Have You Seen Any CREEPY CLOWNS?

There is what you might call a growing trend across the US in the manner of CREEPY CLOWNS (think the movie “It”). These degenerates are going to and fro dressed up as weird-looking clowns scaring people or at least make them feel uneasy wondering just what is going on.

creepy-clownsThe Daily Mail Online is reporting this morning that at least one of these CREEPS was beaten with a baseball bat and…..get this…by his own buddies! He walked up to his buddies who were sitting in a car and they jumped out and beat him.

These CREEPY CLOWNS have been spotted around the country sometimes lurking in the dark and sometimes lurking in the woods. There have been a few arrests and reports that they are attempting to lure children with candy! Typically, they are being spotted at night and some of them just walk down the street looking and acting creepy. What are they up to? Who knows! How SICK AND DEGENERATE are they? VERY!!

The Daily Mail reports this “phenomena” started in August but they are wrong as there were reports of these creep as early as July in some parts of the country.

For the past month I’ve spotted one of these CREEPS myself 3 times from my own backyard! He’s dressed like Red hobo_clownSkelton’s Hobo clown. Remember him? Google his name! I first saw this clown walking across a parking lot at 5 am on morning not long ago. He was very tall and skinny and was dressed like the Hobo Clown. He came off of a dark street in the neighborhood and I kept an eye on him until he was out of sight.

I spotted this creep again around 10 pm one night coming out of the same dark street and walking through the same parking lot.

I spotted this creepy Hobo clown again about a week or so later coming off of the same dark street around 9 pm and walking down the sidewalk. A bunch of church people across the street were just coming out to go home and they saw him too (so I knew I wasn’t crazy). This creep was dressed in his Hobo clown costume walking down the street shouting, “Bodies! Bodies!” in a very creepy voice! The people at the church just stared at him and kept their children close to them until he got our of sight.

Are these people some kind of PERVS? Are they breaking into houses or cars? Are they just trying to scare people? Are they wacked out on drugs? Do they suffer from mental issues? Are they window peaking or looking to lure children or harm people? Or is it “all of the above”? Whatever the case one thing is certain and it is that these creepy clowns have more than one screw loose! Just one MORE sign that there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG in American society today IMO!!


Read more at:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3826369/Creepy-clown-gets-beat-baseball-bat-tries-scare-group-friends-hanging-car.html



One response to “Have You Seen Any CREEPY CLOWNS?

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A few miles from here, one clown attempted at abduct a boy walking home from school. County police are useless. My answer is to, SHOOT THE DUMB BASTARDS. Should I hear of anything nearby, I will be responding with a 12 gauge and rifled slugs. NO BRAG – JUST FACT.

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