Dyatlov Pass Pt 6: The Cameras and Group Diary

Soviet prosecutor Ivanov found and secured some of the cameras and films that the group had with them and he had the films developed.


Picture of the tent taken when investigators arrived at the site.

Film 1 belonged to hiker Krivonishenko and on it were 33 photos. I see nothing out of the ordinary on these photos except the last photo which is numbered No. 33. That photo is severely out of focus and appears to be showing a round light and a scratch or hair on the lens! But, when investigated further it turns out to be a technological shot made in the photo lab that developed the pics on this camera BEFORE the developers removed the film from the camera for development!

You can review the photos yourself at:


Film 2 belonged to hiker Zolotaryov. It had 27 photos on it again apparently showing nothing unusual.

Film 3 belonged to most likely Tribeaux-Brignoles but researchers were not exactly sure. It had 17 frames on it. The pics on camera 3 show nothing extraordinary other than the alleged “Yeti” pic which as I stated earlier I believe to be a photo of Zolotaryov coming out from behind a tree after relieving himself and NOT a Yeti at all. This pic is the last pic on film 3 and you can review the photos yourself at:


Film 4 had 27 frames on it and is believed to have belonged to hiker Rustem Slobodin.  This camera shows pics with nothing significant on them other than a couple who have a large black spot on them which could have been from over exposure or bad film.  It could have been caused from being out in the weather so long before investigators found the hiker.  You can review these photos at:


Film 5 has 24 frames on it and it is unknown who this camera belonged to.  It too shows nothing out of the ordinary and you can review these photos at:


FILM 6 has 36 frames on it.  It’s owner is unknown.  Only 28 of these photos relate to the expedition, however and ends where film 1 begins!

Additionally, there are 8 loose photos that were found by investigators.  They were apparently taken during the trip but are not part of the other films and it’s unknown just who took them.  Again they show nothing out of the ordinary.  Photo 4 on this film shows the team pitching the tent and so does photo 5 from a different angle.  Photo 7 and 8 show the hikers apparently sticking their skis in the snow or possibly removing them.  Everyone appears relaxed and joyful in these photos just happy to rest, pitch camp and perhaps get a good meal and sleep.  You can see these photos at:


Regarding the cameras initially only 3 were recovered by one of the investigators named Prosecutor Tempalov. These were inventoried by him in late February 1959.  In March one more camera was recovered.  These four cameras belonged to Dyatlov, Zolotarev (Zolotaryov), Krivonishenko, and Slobodin.  The cameras were identified using the serial numbers on the films found inside.  The photos on them were not released until much later.

There is in fact no information showing how many of the photos were taken by group leader Dyatlov’s camera which was reportedly identified as No. 55242643.  His camera was recovered in March 1959 and it is reported that Dyatlov’s camera was taken from the tent by one of the initial student searchers from the Polytech Institute!  That student had taken it upon himself to develop the film reportedly because he was intending to do some private investigating into the groups demise.  However, when questioned by Soviet investigators he turned it all over to them. Apparently someone had taken photos of Dyatlov without his knowing it in the village but on his camera!

So at this point there had been 4 cameras and 6 films recovered (March 1959).  Some of the films were obviously taken out and replaced with new ones during the trip.  Film number 6, however, could not have been taken from one of the cameras found thus far and neither could film number 5.  There had to have been more than 4 cameras!  One additional camera was found later on the body of Zolotaryov.

The number of cameras the group had is more than investigators admitted at the time.  Zolotaryov evidently had 2 cameras!  One was found inside the tent that he left behind as he fled that fatal night and the other was found on his remains by investigators who found his body in the ravine!  There appears to be no official information about the camera found on his remains, however, in the ravine or the film inside it.  Thibeaux and Zolotaryov were more warmly dressed than the rest of the hikers their remains indicate and this is likely due to them having gone outside after dinner and relieving themselves in the snow.  No clothes were missing on Thibeaux’s body and this indicates he was one of the last to die.

