US Workers Take to Streets Over Wages!


uniteNow more than ever the American workers need to unite and fight against the ruthless predatory powers that be for a decent wage. For far too long American workers have been exploited and it is time to STAND UP. American workers have been little more than SERFS for the past 10 years and the GROSS LACK of action by that absolutely WORTHLESS body called “Congress” proves it beyond any shadow of doubt.

Fact is it is impossible to live on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour without also being on public assistance. All of our politicians claim they want to cut public assistance roles so why don’t they raise minimum wage so people can earn a descent living without being on such assistance? It’s because they are NOT serious about public assistance “reform” as it keeps the American worker in a state of servitude and that is exactly where the elites wish to keep us. SERFS!

The federal minimum wage today of $7.25 is worth LESS today than it was in 1968 when adjusted for inflation. That is absolutely ASTOUNDING! The federal minimum wage has not increased since 2009 and that is equally astounding considering the HUGE price increases we’ve seen over the past 6 years in terms of food, rent, gasoline, and all other costs of living.

Some states have taken it beyond themselves to raise state minimum wage to at least $12 per hour but that doesn’t happen until 2020 which is FOUR YEARS FROM NOW! Why is this state min wage not taking effect NOW? Again…..SERFDOM! Exploitation of the working poor! And this $12 per hour falls short of what many workers have been demanding which is $15 per hour. Continue reading


Dakota Showdown! Native Americans Resist…..again!!

Thousands have been gathered for the past few weeks in a makeshift camp along Highway 1806 near Standing Rock in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tensions have been building and now the US Army Corp of Engineers has notified the protesters that they must be gone by December 5. The Corp notified the tribe that anyone found in the protest area after that date will be deemed a trespasser and subjected to federal prosecution. The Corp says closure of the area is “necessary to protect the general public from violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement officials that have occurred in the area, and to prevent death, illness, and serious injury to inhabitants of the encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.” Say what? WTF?


Sounds like the Corp is preparing to send in the cavalry and clear the area one way or the other in the fashion of General Custer! Yet, they are trying to glaze their next move over by appearing to be “humanitarian” when, in fact, I’m sure they are NOT! In response Standing Rock tribal chairman Dave Archambault, Jr released a statement of his own saying the tribe is deeply disappointed by the Corps latest move BUT it does not change the tribe’s resolve to prevent the pipeline from being built north of reservation lands. He also said it was “unfortunate and ironic” that the Corp chose the very next day after Thanksgiving to issue its THREAT against encamped tribal members and supporters. Chairman Archambault also said in the statement that the Corps statement is “saddening” but “NOT at all surprising given the last 500 years of the treatment of our people!” He went on to say, “We have suffered much.” And indeed the Sioux have as have all other Native Americans under the Western Corporatist Jackboot!!

The Corp says they’ve set up a “free speech zone” nearby which is basically an absolute CROCK OF SHIT imo! Yeah you can go there and say anything you want and I guarantee you it will fall on completely DEAF EARS because the Fascist Corporatist behind the pipeline are going to build it no matter what! After all, they’re all about MONEY and could NOT care less about human lives ESPECIALLY NATIVE AMERICAN LIVES!!

Opponents of the pipeline have been protesting for months over the $3.8 billion dollar project. They say the pipeline could harm (poison) drinking water and will encroach on tribal Sacred Sites. Clashes between protesters and police have already taken place over the past few months and protesters have even been pepper sprayed by police.

The scope of tribal resistance to the pipeline is unprecedented exceeding almost all previous protests in Native American history in the US. But, Native Americans have been fighting the government for a long time now to protect their lands and THE LAND. In this current protest they’ve gained support from Code Pink and Black Lives Matter as well as support from environmentalists and several activists groups from around the country and world. They have also gained strong support from almost every other Native American tribe in the US. Continue reading

King Donald? Dawn of the Trump Dynasty!

