Trumps Triumph and the Coming Clipping of His Wings

President-Elect campaigned on the promises to eliminate Obamacare, stop Muslim immigration into the US, and of course building a wall between Mexico and the southern US border, et al. He promised to create jobs for Americans and to “Make America Great Again.” However, now that he’s been elected and is due to take office as POTUS in mid-January there are a few things Americans need to be reminded of once again and this applies to BOTH Trump-supporters and Anti-Trump protesters.

Candidates running for public office often make many promises some of them outrageous but once they are elected and get into public office they ALL tone their rhetoric down and some begin to act as though they have completely forgotten their campaign promises. Why is that?

trump-wins_1The answer is rather simple and this is what Americans need to remember. Elected officials are NOT dictators in this country. Thank God we have a Constitution that ensures that they don’t become such either! Rather, elected officials get into office and rather quickly get their wings clipped as they come to realize that they CANNOT do all of the things they promised as they must work with other people and branches of government that many times oppose their promises. They quickly find out that they do NOT have to power to carry out their promises solely alone too. Finally, some candidates just spout what they THINK the people want to hear in order to get votes but the candidates themselves usually have no intention of fulfilling promises that they really don’t agree with.

Now, across the country we are seeing some people protest and even riot over the election of Donald Trump as POTUS. I think their actions are a bit premature, however. Trump is NOT even in office yet and won’t be until mid-January. This man is going to have a difficult time carrying out some of his promises as even members of his own party opposed him in the election campaign. Trump is going to be met with a lot of resistance I suspect especially from Congress. In fact, I think Trump is already having his wings clipped! His promise to immediately halt immigration from Muslim countries has silently been removed from his website, it is being reported, and one can’t help but wonder why?. After all, wasn’t this one of the major things he wanted to do right off the bat if elected? Well he’s now elected and, yet, his promise about banning Muslim immigration is “mysteriously” gone. Hmmmm……………

I strongly suspect that Trump, once in office, will rather quickly begin to change his tune. I think the Wall is next to be swept under that dirty old carpet because as POTUS one of the last things you want to do is alienate people (read voters).  Probably before he “forgets” about the Wall he will take some sort of action against Obamacare but he CANNOT eliminate it without a vote from Congress. Remember even the POTUS is not a dictator. Of course, before taking any action whatsoever against the health act, Trump must consider an alternative. That is, what is he going to replace it with? Or does he plan to go back to the way it was prior to Obamacare’s enactment when Hospitals were having to treat people without insurance basically for free? I highly doubt that he’s going to do that but I’d like to hear details of his alternative.

Of course another promise he made was to round-up all the millions of illegal immigrants in this country and deport them. Seriously? There are an estimated 11 million of them! This is rather unrealistic to anyone with any amount of common sense. The logistics of doing this would take the next 4 years to work out and by that time likely Trump will be out of office (no I don’t think he’ll be re-elected as I think he’s going to be a one-termer). IF he does actually do this then that means he will break apart families and deport youth who have never lived in Mexico much less ever been there! Personally, I think breaking up families is one of the absolute worst things anyone can do especially an elected someone! As they say, blood runs thicker than water.

Trump’s wings will be clipped just like all other politicians get their wings clipped once elected and in office and of this I m 100% certain. Trump is a big talker and he always has been from what I’ve seen and heard about him over the years. He likes to boast BUT when it comes down to it he’s just another big talker just like all the rest like him. He is big on talk and SHORT ON ACTION. Of course, that might come as a disappointment to his supporters and all I can say is DEAL WITH IT. This man is NOT going to “save” America! Hillary Clinton is not going to save America! In fact, no one can save America because this country has been too corrupt for too long (at least since the killing of JFK). Corporatism and its cronies have ruled supreme for decades in this nation and they aren’t surrendering without a fight I guarantee you! In other words, the 1% are only going to allow Trump to go so far and then they will clip his wings right out from under him. I do I know this? Because over the course of my years I’ve noticed that his is how DC works. Politics in this country is a dirty, back-handed, fake smile, and sometimes even deadly business. The Corporatists who are the ones REALLY running things (everything) in the good old USA are not going to let Trump destroy them and their futures.

Think back to Obama 8 years ago. Remember all of the promises he made and things he said he was going to do if elected POTUS? Turns out 8 years later and about the ONLY thing Obama has done is Obamacare! WTF happened to all of his other campaign promises? It will be the same with Trump just watch. So kick back and relax for now America. Much of what Trump THINKS he’s going to do he’ll end up NOT doing and what he does do will be along a very long road just as it has been for Obama for the past 8 years. Don’t get me wrong. Trump is a smart man and I think he’ll rather quickly figure out that he’s just a public face who really IS NOT running ANYTHING. Obama figured that out about a year and a half after being in office and I couldn’t help but notice a very distinct change in his demeanor and rhetoric at the time. Trump, I suspect, will find it out quicker.


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