ICE Says Clinton Victory Spells DISASTER for US Borders!

banana repDemocratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has said that if elected as POTUS she will “open borders.” Ah yes, it’s that good old liberal dream of nations without borders, Kumba Ya feeling, brotherly love, blah…blah….blah. You know the routine.

But the nation’s immigration officers say opening the borders will be the biggest DISASTER imaginable. The head of the ICE Council which represents US Border Agents Chris Crane says opening borders will turn the present border crisis into a complete “cataclysm.” He went on to say, “Hillary’s plan would unleash violent (drug) cartels and brutal transnational gangs into US communities and cause countless preventable deaths.”

Of course the MSM is NOT picking up on this dire warning as it just doesn’t fit into THEIR agenda (“fair and balanced MY ASS!) so they are not reporting on it. Instead they are busying themselves with painting a completely FALSE picture with Hillary as POTUS and everyone living happily ever after! Hey, that’s right, just like in the fairytales……NOT.

Crane says an uncontrolled flood of illegals into the US would be especially harmful to poor communities including Hispanic and immigrant communities “that will bear the economic brunt of the illegal immigrant surge.” Simply put, such a move would almost immediately (in less than 1 month) cause several towns and cities in America to become clones of cities in Mexico like Juarez and Tijuana where the drug cartels virtually reign supreme. Why, we’ll see dead human corpses hanging from our bridges, human faces sewn onto basketballs, and mass slaughter just like Mexico. Oh boy! I can hardly wait! Brotherly love….Kumba ya!!

And let me also mention that illegals aren’t just coming across our southern border from Latin America. Illegals posing as “Mexicans” are coming from Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and a host of other KNOWN TERRORIST states! Open the borders and these TERRORISTS will be flooding in with their arms of choice wrecking TERROR SUPREME on Americans (that would be YOU).

At present the Obama Administration has ordered border agents to “catch and release” illegals and this WITHOUT any idea what these people are up to or where they come from!! Gang members, cartel operatives, and VIOLENT CRIMINALS are entering the US via the border with Mexico in large numbers DAILY.

Soooo…..Hillary wants to just throw the border doors wide open and Trump wants to build his now infamous wall (think East German and the Berlin Wall). Well, walls are most often built not to simply keep people out but also to keep people in (remember that).

I have a solution to the border crisis which WORKS! 🙂 How about we allow the US Border Patrol TO DO THEIR JOB? We don’t need anymore laws or regulations as they are ALREADY on the books! All we need to do is allow them to do their jobs! But that won’t happen because the border issue is now fully politicized and ANY time our government politicizes ANYTHING you can bet your bottom Peso that the American People are going to get SCREWED and WE ARE getting SCREWED ROYAL RIGHT NOW!!

We no longer have leaders in this nation. If you actually think Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are real leaders think again. What these two CLOWNS are, are nothing more than PAWNS in the political chess game and both are played like fine tuned fiddles by the REAL powers that be (read the 1% which is the people who hold most of the money on the planet). The days of great statesmen and leaders are OVER… least in America because we can no longer inspire such people to rise to the top of leadership in our society. Instead, what we are getting is THIRD grade “leadership” by people who have some BIG screws loose and whose primary concern is, bluntly, the DEMISE OF AMERICA AND THE EXTINCTION OF AMERICAN SOCIETY ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!! We’ll see how these people feel once the USA is HISTORY. I bet they WON’T be singing the same tune.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump command respect. Neither one is schismatic. Neither one inspires others to really do anything constructive beyond themselves. Neither delivers great speeches and neither one is respected by foreign leaders as BOTH are seen as JOKES! This is because America the West are in a severe state of decline in case you haven’t noticed. And it is this very kind of “leadership” that has brought America and the West to this point. Russia knows it and the terrorists in the Mid East certainly know it. That’s why they are now circling the American/Western camp like rabid wolves preparing to bounce in for the final kill. No this little fairy-tale is NOT going to end happily ever after I’m afraid. In fact, I think it is all going to end with widespread death and destruction on a scale seldom seen in human history. But, alas, we have no one to blame but OURSELVES as We The People have been lax for many decades now in carrying out our CIVIC DUTY by not holding our elected officials accountable. Instead, we’ve ignored it all and taken our freedoms for granted. We’ve been living in a fantasy-land thinking everything is OK when NOTHING IS OK! And it hasn’t been for a very long time now.


Final Warning from Immigration Officers: Clinton, Open Borders Will ‘Unleash’ Violence, ‘Countless Preventable Deaths In America’


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