858 Aliens Mistakenly Granted Citizenship by US!

You know, the incompetence in Washington DC is beyond blinding now! We must have the most ignorant people serving in our Federal government in the nation. Does anyone know if the federal job application now asks what your IQ is? If so then it certainly cannot be anything over 30!!

The US government has granted US citizenship to 858 people from nations that are considered a national security concern and/or countries with high rates of immigration fraud. How could this happen? This is a HUGE mistake! And these people also had pending DEPORTATION orders to top it off!! Who is the BIMBO in the federal government who made such a “mistake”? Whomever it is they should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED!! But of course that won’t happen because as we all now know and have seen many times before when the people in DC make “mistakes” no one gets fired. They are simply “reassigned” or sometimes even promoted! Mistake? MY ASS!

Just when do we start holding government accountable? Just when do we start demanding full independent investigations into the wholesale corruption of our federal government? Just when do we start demanding the CRIMINALS now running things not only get fired but are put in a federal prison?

This is absolute bullshit! Mistakes like this should NEVER be made especially by our federal government. These are the very bimbos running our nation and let me tell you it should be NO SURPRISE to any of us as to why our nation is on the brink and why it is in DECLINE! With idiots like this running things is it any wonder?

People in government need to lose their jobs for things like this and not just get a slap on the hand or “reassigned.” THEY NEED TO BE PUT OUT OF A JOB!

For details see:



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