In Search of Bernie Sanders

Bernie_2016Since having bowed out of the 2016 Democratic nomination for POTUS I’m wondering where Senator Bernie is nowadays. Oh I know he changed his party affiliation back to “Independent” and I heard he bought a beach house but I think it odd he’s been avoiding the public spotlight lately.

Bernie vowed to take our struggle to the DNC floor but that never happened. And I thought he was going to work and help Clinton get elected and unite the Dem Party but that hasn’t happened either.

Oddly, it seems to me that Bernie has become STRANGELY SILENT and I can’t help but wonder why. Did the Clinton Mafioso get to him? Did he get a little “visit” from Itchy and The Cleaner perhaps “instructing” him to not be seen or heard until Hillary is elected in November?

It’s almost like Bernie has simply abandoned all of his supporters and former supporters living them without direction or leadership and that is NOT characteristic of Bernie Sanders! One would think he’d be leading the charge to garnish support for Clinton. And one would think he’d be making plans in the Senate to ram through some of the things he promised once Clinton is in office and the Dems hold the majority in the Senate and House, with the glorious Nancy Pelosi sitting again as Speaker, no doubt.


Hmmm….has he perhaps joined the 1% and abandoned the 99%?  Did he simply play us during his bid for POTUS?


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