Clinton, Gaddafi, and the Ensuing Destruction of Libya EXPOSED!

Libya…..that once fairly calm and productive state shaped by the somewhat eccentric Moumar Gaddafi now lies in a state of perpetual chaos and, ironically, many Libyans are wishing they had Gaddafi back. Only problem is he’s DEAD NOW! And once they killed Gaddafi, Libya was taken over by rival gangs and ISIS and the chaos, murder, and mayhem began. But what happened to cause this behind the curtain?

Nixon_ClintonThere is a VERY interesting and telling report on right now that tells you all about just what went on behind the scenes before Gaddafi’s demise and at the center of it all appears to have been none other than HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON who was then US Secretary of State! Read this article carefully as you have a right to know just who you might elect as POTUS come this November…..

The report says that Col. Gaddafi had agreed to hold free elections after a peace deal was worked out with the US, BUT HILLARY CLINTON rejected the deal and this led to Gaddafi’s demise and murder and the rise of ISIS and its eventual takeover of Libya. All of which has resulted in Libya’s civil war, an international migrant crisis of astounding proportions, and thousands of deaths in Libya mostly of INNOCENT people!

Infowars says Hillary nixed the deal because she had a personal vendetta with Gaddafi. And this info comes via a whistleblower who PERSONALLY oversaw the deal negotiations with Gaddafi and the US State Dept under Clinton’s leadership!

Dr Kilari Anand Paul is a Christian Preacher highly respected by several past and present Mid Eastern leaders and he was personally invited by Gaddafi to Libya for peace talks. Dr Paul arrived in Libya in 2011 with his peace keeping team and when General Wesley Clark heard of Paul’s arrival in Libya he contacted Dr Paul and encouraged him to try and negotiate a settlement between the US State Dept and Gaddafi as well.

Within 10 days Dr Paul had reached a deal with Gaddafi and the US State Dept. Or so he thought! Under the deal Gaddafi had agreed to cease hostilities and hold democratic elections that would result in the end of his 42 years of rule. Had this deal gone through as agreed to it would have prevented he killing of thousands of innocent people in Libya and it would have also prevented Libya from becoming a failed state dwelling in the perpetual chaos, anarchy, and civil war it is today under ISIS. It would have also likely avoided much of the current migrant crisis in Europe and it would have likely prevented ISIS from becoming as strong as they are today. And, not only that, but the Benghazi Affair that resulted in the rape and murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens would have never happened!

Gen Wesley Clark was reportedly so pleased with Dr Paul’s deal with Libya that he arranged a teleconference with then Sec of State Hillary Clinton. However, there was a problem! Clinton did not want peace! She wanted Gaddafi DEAD!! The reason? Infowars says she wanted Gaddafi dead “for her own selfish, spiteful reasons — the fact that Gaddafi had favored Barack Obama over her campaign during the 2008 presidential election cycle.”

Reportedly, the 2008 Clinton election team had approached Gaddafi’s son Saif asking the Gaddafi family to invest in Hillary’s campaign and THE CLINTON FOUNDATION but the family REFUSED! And apparently Hillary held a grudge against Gaddafi thereafter.

Whe Gaddafi was murdered in Libya his death was celebrated by HILLARY CLINTON in the now famous TV interview in which she said rather joyfully of Gaddafi’s murder….”We came, we saw, he died!” And if I recall correcting she then laughed about the murder.

Dr Paul now says that video interview is proof enough for him that Hillary Clinton is “evidence of a pathology or mental illness.”

Dr Paul says that after the deal fell through other Mid Eastern nations RUSHED of make substantial donations to the Clinton Foundation out of fear that they would be the next victims of “Hillary’s wrath”!! Dr Paul says Hillary’s desire to overthrow uncooperative foreign governments has no end “and they know it.” Further, he says the nations of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, and even the diabolical Saudi Arabia are afraid of Hillary Clinton becoming the next POTUS!

Dr Paul asks why is anyone who knew anything about Clinton’s overthrow of Gaddafi now dead….missing….in prison….or has had their good name smeared beyond repair and their voices silenced? US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was a friend to Dr Paul and Stevens was also very involved in negotiating the deal with Gaddafi but Stevens is now dead (killed in the Benghazi Affair). And this despite his “hundreds of pleas for more security,” Paul says. And he adds, “That was hardly a mistake.”

