Suspect Arrested in Mall Shooting

Police have arrested 20 year old Arcan Cetin as a suspect in the mall shooting that left 5 people dead. Police believe he acted alone and used a car to escape the scene after the shooting. Security video shows Cetin entering the mall unarmed leading authorities to suspect he may have had the gun stashed somewhere in the mall although it is unclear how he got the gun into the mall without being seen. The weapon was recovered at the scene and appears to be a rifle of some caliber.

Cetin appears to be “zombie-like” in the footage and apparently appeared such when arrested by police too. He did not resist arrest and is now in jail. No motive is presently known and police are unsure if Cetin will be charged with acts of terrorism.

It had been widely publicized by police that they were looking for a HISPANIC young man which is a bunch of BULLSHIT as in the video you can clearly see the suspect is NOT Hispanic at all but is obviously Middle Eastern! Ah, but yes, we must be all PC about it even though this Zombie-like man killed 5 people in cold blood!

Cetin was arrested last year for simple assault. Come to find out he is an IMMIGRANT FROM TURKEY with permanent status in the US and NOT Hispanic at all!!

Don’t you think it’s about time police START PROFILING? How much more of this IGNORANT PC bullshit are we going to take? Have you noticed where all of Europe’s PC bullshit has gotten them lately? Here’s a fact…..we KNOW young men of Middle Eastern origins and Islamic Faith ARE committing acts of TERRORISM so why aren’t we profiling them? Why are we profiling granny Clampett instead?

Glad they caught this Zombie and hope they throw the book at him so he never sees the light of day again outside a prison cell. Oh but wait…..with all the PC STUPIDITY in this nation that won’t happen either, right?


2 responses to “Suspect Arrested in Mall Shooting

    • Thanks for the reblog. Time to put some money into reopening the psych hospitals where these clowns can live in their little fantasy worlds forever. Why am I getting the impression that American and European societies have now devolved into nothing but a bunch of guttless cowards? Put the screws to a few of these people and the terrorists and watch how fast things change!

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