Dyatlov Pass Pt 8: Assessment and Conclusion

Dyatlov Pass Hikers_1

When looking at the 9 hikers I see nothing unusual about them. I see little to no evidence that Zolotaryov and Kolevatov were KGB agents or in the hire of the KGB. There is simply NO EVIDENCE to support the theory that they were!  Yes, these two men tested positive for traces of radioactivity but this could have been due to a number of things.  Perhaps they were unknowingly exposed to trace amounts of radioactivity out in the woods or in the village. The Ural Mountains in the times of the Soviets were full of military bases so it would not be unusual for them to pick up trace elements of radioactivity.  I see no evidence supporting the theory that they were connected with the KGB.

I find no evidence that the 9 hikers might have been mistaken for escaped prisoners from a nearby Gulag.  Surely searchers from the Gulag would have known whom they were looking for and the 9 hikers were obviously not the ones they were looking for.

There is no evidence that these 9 young people were killed by Mansi hunters either nor is there evidence that they were the victims of an avalanche.  There is not one shred of evidence as far as I can see that they were killed by a UFO!  Infarsound is a strange phenomena but I see no evidence that this was the culprit of their demise either.  And I see absolutely no evidence at all that these 9 hikers were attacked and/or killed by the legendary Yeti!  And the teleportation theory is simply not valid in my estimation as there is clearly no evidence of this at all.

This leaves us with two theories remaining.  First the “Soviet Special Forces Theory” and secondly the “Secret Launches Theory” which I believe are one theory!  As noted in the previous sections of this publication several of the hikers had injuries consistent with what one would expect to find had they been beaten by Soviet soldiers!  This is particularly so regarding the skull fractures and rib fractures.  Clearly those with cuts and bruises on their knuckles had been in a fist fight with someone!  And, SOMEONE beat the hell out of these people and to me that is beyond clear!!  The question is WHO?

Here’s a possibility.  WHAT IF on their final night in the tent they heard something?  Then they saw a bright light or lights and when they looked out they saw a rocket or rockets being launched?  And what if THAT was something NO ONE was supposed to have seen?  A secret Soviet rocket test perhaps!  But….someone did see the launch early that evening and the Soviet authorities found out and deemed them SPIES and went “hunting” for these 9 “spies.”  And when they found them sleeping in their tent they called them out.  Shocked and sleepy perhaps some in the group cut slits into the tent so they could see who was outside and when they didn’t come out…..the soldiers went in!  And the only way out of the tent was to cut open the back and escape.  But I don’t think they got far!

If this was the scenario then I’m sure the Soviet soldiers had the tent surrounded and when the sleepy hikers came out from the back of the tent they let them have it beating and kicking them ALMOST to death but not quite.  And this explains the BATON MARK on the side of Zina Kolmogorova!  The soldiers proceeded to beat the hell out of these 9 people and some of them such as Krivonischenko, the group leader Dyatlov, Zina, Slobodin, and perhaps all of them fought back in a futile effort to save their own lives.  This explains the cuts and bruises on their knuckles consistent with someone whose been in a fight.  Yes some of their injuries were likely due to falling trying to escape the soldiers but not those to their skulls and ribs!

These people were BEATEN AND THEN LEFT FOR DEAD in my estimation!!!  So why by Soviet Soldiers?  Because the first searchers found what appeared to be military boot tracks in the snow around the tent!  Why was the military at the tent camp before anyone else?  Because they were the culprits, the killers!  These hikers saw some military test that they were not supposed to have seen and when the military found out they were in the area they went after them to silence them…..forever.  But they didn’t quite kill them!  They injured them and left them for dead knowing the cold would be their ultimate killer.  And, indeed, it was as they all died of hypothermia ultimately!

Half sleepy in the midst of the night ripped out of their slumber, beaten and badly injured, and now in the deadly cold the hikers found themselves in a fight for their lives with the Soviet soldiers, literal fist fighting!  Finally, they all got away from the soldiers or maybe the soldiers let them go knowing that the ice-cold would likely kill them in a few hours.  Disoriented, in shock, in horrible pain, and cold the hikers tried to survive but their efforts were futile in the end sadly.

The hikers found under the cedar tree had obviously climbed the tree.  Were they trying to see something or hide from someone?  I suspect they were trying to either look to see if the soldiers were hunting for them OR they climbed that cedar tree to hide from the Soldiers who were, in fact, hunting for them to finish them off!

And what of group leader Dyatolov, Slobodin, and Kolmgorova?  These were the 3 hikers were according to investigators headed back to the tent camp after fleeing it but they died of “hypothermia” on the way yet not far from the tent!  Did they once again encounter the soldiers who then beat them again and left them for dead again?  I think that highly likely!  The soldiers were looking for the fleeing hikers!

But what of the campfire at the makeshift snow den and the one under the cedar tree.  Of course, this would attract the attention of the soldiers hunting for them.  I suspect those campfires were not made until way into the night when these people were pretty sure the soldiers were gone.  But, then it was too late for them!

Official investigators say there were no other footprints in the tent area other than the hikers but this is IMPOSSIBLE!  The student searchers reported seeing army bootprints around the tent AND the students were the first to search for the hikers and find the empty tent.  And we know that there MUST have been footprints from the student searchers because at least ONE OF THE STUDENTS WENT INTO THE TENT AND TOOK ONE OF THE CAMERAS!!  If the later official investigators found no prints other than the hikers then how does one explain the student getting into and out of the tent with this camera?  OF COURSE THERE WERE OTHER PRINTS IN THE CAMP and we know some were from the student searchers!  The investigators claim of no other prints in the tent camp area is a LIE!!

This is a case not only of MURDER by SOVIET SOLDIERS who likely were DRUNK or just deranged!  And this is a case involving a COVER-UP of that murder and the KILLERS!  The investigators were ordered to only include certain “evidence” in their reports and other EVIDENCE was ordered omitted either by the KGB or Soviet Military! And this sort of thing was TYPICAL during the COLD WAR as the last thing the Soviets Union wanted was to be worldly embarrassed or accused of atrocities beyond INHUMANE!

This COLD CASE is not one of murder by some legendary or weird phenomena in my opinion. This cold case is yet another case of MAN KILLING MAN!  In my opinion the slaughter of these 9 hikers has the hallmarks of Spetsnaz (Soviet Special Forces) all over it!  And, current Russian President Vladimir Putin should come clean on this case and compensate the families of these hikers for the past 57 years of their grief and not knowing!!

Finally, even when ordered to “omit certain evidence or findings” some investigators intentionally leave a hint or two about what they found and I think this was the case with their inclusion in their final report finding a baton mark on the side of Zina!  And I’m sure they knew that anyone with common sense would figure out that there was some sort of fist fight proved by the marks on the hikers knuckles!

This was a great tragedy and still is because Russian authorities have not come clean on the real circumstances in this case.  But the Dyatlov Incident was not the only such incident I’m sure.  The Soviets had a paranoia problem but so did the Americans!  Everyone and everything was suspect!  No one was trusted!!  The Soviets were pros at hiding the truth or obscuring the facts or even twisting them to their liking.  That was obviously the case in this Cold Case. This case, like so many others, proves our human inhumanity to humanity.  I see only barbarism in this case with no hint of real civilized man!!  And, sadly, such barbarism is STILL going on today in this 21st century.

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