Soviet_4There is now a move on social media to ban what is being called “Fake News.” Facebook is adjusting their software to prevent “fake news” along with other social media. And now a college professor has come up with a list of sites that HE considers to be fake news. These include Breitbart, CoasttoCoast AM, Infowars, Lew Rockwell, Liberal America, MSNBC.com. co., The Blaze, and TheDailySheeple. Granted some of these media do indeed put out fake news or news stories greatly exaggerated but others? It’s a matter of opinion and personal preference IMO.

For example, I’ve listened to CoastToCoast AM and some of the stories are a bit farfetched but others are not. For instance some of their news pertaining to spirituality I agree with and no you won’t see it on CNN or Fox News.

I can’t help but notice that CNN, Fox News, and all of the MSM seem to have the SAME “top stories” reported in relatively the SAME order with commercial breaks at about the SAME time as well. Of course this “coincidence” is based on daily “talking points” which is nothing more than a CODE WORD for government approved news items. That’s CENSORSHIP! That’s in the same boat as PRAVDA during the old Soviet Union era. Let’s face it. The MSM is pissed off because most people get their news from alternative sites and thus the people cannot be manipulated or “socially engineered” by the MSM. Further, this weakens the MSM ability to “shape public opinion” as well. So now there is a push to ban “Fake News” but the question is:


Frankly, I think Americans have a RESPONSIBILITY to determine for themselves what they wish to believe and what they consider fake and real news. I really DON’T think we need a Nanny Government deciding for us. That’s what the Soviets did in Russia. That’s what Hitler and the Nazis did in Germany. And we all know (or do we?) the end results of that.

We’d better think about this issue very carefully because once others start deciding what is real news and what is not it is a short step to impose censorship and THEY WILL! Personally, I don’t want to live in a Communist or Fascist nation but it appears that is exactly what America has now become (one of the two). We are no longer a true democracy nor republic. This is why Nanny Government continues to grow and as for our “civil rights” WHERE ARE THEY???

Trump says he’s going to take our country back and “Make America Great Again.” Seriously? Somehow I DON’T think Trump is the answer period! What I do think he is, is just one more Corporatist-Nazi Fascist! He’s not going to take anything back because frankly the Communist running this nation are well entrenched with great power and big money (more than Trump has). They aren’t going down without a fight and Trump just doesn’t strike me as the Fighter type!

Trump comes along with too little, too late! Watch and see.  Oh, btw I know this post does NOT follow the “talking points”  (aka:  American Communist Agenda) and that’s just too frickin’ bad!


4 responses to “FAKE NEWS! US heads towards CENSORSHIP!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    But neither Google nor Facebook have been subjected to Antitrust laws, as both need to be broken up as monopolies, and both, are the ones that were pushing fake news regarding the 2016 US presidential elections. Now they point fingers to get the attention off of what they, did.

    • I hardly doubt that will ever happen. Both are KNOWN to have CIA connections. Although we’d like to think our government is run by morons it is not. In fact, it is run by some very ingenious social scientists who know exactly how to shape public opinion and manipulate the American people like Play-Dooh. IMO this is nothing more than a ploy to get alternative news axed so that the official Party Line news (read CNN) can dominate and manipulate. And this DESPITE the FACT that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, MSNBC, et al all are guilty of reporting FAKE NEWS on NUMEROUS occasions LMAO.

      Brittius there is something afoot in this country. Something very sinister. America as we knew it is OVER and Donald Trump is NOT going to be our Savior just as Obama wasn’t our Savior. The Dems and the Reps no longer exist. We have a one party system now and it is Corporatist-Fascism (read Nazism) as far as I can tell.

      Eliminate the alternative news sites by first restricting them and then eliminating them since they’ve challenged the Party Line. Once that is done and the Party Line media (MSM) is back supreme American opinion can be easily manipulated and formed and once that is accomplished the sky is the limit for the elitist 1%.

      We have been FOOLED America, badly fooled!!

      • Let’s not walk up to the farmer’s door, knock and punch him in the face until we ask to use his car jack. The GOP already is up to their usual tricks, and returned pork into spending bills. Wait for the inauguration. Then, start calling out anything not up to par. I always said that modern politics, no matter who is involved, is like juggling a watermelon, a raw egg, and an open straight razor. But, if there was revolution, the aftermath would be millions of arguing people. A clean slate with someone unhappy on every degree.

  2. Ok buttttt…………there is a increasingly strong smell coming from the farm and I strongly suspect the farmer runs a pig farm LMAO.

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