Editorial by Monomakh:

Rurik4I’ve been watching President-elect Donald Trump very closely lately and I am truly beginning to wonder if Trump fancies himself some sort of king or even emperor instead of a President. I mean, look at where he lives (Trump Tower) and how opulent his living quarters are. Gold and marble are everywhere and, frankly, the place makes the White House and Buckingham Palace look like ghettos. I can understand why Trump doesn’t want to live in the White House but remain in Trump Tower instead. After all, who in the hell wants to downgrade to the ghetto White House, right?

And then there is his family whom Trump appears to think should be very involved in his reign….oh I mean “administration”….and I can’t help but wonder just what qualifies them for such a role. I don’t see where any of them have any kind of experience in politics or government at all. In fact, I don’t see where Emperor Donald has any experience in government or politics at all for hat matter!

Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner

For example, Trump reportedly believes that his son-in-law Jared Kushner could help bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Seriously? Does Kushner have some sort of experience or training in negotiating international peace agreements that we don’t know about? From what I gather the only reason Trump thinks this is due to the fact that his son-in-law Jared Kushner is an Orthodox Jew. And that qualifies him as an expert peace negotiator in the Palestinian conflict??? How’s that? I don’t see anywhere where Kushner has experience as a professional diplomat. Just because Kushner happens to be Trump’s son-in-law does NOT qualify him for anything and especially in terms of trying to negotiate peace between the Palestinians and Israel and, in fact, history has proven over and over again that dispatching amateurs to deal with such situations most often ends in absolute disaster.

So just who is this Jared Kushner that Trump is hailing as beyond magnificent?

Kushner was born in 1981 meaning he is presently 35 years old. He is characterized as an American businessman, investor, and “political operative.” He is the primary owner in Kushner Properties which is a real estate holding and development company and also in Observer Media which publishes the New York Observer, a weekly newspaper publication in NYC. His father is the American real estate investor Charles Kushner and he is the husband of Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. During Trump’s campaign for the WH Kushner was a senior adviser and some say it was Kushner who actually ran the campaign. He was also the author of Trump’s digital media strategy.


Continue reading

Trumps Attack on MSM: Wise or Highly Unwise?

Commentary & Opinion —- 

Yesterday President-elect Donald Trump summoned anchors and execs from all of major MSM networks and gave them a tongue lashing they won’t soon forget. During that “meeting” (massacre is more like it) Trump called the gathered group liars and made numerous accusations against the networks telling them they all got it wrong. From the looks of photos appearing yesterday in the NY Post the media execs and anchors were anything but pleased with the incoming POTUS.

trump-wins_1Now, true, it is no secret that the MSM clearly took sides in the most recent election between Hillary Clinton and Trump. And, true, the MSM made a futile but powerful attempt to sway public opinion and votes in Clinton’s direction (think Social Engineering not journalism). So Trump is rightly angry over it all in my opinion BUT I question just how wise his tongue lashing session unleashed on the MSM execs yesterday inside the opulent Trump Tower in NYC was.

Clearly, Trump succeeded yesterday in alienating the MSM and as much as many of us detest them and their so-called “journalism/reporting” unleashing a severe tongue lashing on the heads of the MSM may turn out to be one of his first and WORST mistakes. Yes, they needed to hear what Trump said yesterday but by voicing his tirade against them he has alienated them. What that means is like hurt wolves they will be laying in wait somewhere down the road with bated breath just waiting for Trump to “screw up.” And when he does I have a very strong feeling the MSM is going to go after him like rapid dogs! When that happens We the Public will get a one-sided and prejudiced few via the angry and, let’s face truth here, often vindictive MSM. That could spell the end of Trump before the end of his 4 year term as POTUS.

No matter how much we hate them or detest them any leader in this nation needs at least some of the MSM on their side but Trump has now succeeded in turning the big networks against him AND he’s not even in office yet! I do not think that was a wise move and I also have concerns about Trumps level of anger control. Was yesterday a demonstration of that lack of anger control? Is there more to come in the future as he unleashes further tongue lashings against his “enemies” real or perceived? And what happens should he be unable to contain his anger and displeasure against a nation such as China or Russia? As President Obama said not long ago the office of President requires patience and self-control in large amounts. After yesterday’s demonstration I think it rather clear now that Trump does NOT have the measure of self-control or patience President Obama was referring to and THAT could be disastrous for the US both at home an abroad. Continue reading



Finally! Someone in this country has the balls to tell the MSM just what they think of them face-to-face!! And it’s none other than President-elect Donald Trump who did just that earlier today at Trump Tower in NYC.