There does in fact appear to be two missing cameras in addition to those recovered!!  One must have belonged to Thibeaux and the other to possibly belonging to Zina.  It must be noted that Krionishenko’s camera was cracked inside the case!  To break the light lens on that camera would have required SOMEONE TO STOMP ON IT OR TAKE IT OUT AND BREAK IT.  So we now have one broken camera and 2 missing cameras!  Was someone besides the hikers inside that tent?

The tent showed that someone had made short horizontal cuts from inside the tent overlooking the mountain slope and that is the area were footprints were found perhaps boot prints.  A ski pole was found clipped and not used as if it was going to be used to prop up the tent but the hikers likely would not have used it for that.  Scattered crackers were also found!

The group had a general diary and I believe some in the group had their own diaries.  The group diary begins 23 Jan 1959.  On this day the group was packing their supplies and preparing to leave on their trek.  And then they get on the train.  This entry was written by Kolmogorova.

The next day is 24 January and the train arrives in the village of Serov.  Group member Yuri Krivo starts to sing a song at the train station and he is grabbed by a police officer and taken away!  Apparently, they considered this as disturbing the peace!  By the end of the day the matter is settled.  On 25 January the group arrives at the town of Ivdel about 340 km north of their starting point.

The next diary entry is dated 26 January.  The group slept in a local hotel two people to a bed.  At around 1:10pm the group got onto a truck and were taken to the 41st district.  There they were put up in a hostel.  This entry was written by Krivonischenko.  This is when Yuri Yurdin became ill and expresses his desire to return home.

On Jan 27 the group left the town of Vizhay and set out for Mt Otorten.

The next entry is dated 28 January and this was the day Yuri Yurdin was supposed to return home. Although ill, strangely, he was out looking for minerals for the Polytech Institute!  Odd for a sick man to do!!  Around 11:45 am the group got to the Lozva River and they note that snow cover is “significantly less than last year.”  At 5:30 pm they stop to rest along the river bank.  They also eat dinner there after pitching the tent. Apparently the back section of the tent was used by the two girls Zina and Lyuda.  Krivonishenko apparently was “elected” to sleep by the suspended stove/heater inside the tent.  Kolevatov was the first sentry that night.  It must be noted that Yuri Yurdin DID leave the group on this date to return home.

On 29 January the group made their way from the Lozva River to the Auspiya River by skis.  They also walked along a Mansi trail.  The temp was -13 C and there was a weak wind that day.

On January 30 the group dairy notes the group typically arises at 830 am.  and they are prevented from going forward due to ice.  They end up following a deer trail and they find a Mansi shed along the way.  It was on this day later that the temp dropped and the wind grew stronger.  But this was normal for the Ural Mountains!  At the end of the day they establish camp, eat, and go to bed.

On 31 January the hikers report in their group diary that the weather was a bit worse and that it was snowing and the temp had dropped.  Yet the snow was from the blowing pines as the sky was clear.  They were following a Mansi hunter trail the diary says.  At 4 pm they started looking for a place to set up camp having gone south into the Auspya River Valley.  This area had the biggest snow they report but the wind was not as strong as elsewhere they had been that day.  The snow cover was about 1.2 m (3.93 feet).  They started a campfire outside the tent and ate dinner.  The tent was warm thanks to the suspended heater.  The entry was made by Dyatlov himself on this day.  He also noted that they left some of their gear on a Labaz, a raised platform used by Mansi hunters.

The was February 1 1959.  They got a fairly late start that morning and walk for only 2.5 miles.  The set up the tent and camp around 5 pm on a slope of Kholat Syakhl (Dead Mountain) only 10 miles from their goal, Mt Otorten.  Between 6-7 pm they ate dinner.  The investigation showed two of the group members had gone outside to urinate and those two are believed to have been Zolotaryov and Thibeaux as they were dressed more warmly than the other group members when their remains were found by investigators.  Likely that is when the pic of the alleged “Yeti” was found which was most likely Zolotaryov coming from behind a tree after relieving himself.

Notice there is NOTHING in the group diary about seeing odd lights in the sky nor of seeing Yeti lurking at the edge of the tree line.  There is NOTHING in this diary saying anything like was reported on the Discovery Channel program which claimed the hikers wrote “Now we know the snowman is real.”






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