The Myth of Race

Sept 25, 2016 by Matt Barber It’s often said, “There is only one race – the human race.” While the phrase has become almost cliché in repetition, it happens to be 100 percent accurate, both … Source: The Myth Called Race

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Suspect Arrested in Mall Shooting

Police have arrested 20 year old Arcan Cetin as a suspect in the mall shooting that left 5 people dead. Police believe he acted alone and used a car to escape the scene after the shooting. Security video shows Cetin entering the mall unarmed leading authorities to suspect he may have had the gun stashed somewhere in the mall although it is unclear how he got the gun into the mall without being seen. The weapon was recovered at the scene and appears to be a rifle of some caliber.

Cetin appears to be “zombie-like” in the footage and apparently appeared such when arrested by police too. He did not resist arrest and is now in jail. No motive is presently known and police are unsure if Cetin will be charged with acts of terrorism.

It had been widely publicized by police that they were looking for a HISPANIC young man which is a bunch of BULLSHIT as in the video you can clearly see the suspect is NOT Hispanic at all but is obviously Middle Eastern! Ah, but yes, we must be all PC about it even though this Zombie-like man killed 5 people in cold blood!

Cetin was arrested last year for simple assault. Come to find out he is an IMMIGRANT FROM TURKEY with permanent status in the US and NOT Hispanic at all!!

Don’t you think it’s about time police START PROFILING? How much more of this IGNORANT PC bullshit are we going to take? Have you noticed where all of Europe’s PC bullshit has gotten them lately? Here’s a fact…..we KNOW young men of Middle Eastern origins and Islamic Faith ARE committing acts of TERRORISM so why aren’t we profiling them? Why are we profiling granny Clampett instead?

Glad they caught this Zombie and hope they throw the book at him so he never sees the light of day again outside a prison cell. Oh but wait…..with all the PC STUPIDITY in this nation that won’t happen either, right?

Hello! We ARE in an ICE AGE!!

People talk about the “coming ice age” but the scientific FACT is that we are already in an Ice Age and, in fact, that Ice Age has been happening for the past 2.5 million years! That’s when the Quaternary Period began and it continues into our present day. It is the current and most recent of 3 periods of the Cenozoic Era according to the geological time scale. The Quaternary Period consists of two Epochs. Those are the Pleistocene which began about 2.5 million years ago and lasted until around 11.7 thousand years ago. That epoch was followed by the Holocene Epoch which began about 11.7 thousand years ago and continues into today.

Artistic conception of our planet during the last glacial maximum 12 kya.

Artistic conception of our planet during the last glacial maximum 12 kya.

The Quaternary Period is typically defined by the cyclic growth and decay of CONTINENTAL ICE SHEETS which are driven by what is known as the “Milankovitch Cycles.”  This is the collective effect of changes in the Earth’s movements and there effects on our planet’s climate.  They bring about changes in our planet’s climate and environment.

This period is the period in which ancient human ancestors are first recognized and it is believed that during this period that the continents have changed little in their relative positions.  It is also during this period that periodic glaciation has occurred on planet Earth!  (read ICE AGE).  Giant glaciers have advanced and retreated during this period.  The Great Lakes also formed during this period and giant mammals thrived in parts of North America and Eurasia not covered by ice.  When the glacial age ended they went extinct.  The last glacial period in which the ice sheets advanced ended about 11.7 thousand years ago.  That also marks the beginning of human history as opposed to anything before that being termed “pre-history.” Continue reading

858 Aliens Mistakenly Granted Citizenship by US!

You know, the incompetence in Washington DC is beyond blinding now! We must have the most ignorant people serving in our Federal government in the nation. Does anyone know if the federal job application now asks what your IQ is? If so then it certainly cannot be anything over 30!!

The US government has granted US citizenship to 858 people from nations that are considered a national security concern and/or countries with high rates of immigration fraud. How could this happen? This is a HUGE mistake! And these people also had pending DEPORTATION orders to top it off!! Who is the BIMBO in the federal government who made such a “mistake”? Whomever it is they should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED!! But of course that won’t happen because as we all now know and have seen many times before when the people in DC make “mistakes” no one gets fired. They are simply “reassigned” or sometimes even promoted! Mistake? MY ASS! Continue reading

MASSIVE COVERUP EXPOSED!! Global COOLING Papers and Data Intentionally Deleted or Altered at Wikipedia!!

