3 comments on “NYPD: Clinton linked to CHILD SEX CRIMES!

  1. Let it simmer and stew, for oh.., five days or so. They unleash high holy hell in about the beginning of February. No Obama to pardon. As long as the NYPD has copies, there is no problem. Time to play the fish and bring it to the surface and watch it tail dance. In the meanwhile, it’s all, getting bigger. Kadzik, USDOJ rat. He might be the one to bring down Lynch. Hillary denies everything. The Mighty Weiner, checked into rehab for cyber-sex addiction. It will not spare him from federal espionage and treason allegations. Last evening news indicated ELEVEN THOUSAND items marked Top Secret on the laptop. Huma, never had any security clearance, and Weiner stole/forwarded, everything and filed under “Insurance Policy” = Blackmail.
    Roberto, it’s all, going to get much better. Sit back and savor all the news bits, morsel by morsel. Trump wins, and it’s curtains for the Clinton Crime Syndicate. In fact, Obama might get bagged. That is why he bought a 4.9 million dollar mansion in Dubai, UAE, because there is no extradition policy agreement with the US. Obama in a news bit, discussing if Trump wins on November 8th, Obama might resign the presidency and let Biden become president until January 20, 2017. Biden will allow Obama to escape to Dubai, so he cannot be arrested and brought back to the US for trial.
    Unbelievable. Never in America’s history has anything like this ever happened.

    • I have my tequila and salsa with chips ready to go…oh an my big lounge chair too LOL. No nothing like this has ever happened in our history and it is all very sad. But, what did we expect would be the end result of decades of high level corruption? Why we’ve just been far too busy with our puters and ipads to even think about carrying our our civic duty and holding our elected officials accountable! In my mind this nation is pretty much OVER! Trump gets elected and I doubt even he will be able to save it. Once he gets in office he’ll be summoned to a little meeting in the basement of the White House (just as Gov Jesse Ventura was when elected as Minnesota’s governor) where he will be confronted by men from the CIA, FBI, and the shadow government (read George Soros). They will “plainly” inform him of the “rules” he will play be and they will also “plainly” inform him what might happen to himself and his family should he make the choice not to play by those rules. That’s the way it works now in DC, in your state government, in your county government, and in your local government America! The CRIME SYNDICATE is running things!!

      For all you living in the great American Southwest do a crash course in speaking Spanish. I assume once this nation unravels Mexico along with force support from Russia, China, and Iran will march across the border in conquest. What a sad, sad time for America and Americans. Killed from WITHIN! I knew it would end up that way as I have seen the writing on the wall for decades now.

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