TRUMP IS RIGHT! Protesters ARE Working for DNC!!

My suggestion to the DNC and billionaire George Soros is that the next time they wish to engineer a protest or riot that they tell their bus drivers to park their rigs somewhere where they can’t be found. has uncovered EVIDENCE that protestors/rioters were bused into Chicago recently with many being professional agitators for the DNC. This despite a claim made by USA Today to the contrary.

Two people profiled in a recent issue of USA Today have a history of being professional agitators and not simple dissatisfied Joe or Jane Common-folk! The agitators mission is to stir up popular protests and unleash riots if necessary! Likely MOST of those rioters rioting in Portland, OR the past few nights are just such professional agitators and someone needs to find their buses too which I’m sure are near by!

In Chicago no less than 5 city blocks of buses were found used to bus in “protesters” there. That “protest” was this past Friday, Nov 12 btw. WHAT A SHAME DNC!! You have to pay people to protest? WHAT A CON GAME!! So I take it that the American people are NOT as upset with the Trump election as the DNC would like us to believe? Wake up America! You are being manipulated and PLAYED LIKE A FIDDLE and it appears the player is the DNC!

I think these professional “protesters/rioters” should be held legally accountable for all of the damage they do and I think the DNC should be forced to pay for any and all damage they do. After all, since the DNC is paying these people they obviously are DNC employees!!



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