Trumps Attack on MSM: Wise or Highly Unwise?

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Yesterday President-elect Donald Trump summoned anchors and execs from all of major MSM networks and gave them a tongue lashing they won’t soon forget. During that “meeting” (massacre is more like it) Trump called the gathered group liars and made numerous accusations against the networks telling them they all got it wrong. From the looks of photos appearing yesterday in the NY Post the media execs and anchors were anything but pleased with the incoming POTUS.

trump-wins_1Now, true, it is no secret that the MSM clearly took sides in the most recent election between Hillary Clinton and Trump. And, true, the MSM made a futile but powerful attempt to sway public opinion and votes in Clinton’s direction (think Social Engineering not journalism). So Trump is rightly angry over it all in my opinion BUT I question just how wise his tongue lashing session unleashed on the MSM execs yesterday inside the opulent Trump Tower in NYC was.

Clearly, Trump succeeded yesterday in alienating the MSM and as much as many of us detest them and their so-called “journalism/reporting” unleashing a severe tongue lashing on the heads of the MSM may turn out to be one of his first and WORST mistakes. Yes, they needed to hear what Trump said yesterday but by voicing his tirade against them he has alienated them. What that means is like hurt wolves they will be laying in wait somewhere down the road with bated breath just waiting for Trump to “screw up.” And when he does I have a very strong feeling the MSM is going to go after him like rapid dogs! When that happens We the Public will get a one-sided and prejudiced few via the angry and, let’s face truth here, often vindictive MSM. That could spell the end of Trump before the end of his 4 year term as POTUS.

No matter how much we hate them or detest them any leader in this nation needs at least some of the MSM on their side but Trump has now succeeded in turning the big networks against him AND he’s not even in office yet! I do not think that was a wise move and I also have concerns about Trumps level of anger control. Was yesterday a demonstration of that lack of anger control? Is there more to come in the future as he unleashes further tongue lashings against his “enemies” real or perceived? And what happens should he be unable to contain his anger and displeasure against a nation such as China or Russia? As President Obama said not long ago the office of President requires patience and self-control in large amounts. After yesterday’s demonstration I think it rather clear now that Trump does NOT have the measure of self-control or patience President Obama was referring to and THAT could be disastrous for the US both at home an abroad.

I think it might do Trump well to recall (realize) that he did NOT get the majority of the popular vote. In fact, after all votes counted Clinton ended up with almost 1.5 million more popular votes than Trump. Hillary Clinton won the people’s vote and that is not extremely apparent but Trump secured the electoral votes and in a repeat of the Bush-Gore election Trump emerged the “winner.” Of course, the Electoral College has not yet met to confirm Trumps election as they will be gathering next month and there is a SLIM possibility that the electors may rebel and cast there votes for Clinton, which would mean Trump is OUT before he even gets started, and Clinton would be in. As I said, however, it is a SLIM possibility.

Trump is going to have a very difficult time if his M.O. as POTUS is going to be one of alienating people and factions. The art of politics REQUIRES not only self-control and patience but also COMPROMISE. That means Trump can’t have everything his way or no way. I do not think Trump views things this way as he has had the view of having his cake and eating it too in his business dealings for decades now.

I think it VERY unwise what Trump did yesterday even though I DO agree someone needed to chastise the MSM which is out of control and is no longer practicing journalism but Social Engineering. I think he clearly alienated all of the major networks and even turned some of those who were willing to give him a chance and benefit of the doubt against him. That is NOT a wise move in my opinion. In fact, that is a rather foolish move. He may not like the MSM but he’s got to have some of them on his side otherwise they are going to capture the first opportunity (screw up) and crucify him in the media. The major networks are right now licking their wounds and deflated egos from yesterday but once they finish that and regain their resolve (and hugely inflated egos) they are going to ensure that Trump is put out of office long before the end of his 4 year term and put out of the office of POTUS “in disgrace.” Hide and watch!

I have heard people and politicians refer to the MSM as a “pit of venomous vipers” and SOME of them are but NOT all of them, indeed. When you’re in the wilds camped out near a snake pit and you decide to go down into that snake pit and stir up the snakes it doesn’t take long before the snakes are after you in your cozy camp. I think that is exactly what Trump accomplished yesterday. He stirred up the venomous snake pit and that, in my estimation, was EXTREMELY UNWISE. In fact, I think he’s sunk his presidency before he’s even gotten started!

I would say that the American people have made a mistake by putting Trump into office BUT the American people’s majority voted for Clinton not Trump. Further, Trump did NOT win by a landslide vote as was being predicted by some conservative media. In fact, he didn’t win at all in terms of the vote of the common people down on Main Street. Clinton did! So the American voters can’t be blamed for Trump being POTUS because the fault lays in the Electoral College which is an archaic body that should have been disposed of long ago as the modern age dawned.

I’m pretty sure Trump is a one-termer and I’m pretty sure the MSM is going to make certain of that now. I think we got a clear demonstration yesterday of the “style” of Trumps presidency and I find that “style” pretty alarming. The next 30 days or so should be rather interesting I think and the way he’s been going by the time his inauguration comes around in mid-January MOST Americans down on Main Street may be thinking, “Good God what have we done?”. But I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt as the man deserves at least a chance. My only hope is that our nation and our people emerge from that chance in relatively good order even though my gut tells me that isn’t going to happen. We shall see…………..


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