!  Not to worry comrades!  No comrade will be harmed once we arrive at neighbors house for small “visit.”  And please to ignore sounds of screaming and bangs coming from neighbors house.  Comrades CANNOT TRUST neighbors!  They might be spy!  They might be counter-revolutionary neo-con or conservative!  Such comrades must be dealt with quickly and is no better way to deal with such subversives than sending them to “re-education camps” for retraining.  So RAT OUT YOUR NEIGHBORS comrades for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and remember…..If you don’t…..YOUR CHILDREN WILL rat YOU out when they return to State School.


Comrade Soon-to-Be Dear Leader Hillary’s Emails Scandal

Let us assure you that Soon-to-Be Dear Leader Hillary Clintonov has no problem with email.  All that you hear Soviet_8alleging that she used private server to send Top Secret emails is, to put in words of spouse Slick Willy-ov, “the biggest load of BULL I’ve ever heard.”

Be assured she has don NOTHING wrong and she is honest and pure as driven snow in SIBERIA comrades!  Official State News would NEVER LIE to you!!  We only report full TRUTH!  So do not question.  Remember State has “special gulag” in Alaska for comrades who ask too many questions 🙂

Slick Willy-ov also said government classification system is “too complicated to explain to people.”  He is correct as always!  Most comrades in USSA are too IGNORANT to figure out official State classification and MOST don’t even know meaning of TOP SECRET so how could they even understand the other classifications of STATE SECRETS? Besides this is something comrades should not worry selves about but leave up to official government AUTHORITIES to deal with!  Remember, comrades who stick nose in too much business typically “disappear” in middle of night in back of old black army truck!  Now you would not want that to happen to you would you dear comrade?  I thought not….

All this email business regarding Hillary Clintonov is nothing but conservative PROPAGANDA let us assure you.  It is garbage being thrown out by that ENEMY OF THE STATE Donald Trump who we are sure is SPY!!  He is counter-revolutionary who is not happy with growing USSA and Sovietism in our Homeland.  He is big time CAPITALIST and all comrades know how EVIL and DECEPTIVE CAPITALISTS ARE don’t we comrades?  Of course 🙂

So pay no attention to email scandal because there is NO SCANDAL at all comrades!  Only RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA that’s all.  And if you don’t understand any of what is being said here perhaps IGOR will pay visit comrade?  Igor not very “socialable” or “friendly” so maybe you not want him to knock your door down for “visit” you and your comrade neighbors will never forget 🙂

Igor the Thug

   Igor the Thug

“Right Wing Subversive will be effectively dealt with Comrade Dobryinin…”

IS NO EMAIL SCANDAL!  Is only RIGHT WING propaganda campaign against USSA!  Now move along!  Nothing more to see here!!


Bill Clinton: Email Classification Issues Are ‘Too Complicated To Explain To People’ [VIDEO]



Premier Obamaov & Hillary Clintonov NOT Creators of ISIS!!

Is very big RUMOR floating around that our beloved Premier Obamaov and State Minister Hillary Clintonov created ISIS.  LOL how ridiculous comrades!  First, is no such thing as ISIS just as there is NO terrorism by Muslim radicals anywhere on planet.  This is just BIG LIE being spread by RIGHT WING subversives!  Premier Obamaov never said he was stepping up training, funding, or support for ISIL last year.  RIGHT WING SUBVERSIVES simply created video in garage which is FAKE let us assure you.  We do NOT lie!  Is that not so Igor?

Igor the Thug

      Igor the Thug

“Da…Da…Is no ISIS and we no lie….is so Comrade Dobrynin!”

Not to believe things one hears most of time except from OFFICIAL STATE NEWS.  Most of what one hears on street is mere RUMOR and FABRICATION comrade!


STATE Issues Arrest Order for Fiery Evangelist!!

USSA State has issued order to arrest Fiery Evangelists who posts on this site at times.  Fiery Evangelist has been designated “lunatic” and in need of “re-education” in Alaskan Gulag.  We have “special place” waiting for him after capture.  He is RIGHT WING SUBVERSIVE!  He is DANGEROUS to State BRAINWASHING CAMPAIGN and MUST be SILENCED!

Fiery Evangelist is RIGHT WING NUT!  State cannot have such LUNATICS speaking of some “god” when USSA is OFFICIAL ATHEIST REGIME!  Let us assure you once captured Fiery Evangelist will be “re-educated” in most professional manner and with “compassion and understanding” in Alaska Gulag 🙂  See, Not to worry comrades!

If comrades see Fiery Evangelist comrades should REPORT his whereabouts IMMEDIATELY to USSA SS or Gestapo! Comrade who reports this RIGHT WING SUBVERSIVE will be significantly “rewarded” to ensure there are NO WITNESSES to his apprehension 🙂  Is not so Igor?

Igor the Thug

  Igor the Thug

“Da…Da…is so Comrade Dobrynin!”

Now that is all News dear comrades need to know!  Remember DO NOT READ any other news as they are full of LIES and PROPAGANDA!  Only read OFFICIAL USSA NEWS HERE!

Until next time dear Comrades…… DASVIDANIYA!!

Please to play new official National Anthem for USSA now!!





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