Dyatlov Pass Pt 5: Theories Continued

The Infrasound Theory

One of the theories that have been suggested is that a phenomena known as “infrasound” may have been responsible for the demise of the 9 hikers on Dead Mountain in the Urals in 1959. Infrasound is a rare weather phenomena and it has been suggested that a “perfect storm” could have come upon the hikers on their final night in the tent sending them into a panic and causing them to hastily escape the tent.

This theory asserts that an unusual wind phenomena could have produced a terrifying and powerful sound which may have induced irrational fears in the 9 hikers. The mountain is a dome shape and winds blowing through the Pass could have been warped and twisted into a series of mini tornadoes! These could have created a deafening noise even if they simply passed near the tent. They could have also produced INFRASOUND which is the opposite of ultrasound.

Infrasound is a type of air vibration whose frequency is so low it cannot be heard by the human ear. However, several studies have shown that it can have a negative effect on the human body including sleep loss, shortness of breath, and a feeling of extreme dread. A combination of the effects of infrasound, the deafening noise of the mini tornadoes, and the rather small dark tent could have caused the hikers to panic and flee causing injuries to themselves and finally ending in their deaths. This theory is actually supported by NOAA.

Under the right conditions wind flow can be directed in such a way as to create a vortex. They travel in a fan shape and form small tornadoes and have the potential to emit large amounts of infrasound. These mini tornadoes likely did not hit the tent but they would have been close enough to affect the 9 hikers inside and in some significant and eventually fatal ways!

Infrasound waves were first noted in the 1960s and they are defined as anything below the range of normal human hearing of 20 hertz. They can not only be made by natural phenomena but also they can be made by man-made objects. Some people exposed to infrasound report feeling nauseated, anxious, feeling a state of sheer panic, extreme fear, and breathing problems.

There have been other deaths in the area including several aircraft crashes between 1960-61. For a time flights were even barred over the region by the Soviet government. In 2009 MI-8 crashed as the pilot ignored the ban on flying over the region. This was a helicopter crash in which the copter went down suddenly and quickly and the pilots still cannot explain why! Other hikers have been in the area since 1959 and likely due to superstition none of those parties is composed of 9 people! Several re-enactments have been conducted and NONE of the injuries found on the 9 hikers resulted!! Further, they have had no problem locating their fellow hikers on the side of the mountain and none got lost even when separated.


The Teleportation Experiment Theory

A movie entitled “Devil’s Pass” was released in 2013 and it suggests some sort of ghoulish teleportation experiment was going on in a cavern in the mountain.  It also concludes Soviet guards from that facility killed the 9 hikers. However, this film simply ignores many of the facts and much of the evidence found at the scene.


Frame 17 from the camera of hiker Thibeaux-Brignolles purported to show a Yeti. This was the last picture taken on the camera.

Frame 17 from the camera of hiker Thibeaux-Brignolles purported to show a Yeti. This was the last picture taken on                                            the camera.

Call it Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Hairy Man, Menk, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, or figment of the imagination for our purposes herein we will use the term “Yeti.”  This legendary creature is somewhere between part human and part ape, apparently, yet is much stronger than a human and is feared by many native tribes around the world.  This Yeti is one of the theories concerning what happened to the 9 hikers in Dyatlov Pass in 1959 and the theory proposes they were attacked by these creatures!

Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles (aka: Kolya)

Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles (aka: Kolya)

Recall that in Part 1 I asked you to keep the following pic of hiker Seymon Zolotaryov in mind as it was a clue to the final pic taken by group member Thibeaux-Brignolles?  That is because there are some things about this pic and the final pic taken on Thibeaux camera supposedly showing a Yeti that are rather interesting.

Seymon Zolotaryov (aka Sasha)

        Seymon Zolotaryov (aka Sasha)

Although frame 17 on the camera has been called a Yeti by some it must first be noticed that there is a path in the snow from the camera to the position where the supposed Yeti is standing.  I hardly doubt a real Yeti would trek up to the camera and then trek back to the forest!  Also please notice the similarities between the alleged Yeti in frame 17 and the photo of Zolotaryov above:


The alleged Yeti is said to have a conical head shape.  Notice the conical shape of the hat Zolotaryov is wearing in the photo.  I do not believe frame 17 is of a Yeti but is of Zolotaryov coming out from behind a tree after taking a leak which he and Thibeaux did after dinner (per their diaries) at the tent camp prior to the demise of the hikers!  Thibeaux I believe snapped a pic of Zolotaryov coming out from behind the tree after taking a leak in a minute of playfulness perhaps.  I see NO EVIDENCE that frame 17 shows a Yeti!!

