Pentagon SKANK Screw US Soldiers!!

us-troops_afghanistanThere’s a few things that really piss me off and one of those things is the screwing of American soldiers! Yet that is just what the Pentagon is doing…AGAIN! They’ve ordered thousands of National Guard in California to pay back their enlistment bonuses due to “errors in paperwork” the LA Times is reporting (see link below). The Guard says they simply cannot waive the debts as they’d be breaking the law. WTF? HELLO CALIFORNIA NATIONAL GUARD! You are part of the GOVERNMENT which BREAKS THE LAW in 10,000 ways EVERY FRICKIN DAY DUMBASSES! What’s breaking one more law going to hurt? In case you didn’t know it we are living in the United States of GANGLAND and CRIME now!!

Some soldiers are being told they have to pay back their student loans and sign-on bonuses to the tune of $40k and needless to say this is bankrupting them and they are losing everything they have. The claim is that California Guard officials approved sign on bonuses even when the soldiers were not eligible for them and one high ranking guard administrator has already gone to federal prison over all this FIASCO.

It truly astounds me how America treats its soldiers and veterans. Men and women who risked (and sometimes sacrificed) their lives so our nation could remain free. Instead of honoring these brave men and women we demean them in many ways. Remember when the soldiers from Vietnam returned home? Remember how Americans spit on them (literally) and called them “baby killers,” and a host of other horrible names? And now we are SCREWING our soldiers who fought in Iraq and that ASS-PIT called Afghanistan! Great job America! Once again we prove to the world that America is run by DUMBASSES and BAFFOONS! Why is it that our nation will do ANYTHING to degrade ourselves? Does America have a secret suicide wish? I’m betting it is so, frankly!!

The Pentagon has the power to waive these debts but they are thus far refusing to do so in most cases and instead are demanding their money back. That’s pretty SHITTY in my opinion!

Read the story at the link below. And here’s a thought…..maybe the next time America has a war NO ONE should sign up to fight it! SCREW the JOKESTERS in the Pentagon, White House, and the CRAP HOLE called Congress! Let THEM go fight the war LMAO (never happen).

Frankly, it is government behavior like this that I find the MOST DETESTABLE! We should HONOR our vets and service men and women instead of trying to SCREW THEM. Sorry Pentagon but you’ve gone everything ASS BACKWARDS as USUAL!

Oh one other thing….a lesson from history…….when a nation begins to screw its soldiers most often those soldiers march upon the imperial capital and take control.  Would NOT surprise me at all to one day see the US military march on Washington DC and finally rid us of the SCUM AND CRIMINALS who now run this nation!

Read the story at:


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