Present at the meeting were MSM network execs and hosts from Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN (aka: Clinton News Network & Communist News Network).

President-elect Trump made no bones about it and pulled no punches telling MSM execs and hosts exactly what he thought of them and their network “news.” He began with CNN saying, “I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a LIAR and you should be ashamed!”. One network source said, “It (the meeting) was a f–king firing squad.” “The meeting was a total disaster,” said another also saying, “The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they’d get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down.”

Reportedly, the Trump lashing took place in one of Trump Tower’s big board rooms where 30-40 people were gathered. Trump reportedly repeatedly said, “We are in a room of LIARS, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong.” I would have loved to have been a mouse in the corner watching these fireworks LMAO! He addressed everyone in the room calling them deceitful LIARS and dishonest. AMEN TO THAT!! Finally, someone tells these Commie Charlatans what MOST Americans have been thinking and saying for a long, long time!!! BRAVO!

Trump reportedly mentioned CNN’s Jeff Zucker by name saying everyone at CNN was a LIAR. And that wasn’t all as he continued to rag on CNN he called the entire network a network of LIARS.

Reportedly the reporters and execs were “stunned” by Trumps tongue lashing. Poor rich CRYBABY’S! Thought their shit didn’t stink and come today they find out from the President-elect just how much it does LOL. A Trump spokesman said the meeting “went well” LOL I bet it did 🙂 …..FOR TRUMP but NOT for the anchors and execs. Continue reading


Soviet_4There is now a move on social media to ban what is being called “Fake News.” Facebook is adjusting their software to prevent “fake news” along with other social media. And now a college professor has come up with a list of sites that HE considers to be fake news. These include Breitbart, CoasttoCoast AM, Infowars, Lew Rockwell, Liberal America, co., The Blaze, and TheDailySheeple. Granted some of these media do indeed put out fake news or news stories greatly exaggerated but others? It’s a matter of opinion and personal preference IMO.

For example, I’ve listened to CoastToCoast AM and some of the stories are a bit farfetched but others are not. For instance some of their news pertaining to spirituality I agree with and no you won’t see it on CNN or Fox News.

I can’t help but notice that CNN, Fox News, and all of the MSM seem to have the SAME “top stories” reported in relatively the SAME order with commercial breaks at about the SAME time as well. Of course this “coincidence” is based on daily “talking points” which is nothing more than a CODE WORD for government approved news items. That’s CENSORSHIP! That’s in the same boat as PRAVDA during the old Soviet Union era. Let’s face it. The MSM is pissed off because most people get their news from alternative sites and thus the people cannot be manipulated or “socially engineered” by the MSM. Further, this weakens the MSM ability to “shape public opinion” as well. So now there is a push to ban “Fake News” but the question is:

WHO DECIDES WHAT IS FAKE NEWS? The government? The MSM? Continue reading

Why the Dems Lost

Even though Hillary Clinton lost the election she won the popular vote but lost the electoral votes. Trump is riding high thinking he has been given a mandate by the American voters but that mandate is, in fact, very slim. It might do Trump well to keep this in mind as he did not win in a landslide and he’s walking a slim political tightrope on which political friends could easily become political foes. Meanwhile, over in the Democratic camp the DNC is trying to understand why they lost and why Clinton did not win by a landslide.

The Clinton camp is blaming the FBI Director for her loss but that’s not it at all. The fact is that Hillary Clinton and the DNC are out of touch with the common working American. They’ve lost site of the original goals of the Party! There is an almost total disconnect between the DNC and America’s working poor. Hillary did nothing to attempt to mend that divide during her campaign. Further, she is viewed publicly as arrogant, angry, and even bitter. Hillary Clinton has always had a likability problem and she still does and it is because of her overall attitude. During her campaign she just did not come across as one of the common folk but, rather, as an arrogant, self righteous elitist. Sorry, but you can’t go to and fro looking down your nose at the people you want to vote for you.

