Kain Says Whites Must Become Minority!

Commentary by Monomakh:

Broom-Hilda’s running mate Tim Cane told a Black congregation in New Orleans that Whites must become a minority so they can properly atone for racism and oppression suffered by Blacks.  In other words Whites must take on White Guilt over slavery, racism, along with anything and everything else even though at the height of slavery in this country only 1.4% of whites actually had Black slaves.  Ignore the fact that WHITES were VICTIMS for far longer of the brutal Barbary Slave Trade and forget that long before Blacks were American slaves MANY Europeans and Arabs were enslaved by conquering nations and treated less than animals for hundreds of years!  Since we are talking history then it would behoove Clinton and Kain to get the history straight don’t you think?

I’ve never owned a slave so I don’t see why I should feel guilty.  Further, my great great grandfather did own a couple of slaves and one killed him with an axe one day!  Should I feel guilty over that?

Kain’s comments are just one more attempt to inflame RACE WARFARE and DIVIDE this nation even more than Barack Obama has done!  REAL LEADERS unite their people because they seem themselves and the leaders of ALL PEOPLE in their nation.  Wannabe AMATEURS do NOT unite their people they divide them and that is exactly what Obama has done for the past 8 years and Clinton and Kain hope to do for 4 more.

And let’s talk history a bit further.  Did all of you BLACK AMERICANS know that the Ku Klux Klan was founded and supported by Democrats?  You need to take a real close look at what the Dems have done for you in the past 100 years which is mostly NOTHING!  The ghetto is still the ghetto and instead of doing something about the ghetto and helping Blacks get ahead all the Dems have done is blame White people which has gotten you NOWHERE.  In fact, NOWHERE seems to be the motto of the Democratic Party!  Get a frickin clue brother!!

So why are the Dems so intent on dividing us?  Because it’s an old strategy of divide and conquer.  As long as they can keep us divided we won’t pay any attention to the HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS routinely committed by Democrats in ALL levels of government across this nation.  Both Kain and Clinton are RICH WHITE PEOPLE who are the very people some Blacks claim to hate so why would they vote for them?  Somehow that doesn’t make any sense at all.  If you are Black living in the ghetto and thinking Clinton-Kain are going to help improve your life think again!  THEY AREN’T and they have NO true desire to!  In fact, they want to keep you in the GHETTO SLAVERY you are in which is a new form of slavery!  Think about it!

Where are the REAL LEADERS in this FUCKED UP NATION?  Yeah you read that right!  Be they Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Purple or whatever!  WHERE ARE THEY and WHY in the HELL can’t this nation have someone, ANYONE, better than Clinton and Trump and Obama???  These rich assholes are the bottom of the SHIT barrel IMO!  They aren’t leaders at all.  They are CON ARTISTS….RICH WHITE CON ARTISTS in fact!  The ONLY thing they give one shit of a care about is maintaining the divisions between the American people so THEY can continue to get rich, cover their own asses, and HIDE their high crimes and misdemeanors cuz they all know when we do unite their asses are GRASS!  Think about that one too!!

REAL LEADERS DON’T SEEK TO DIVIDE THEIR PEOPLE.  THEIR GOAL IS TO UNITE THEM!  THIS IS NOT WHAT CLINTON, KAIN, OR TRUMP ARE DOING.  Instead they are only dividing this nation and its people even MORE!  And that, my friends, is a complete LOAD OF COW SHIT!

BTW I’m not voting for Trump or Broom-Hilda/Kain.  I’m going to vote for my local dog catcher who just happens to be 100% BLACK but who is always trying to bring people together….UNITED on various issues!!  HE’S A REAL LEADER!

Stick up up your a*** Tim Kain and Broom-Hilda!


Hillary’s VP: Whites Must Become a “Minority” to Atone For Racism


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