Dr Paul is also wondering where Gaddafi’s Prime Minister who was involved in the deal is today. And he’s also wondering where Libya’s undersecretary is as well.

Dr Paul’s allegations ARE BACKED UP BY former US Congressman and Civil Rights Leader Walter Fauntroy who visited Libya on a peace mission. Congressman Fauntroy, a BLACK AMERICAN, claimed he personally witnessed Danish and French Special Forces committing atrocities against Libyan nationals and rebel fighters and blaming them on Gaddafi’s government!

As things ended up Walter Fauntroy “disappeared” for FIVE YEARS! That disappearance was in connection with allegations that he’d written $55K in fraudulent checks. But, Fauntroy himself says he disappeared because he FEARED BEING ASSASSINATED to prevent him revealing to the media what he witnessed in Libya! Dr Paul says he himself was warned by the CIA that his life “was in danger not from the war itself but from Secretary Clinton herself.”!!!! The CIA operative also reportedly told Dr Paul that Clinton herself had a hand in his subsequent arrest in order to smear his reputation!

Dr Paul lays the responsibility for the demise of Gaddafi and the chaos inside Libya today at the feet of Hillary Clinton, firmly! In fact, he says that the whole affair makes Watergate “look like child’s play.” He goes on to say, “The images of bodies of women and children piled high in the streets of Tripoli will haunt me forever, not to mention the millions of others who lost their homes and lives becoming part of the massive wave of displaced immigrants seeking asylum.”

Dr Paul also notes the “missing” stockpiles of weapons that amazingly disappeared after Gaddafi’s demise. Remember that? Recall they “mysteriously” ended up in SYRIA? Well they did! Dr Paul says Hillary Clinton’s policy as Secretary of State was “self serving and duplicitous.” He goes on to say that her “regime change at any cost” policy was absurd! He says Clinton’s policy as Sec of State was to basically hand over strategic territory and its assets to whoever wanted them the most!! He goes on to say that the entire world is paying a very high price “for her stupidity and horrific decision by further radicalizing the Middle East.”

This has been the Obama Administrations “foreign policy” since 2008 in case you haven;t noticed. Many have asserted Obama doesn’t have a foreign policy but he does and so does Hillary Clinton and it’s called REGIME CHANGE AT ANY COST. And that’s why the Mid East is in such turmoil today and the result of this FAILED and IGNORANT “foreign policy” is now the MASS MIGRATION OF MID EASTERN IMMIGRANTS INTO EUROPE! Obama and CLINTON have created the HUMAN MESS!! Can you imagine what she’s going to do as POTUS with NO controls on her at all????

Dr Paul is adamant emails will soon be released that confirm his claims. He also is demanding Gen Wesley Clark should be brought before a Senate Committee and FORCED to testify under oath about this entire affair! Dr Paul says he realized he is putting his own life at risk by revealing Hillary Clinton’s role in this affair but says he can no longer be silent. He further says, “Anyone who knows too much about this deplorable former Secretary’s actions turns up dead like Chris Stevens and Gaddafi.” He also says, “God will hold me accountable if I know the truth and do not speak it for fear of Clinton.”

Let’s face it. There IS something MEDICALLY WRONG with Hillary Clinton and I’m pretty sure of that. She claims to be pro-gay rights and pro-women’s rights BUT she accepts “donations” form Saudi Arabia that is likely the WORST ENEMY of ANY woman or gay person on the planet!! How two-faced is that??? And Dr Paul may be right. Hillary Clinton may be mentally ill as he asserts! Let’s face it. This woman should NOT be elected to the White House!

And just to round things out in case the Republicans think they are now as innocent as the driven snow…….let us not forget Bush II started the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, removed Saddam Hussein (read regime change at any cost just like Clinton), destabilized the Middle East, and OUTRIGHT LIED TO THE WORLD AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ABOUT IRAQ HAVING WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION knowing, in fact, they did NOT!! Our leaders are ALL CROOKS America!

Read the entire story at:

Exclusive: Hillary Killed Libya Peace Deal Over Personal Vendetta, Claims Whistleblower


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