Ice PlanetThe global warming bullshit continues!  They can’t prove their guess so they continue to fudge the data to make their “theory” appear true even though it is not!  FACT:  we ARE IN AN ICE AGE!  We have been for a long time!  For the past 10,000 years or so we’ve been in a WARMING PERIOD!  Real scientists have known for certain that this is so and that one day the ice will return once this warming period ends.  Everything we are seeing in our climate change today is indicative of GLOBAL COOLING and a RETURN of the ICE, not global warming!

If you have a theory and you have to fudge the data to fit your theory such as has been done on Wikipedia and by the UN et al then your theory is NOT VALID!  That’s REAL SCIENCE!  Sadly what we are calling “science” today is not geared towards proving facts but IS geared towards gaining FUNDING!!  Obviously we are now in a POST Science Era!!


FYI we are presently in the Quaternary Glaciation also known as the “current ice age.”  It is a period of a series of glacial events separated by interglacial (warming period) events.  This era began 2.58 million years ago and continues to the present day!  Technically, since earth is ALREADY in an ICE AGE what is just around the corner for us is the next GLACIAL PERIOD as we are in an interglacial time (warming period) right now but which will soon end.  The last glacial (cold) period ended about 12,000 years ago.  That is the point that man began recording history (anything prior to that is considered prehistory). For more on the CURRENT ICE AGE WE ARE IN see:

Read the full reports at:

Massive Cover-up – Global cooling papers deleted


Sad Times for Hillary Clinton

ClintonI’ve sat back simply listening and observing all of the hoopla around Hillary Clinton’s fall this past Sunday at the 9/11 ceremony in NYC. I’ve heard and read all sort of THEORIES and GUESSES (some educated and others outright ignorant) ranging from Parkinson’s Disease to how it was all faked. But it’s all speculation and will continue to be such unless Hillary admits to her suffering from some major medical issue OR until she has a medical emergency in front of thousands while on stage giving a campaign speech. IF she has a major medical issue I suspect the later will be the case and her campaign will not be able to hide it, dismiss it, or explain it away.

I’m not going to be a part of the circus of speculation that has developed over the past 2 days around Hillary’s fall at the 9/11 event as there could be a thousand things medically wrong with or it could all just be a bunch of hype. Personally, I think there IS something medically wrong with Hillary Clinton and whatever the problem is over the course of the past 4-5 months it has become worse.  And I’m sure that it will continue to become worse over the course of the coming few months.

That said I think it very sad that she is NOT getting the treatment she needs but instead is being pushed by those who surround her and these people are heartless predators IMO!  All these people care about is the fame and personal fortune and power associated with the first Woman POTUS being put into office should she indeed be elected in November.  Money and the thirst for power do strange things to people!  In fact, sometimes they make monsters out of seemingly ordinary people!  IF there is something seriously medically wrong with Hillary that is the LAST thing these people would care about.  I find that very sad.  I do not agree with Hillary’s political views BUT she is still a HUMAN BEING and if what I suspect is happening to her is indeed happening then that is beyond deplorable!  She is a HUMAN BEING but she is not being seen as one I suspect in the eyes of those who can only see their own personal ego appeasement.  And IF as I suspect this is the case then it tells us a great deal about American society and politics and just how far down the CESSPOOL this nation and its people have REALLY sunken!!

Politics is a GAME!  It is a game with HIGH STAKES!  It is a game in which people are used and sometimes even abused and then simply thrown away as if they were garbage being thrown out!  Not only is politics a game but it is typically a PREDATORY GAME.  Friends are not made in politics but, rather, only convenient alliances and once those alliances are broken or nor longer needed they are simply broken without even batting an eye and with no regard to the people such broken alliances harm.  I have long suspected that MOST politicians are nothing short of sociopaths and many more are outright psychopaths!  And we wonder what in the hell is wrong with our country?

Politicians running for office will tell the American voter ANYTHING they suspect the voter wants to hear BUT once in office politicians SELDOM if EVER make good on their promises.  Instead they go on about their “business” without any regard for the people who voted for them based on their promises and with NO remorse at all.  And this is nothing new.  It’s been the American political systems M.O. for decades now! Continue reading