The Discovery Channel produced a documentary entitled “Russian Yeti:  The Killer Lives” and speaks of these 9 hikers who tragically died in the Urals in February 1959.  It is, in fact, a bit sensational and sensational allegations are made as some of the physical evidence is completely ignored.  Granted the Dyatlov Pass Incident does have some very mysterious aspects to it but I doubt if Yeti was the culprit/murderer of these 9 young hikers.

In fact, the hikers appear to have scattered in haste in the midst of the night or shortly after dinner that fateful evening as if they were startled and fled for their lives from something or someone. I think it highly more likely they fled from SOMEONE or someone(s)!  Yet the Discovery Channel piece suggests Yeti was the killer of the 9 hikers or at least it attacked them in their tent in the midst of the night.  The program gets a bit fixated on the fact that one of the hikers was missing her tongue and suggest it was ripped out while she was still alive.  Yet, most likely her tongue was eaten by scavengers after she was dead and this is VERY common when something dies in the wilderness. Nature is not nice!  Nature is often harsh and gruesome, in fact.

This program suggests that searchers found military type boot tracks around the tent camp when they arrived suggesting that the Soviet military had been to the site of the tent camp before anyone else.  But, one of the searchers they interviewed appeared to think nothing of the tracks!  But there is no official record of the military being in the area at the time which does NOT mean they weren’t as the Soviets were notorious for lying about such things!

Now if I were an investigator first on the site and I saw what appeared to be the boot prints of soldiers in the snow I would immediately suspicion that soldiers had been in the area before me and that perhaps they were even the culprits in this Cold Case!  Why would the first searchers deem them unimportant?  That in itself is odd to me.

The show suggests that the hikers went looking for Yeti in the Dead Mountain area and I highly doubt this was their real purpose.  No Russian historians are interviewed during the show.  Igor Burtsev was interviewed in the show but he has complained that the shows producers came to him with a preconceived notion, that was, that Yeti was the culprit!  He says he could not agree to this hypothesis and even rejected it even though the show’s producers kept trying to get him to say Yeti could have been the culprit.

The show eventually gets to frame 17 on Thibeaux camera and it says that in one of the diaries the last words of the group were written which when translated says”

“Now we know the Snowman is real.”

I would like to see that in the original myself and interpret it myself!!

Regarding frame 17 we once again get a pic that seems to be the status quo in the Bigfoot world.  Out of focus pics or very grainy pics from which you can really tell NOTHING!!  The show presents this pic as proof positive of the existence of the Yeti and as the culprit in this Cold Case.  Sensational to say the least!!  It is presented in a way that makes you think this Yeti was stalking the 9 hikers.  But, IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A YETI AT ALL!  In fact, it looks like Zolotaryov wearing his tannish coat and wearing the conical-shaped hat!!  It looks like the pic was snapped by Tribeaux the moment he came from behind a tree after relieving himself!  And, you can clearly see a path from the camera to the tree!  Now if Yeti was stalking these hikers how do you explain the path from the camera to the tree?  It can only be explained one way.  Zolotaryov made the path going off to take a leak behind the tree!

When this photo is blown up you get this:


And if you blow it up larger you get this:


This could be Zolotaryov dressed in his tan colored coat and wearing his conical-shaped hat or it could be another hiker gone out to relieve himself wearing a stocking hat but this is NOT a Yeti in my opinion!  But there is yet another possibility.  Perhaps if the demise of these 9 hikers was due to the hands of Soviet soldiers this photo is one of those soldiers lurking in the trees!  But, then again, that does NOT explain the path leading from the camera to the trees! Further, this photo I think clearly shows a man wearing a coat and pants and some sort of head-gear that also covers his face.  You can also faintly see what appears to be a belt of some kind with some sort of gear around his waist.  If you look closely at his left lower leg he appears to be wearing some sort of boot with his pant leg tucked inside the boot.

To be continued……………

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