Does Hillary Have a Seizure Disorder?

Before I begin I want to say that I’ve been in the background listening to all of the “conspiracy theory” about the health of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and, frankly, I’ve passed most of it off as CRAP. Coughing spells that she allegedly has, and apparently she does, could be due to sinus or allergy issues and nothing more. But, apparently there is MORE than this and I must say sadly.


The Drudge Report and The Gateway Pundit are reporting on the “mysterious” big black guy who is obviously part of Clinton’s staff or detail. No one seems to know who this guy is and he appears NOT to be a Secret Service agent. Well he may or may not be because in the video appearing on The Gateway Pundit after he comes up on stage with Hillary he pats her on the back repeatedly and then directs SS agents off the stage. Apparently he has some kind of authority or they wouldn’t listen to him. But that’s not the odd thing……….

This mystery man appears to carry a Diazepam Pen and is ready to inject Clinton with it at a moments notice (see pics). Diazepam is a medication used to treat alcohol withdraw symptoms, anxiety disorders, and seizure disorders. I don’t think Hillary has an anxiety disorder nor to I think she has alcohol withdraw symptoms. BUT what I DO think she has is a SEIZURE DISORDER and the Diazepam Pen fits perfectly into that suspicion along with the mystery man who is most likely a physician or nurse.

Remember while serving as Secretary of State Clinton had a fall and suffered from a concussion. Subsequently, a blood clot in the brain was diagnosed and she was treated for that and that treatment apparently included the wearing of prism glasses which are commonly used to help treat a brain injury when the patient is suffering from double vision. She wore them at the Behghazi Hearings if you recall.

Politics aside, this is very sad IMO. Seizure disorders can be very scary and life-threatening. One thing I’ve seen for years in Hillary is that she is not a quitter but in this matter the most appropriate choice for her might be to quite the presidential race due to her health condition that I suspect. Of course that decision should be based on how severe the seizure disorder is. That means, is the disorder bad enough that if elected it would incapacitate her and keep her from carrying out her duties as POTUS?

I strongly suspect that IF this is the problem Clinton is suffering from that she, her staff, and the DNC are keeping a lid on it out of fear that people won’t vote for her if they knew this to be true. That’s kind of archaic thinking IMO, however, as MOST people who suffer from seizure disorders are perfectly capable of holding jobs and performing their duties with few to no problem! Obviously if Diazepam is being used it is being used to treat her suspected seizure disorder and these seizure medications really DO help sufferers control their seizure activity. So IF this is what Hillary is suffering from I see no problem as to why she could not serve as POTUS, politics aside.

Finally, it is very easy to get caught up in the political circus in this country which tends to view everything in terms of black/white, Lib/Conserv, Red/Blue, etc. And in getting caught up in that rhetoric it is very easy for some of us to set aside our humanity and compassion as we take the “hard line.” But, let’s NOT forget our humanity or our compassion (and that does NOT mean you should vote for Hillary unless you so desire!). Hillary Clinton, like the rest of us, is first and foremost a HUMAN BEING. And she may be a human being who is presently having MAJOR health issues which ARE deserving of compassion and understanding for all of us. I would not wish any major health problem on anyone including Clinton!

That said, I hope that IF Hillary is suffering from such a seizure disorder that it is being properly treated and I do hope the mystery man is a doctor or nurse. I suppose that after the election the truth will come out one way or the other and that’s too bad because the American people I think have a right to know if there is something medically wrong with her or not. But, sadly, that is NOT the way American politics works. How INHUMANE is that? Pretty much IMO.

Lastly, please do some research on your own about seizures. People can have seizures without falling to the ground or foaming at the mouth. Sometimes the only sign we see is the person starring off into space looking lost and disoriented. And, sadly, that seems to be exactly what Hillary is doing, increasingly. That is NOT a good sign IMO.

Read the Gateway Pundit story and see the ABC video at:

Wow! Hillary’s Mysterious Handler Pops Up on Plane During Coughing Fit


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