But that is not the only problem. The BIGGEST problem and reason why Clinton lost sits squarely with President Barack Obama over the course of the past 8 years. About the only thing Obama got done was Obamacare which, frankly, is now turning out to be a complete disaster. Obama said it was a starting point to be tweaked but he’s never tweaked it! The healthcare act is supposed to be “Affordable” but after many Americans got a letter from their insurance companies jacking their premiums up 300% it’s hard to see how it is Affordable! In fact, Obamacare seems to have been nothing more than a clever CON-JOB pulled off amazingly well by the greed-ridden moguls of Corporatist America!! But did we expect anything different from the Corporatists?

Barack Obama has done very little for the working poor in this country over the course of the past 8 years. He’s even done LESS for Black Americans. When first elected back in 2008 this man was hailed as some sort of Savior who was going to save us all from…..from…….from what? Who can forget those media pics of Obama with a halo around his head styling him as America’s Savior? Well, turns our, Obama wasn’t a Savior at all as America will also find out the same about Donald Trump in due time. Trump is a Corporatist and that is clear. He’s slick and smart and he played the working poor card perfectly. That’s what got him elected! However, after January I’m sure America will see his true colors and it will become clear he is really for BIG BUSINESS and NOT the working poor in this country. But, that’s for another post.

Obama hasn’t done anything significant for the working poor in this nation nor for Black America. What we have gotten over the past 8 years is a lot of lip service and nothing more and THAT is what cost Clinton the election IMO. The working poor are tired of lip service and we want ACTION meaning CHANGE. We are tired of working paycheck to paycheck with that paycheck not being enough. We are tired of being played like fools and exploited for our labor as cheaply as possible! We are really tired of our words and desires falling on deaf ears, Democrat and Republican like! What we are also really tired of us arrogant politicians thinking they know what is best for us when the FACT is they DON’T! We are tired of not being heard and of being pushed aside by both parties as we watch the Corporatists in BOTH Parties gain and grow richer while we grow poorer!!

Had Obama done much for America’s working poor and minorities this election might have turned out very differently. But, after 8 years of DO NOTHING the working poor have grown tired and disenchanted with the DNC. Hey, you had your chance for the past 8 years to help us, to listen to us, and YOU FAILED! What the DNC has done in this last election is proven beyond ANY doubt that the Democratic Party is OUT OF TOUCH with working Americans.

There are Corporatists in both Parties. These people have greed ridden and arrogant and they see the working poor as little more than Serfs! They only seek to manipulate us and play us to THEIR own good, not ours, and they do a really good job at that. Now America’s working poor are going to give Trump and the RNC a chance but they’d better deliver quickly because America’s working poor are not only tired but are growingly ANGRY! We’ve had enough lip service and if that was what Trump was giving us in this last election then he need not plan on being in office for long as he’ll be impeached if he doesn’t deliver on his promises and reforms.

The DNC can blame whomever they desire for their loss but the fact is their loss was due to their own fault. They’ve lost touch with common America and Americans and the smartest thing the DNC could do right now is to begin getting back in touch with their base, the working poor. As for Trump,, he like Obama is NOT a Savior or The Savior! America seriously needs to stop looking for a Savior s it just isn’t going to happen! Instead we must save ourselves!

The DNC is seriously in need of reform, period! They’ve lost their historical and traditional vision. The working poor aren’t buying their rhetoric anymore and neither are minorities. We all know BOTH parties are corrupt and have been compromised and We The Working People are not as stupid as these Corporatists think. We’ll see just how much Trump “drains the swamp.” I have a suspicion it WON’T be much as he’ll discover soon that that “swamp” is actually a CESSPOOL of corruption and greed such as has never been in human history. Just how much a part of it Trump is remains to be seen. We shall see…………