Colin Powell Says Hillary Clinton is a LIAR!!

Last week the MSM reported that during interviews with the FBI Hillary Clinton said she used a private server on the advice of former Sec of State Colin Powell and she has also claimed publicly that Powell used a private server also and, thus, Clinton has tried to justify her actions of using such during her own tenure as Sec of State. However, Colin Powell says Hillary Clinton IS LYING!


Powell said Clinton has been wrongly trying to blame him for her wrongful use of her private email server as a way to justify her own inappropriate actions. Powell said Clinton had been using the server a year before he sent her a memo telling her what he did as Sec of State. Powell spoke with the NY Post.

“Her people have been trying to pin it on me,” Powell told the NY Post. Powell was obviously angry about this even though he told the Post it doesn’t matter adding “I’m ok, I’m free.”

As Sec of State Powell did in fact use a private server for email but he had the State Dept set it up and was in constant communication with them and NEVER used it to send TOP SECRET information. Apparently, Hillary Clinton did NOT do the same!

It is beginning to appear that Hillary Clinton has consistently outright LIED about her use of her private email server and the question is why lie if you have nothing to hide? She denies have sent TOP SECRET info in her emails from this server yet she has not turned over all emails to the FBI either! FBI Director James Comey said she HAD sent classified info and the emails were “missing.” And apparently Slick Willy has lied about this issue as well in speeches and remarks according to

It might be noted the NY Post story was NOT on pg 1 but on Pg 6 for some odd reason. Was it so no one would read it?

NOW TODAY comes news from the US State Dept that they are reviewing almost…..get this!….15,000 HILLARY CLINTON EMAILS that previously were UNDISCLOSED TO THE FBI investigation into her use of her private server!!

These emails were not disclosed by Clinton’s attorneys and COULD BE made public before the November election (but I wouldn’t count on it LMAO).  The emails are being reviewed to see if any of them contain TOP SECRET info.

As for Hillary Clinton?  Today her campaign released a statement concerning the emails.  The Clinton Campaign statement said Clinton provided the State Dept with all work-related emails in 2014 so they are “unsure” what these additional 15,000 emails the Justice Dept located might be.  The statement also said if they are work-related they support their release publicly.

Ahhhh…yeah….rightttt…..somebody want to tell me why something ROTTEN smells in Washington DC….STILL?

First she lies trying to pin it all of Colin Powell and now an astounding 15000 undisclosed emails are found!  Can Hillary Clinton tell the truth about ANYTHING?  Do we need a POTUS who refuses to except responsibility for anything and is constantly trying to blame someone else?  Oh wait…..we already have one….so sorry LOL……..


Colin Powell: ‘Clinton Trying To Pin Her Email Problems On Me’



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