Sad Times for Hillary Clinton

ClintonI’ve sat back simply listening and observing all of the hoopla around Hillary Clinton’s fall this past Sunday at the 9/11 ceremony in NYC. I’ve heard and read all sort of THEORIES and GUESSES (some educated and others outright ignorant) ranging from Parkinson’s Disease to how it was all faked. But it’s all speculation and will continue to be such unless Hillary admits to her suffering from some major medical issue OR until she has a medical emergency in front of thousands while on stage giving a campaign speech. IF she has a major medical issue I suspect the later will be the case and her campaign will not be able to hide it, dismiss it, or explain it away.

I’m not going to be a part of the circus of speculation that has developed over the past 2 days around Hillary’s fall at the 9/11 event as there could be a thousand things medically wrong with or it could all just be a bunch of hype. Personally, I think there IS something medically wrong with Hillary Clinton and whatever the problem is over the course of the past 4-5 months it has become worse.  And I’m sure that it will continue to become worse over the course of the coming few months.

That said I think it very sad that she is NOT getting the treatment she needs but instead is being pushed by those who surround her and these people are heartless predators IMO!  All these people care about is the fame and personal fortune and power associated with the first Woman POTUS being put into office should she indeed be elected in November.  Money and the thirst for power do strange things to people!  In fact, sometimes they make monsters out of seemingly ordinary people!  IF there is something seriously medically wrong with Hillary that is the LAST thing these people would care about.  I find that very sad.  I do not agree with Hillary’s political views BUT she is still a HUMAN BEING and if what I suspect is happening to her is indeed happening then that is beyond deplorable!  She is a HUMAN BEING but she is not being seen as one I suspect in the eyes of those who can only see their own personal ego appeasement.  And IF as I suspect this is the case then it tells us a great deal about American society and politics and just how far down the CESSPOOL this nation and its people have REALLY sunken!!

Politics is a GAME!  It is a game with HIGH STAKES!  It is a game in which people are used and sometimes even abused and then simply thrown away as if they were garbage being thrown out!  Not only is politics a game but it is typically a PREDATORY GAME.  Friends are not made in politics but, rather, only convenient alliances and once those alliances are broken or nor longer needed they are simply broken without even batting an eye and with no regard to the people such broken alliances harm.  I have long suspected that MOST politicians are nothing short of sociopaths and many more are outright psychopaths!  And we wonder what in the hell is wrong with our country?

Politicians running for office will tell the American voter ANYTHING they suspect the voter wants to hear BUT once in office politicians SELDOM if EVER make good on their promises.  Instead they go on about their “business” without any regard for the people who voted for them based on their promises and with NO remorse at all.  And this is nothing new.  It’s been the American political systems M.O. for decades now!

People are USED in American politics.  Sometimes the voters are used.  Other times candidates are used.  But whomever is being used at the time is deemed as “insignificant” and is a person only viewed as the “means to the end.”  It doesn’t matter if that person/candidate is healthy or ill, purple or green, or anything else because they are NOT seen as a HUMAN BEING by those who run in the political wolf packs.  The persons/candidates life means nothing to them as soon as they are fairly certain their guy or gal is going to be elected no matter what.  Predators tend to have a bit too much confidence in many cases.  These political predators will go to ANY length to get their person elected and into office and make no mistake about it, IF that candidate/person starts to show that they are having second thoughts or cannot “perform” as expected the political predator wolf pack will turn on them like merciless  rabid dogs!!  I suspect Hillary Clinton may be close to this situation now.

I have noticed for a long while now Hillary’s exaggerations.  Her bugging eyes.  Her exaggerated head shaking.  Her stares coming at odd times in which she appears lost, dazed, and/or confused.  I’m aware of her falls and subsequent blood clot reportedly lodged between her brain and skull.  Now this past Sunday the whole world witnesses her collapsing as she waits for her van after having to leave the 9/11 event early.  That is TELLING to say the least!

Let us not forget that this woman named Hillary Clinton is first and foremost a HUMAN BEING despite her politics. And let us not forget either her experience involving her husband Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton while a sitting POTUS engaging in rampant sex despite being married to Hillary Clinton.  Can you imagine the absolute betrayal she must have felt?  Finding out that your spouse has cheated on you is not something one gets over lightly.  I was shocked when Hillary apparently decided not to divorce Slick Willy.  Frankly, I would have not simply divorced this POS but taken him for everything he had leaving him penniless!  Slick Willy is one of those political predators and I’ve known that for a long, long time now!  I’m sure that whatever Hillary’s present medical problem is this whole affair with Slick Willy added stress and only made that condition worse.  Slick Willy SHOULD BE absolutely ashamed of himself but, alas, predators of any kind NEVER feel shame or guilt no matter what they do or how badly they hurt someone!

I suspect in the coming weeks and months we will witness Hillary Clinton deteriorating if what I suspect is her medical problem.  There will soon come a point when it will not be able to be hidden from anyone including the American voters.  Perhaps she is the one simply ignoring her medical problem or downplaying it hoping for the best. Perhaps she really wants to be and believes she has a chance to become the first female POTUS.  And if that is the case then I wonder who has pushed her?  I recall Hillary saying a number of times in the past she had no interest in the presidency.  I recall her commenting that she was leaving public life so she could spend time at home and be a grandmother.  But that has all turned around now and I wonder who convinced her otherwise.

We live in very sad times my friends.  We have devalued human life in general for the appeasement of our REAL Gods in this country which are ego and money!  We do not care who feels what and, frankly, we really don’t care what happens to whom as long as it doesn’t happen to us and our own family!  We are a society which is in a perpetual state of devolution headed towards barbarism such as has not been witnessed in human history!  We mistakenly have come to believe that the whole universe is about the wonderful ME when in fact very little is about YOU at all.  Insulting?  Perhaps but that’s the truth.  Man (and woman) have always fancied themselves “special.” Once we thought that this planet of ours had everything else in the universe revolving around US.  But, then we discovered that the universe does NOT revolve about the earth at all…..OR…..US!  What a blow to our egos that was!

What I suspect is happening to Hillary Clinton right now is deplorable!  What is most deplorable is the way we treat each other.  Sorry but there is no “they” as there is only “us.”  I think Hillary’s story is going to have a very sad ending as I believe she is an ill woman.  Only time will tell so keep a close eye on Clinton whether you agree with her politics or not.  Witness for yourself how we REALLY treat others in this society and open your eyes to just how gross the state of mankind has really become!  And then?  Work to CHANGE IT!





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