Dakota Showdown! Native Americans Resist…..again!!

Thousands have been gathered for the past few weeks in a makeshift camp along Highway 1806 near Standing Rock in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tensions have been building and now the US Army Corp of Engineers has notified the protesters that they must be gone by December 5. The Corp notified the tribe that anyone found in the protest area after that date will be deemed a trespasser and subjected to federal prosecution. The Corp says closure of the area is “necessary to protect the general public from violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement officials that have occurred in the area, and to prevent death, illness, and serious injury to inhabitants of the encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.” Say what? WTF?


Sounds like the Corp is preparing to send in the cavalry and clear the area one way or the other in the fashion of General Custer! Yet, they are trying to glaze their next move over by appearing to be “humanitarian” when, in fact, I’m sure they are NOT! In response Standing Rock tribal chairman Dave Archambault, Jr released a statement of his own saying the tribe is deeply disappointed by the Corps latest move BUT it does not change the tribe’s resolve to prevent the pipeline from being built north of reservation lands. He also said it was “unfortunate and ironic” that the Corp chose the very next day after Thanksgiving to issue its THREAT against encamped tribal members and supporters. Chairman Archambault also said in the statement that the Corps statement is “saddening” but “NOT at all surprising given the last 500 years of the treatment of our people!” He went on to say, “We have suffered much.” And indeed the Sioux have as have all other Native Americans under the Western Corporatist Jackboot!!

The Corp says they’ve set up a “free speech zone” nearby which is basically an absolute CROCK OF SHIT imo! Yeah you can go there and say anything you want and I guarantee you it will fall on completely DEAF EARS because the Fascist Corporatist behind the pipeline are going to build it no matter what! After all, they’re all about MONEY and could NOT care less about human lives ESPECIALLY NATIVE AMERICAN LIVES!!

Opponents of the pipeline have been protesting for months over the $3.8 billion dollar project. They say the pipeline could harm (poison) drinking water and will encroach on tribal Sacred Sites. Clashes between protesters and police have already taken place over the past few months and protesters have even been pepper sprayed by police.

The scope of tribal resistance to the pipeline is unprecedented exceeding almost all previous protests in Native American history in the US. But, Native Americans have been fighting the government for a long time now to protect their lands and THE LAND. In this current protest they’ve gained support from Code Pink and Black Lives Matter as well as support from environmentalists and several activists groups from around the country and world. They have also gained strong support from almost every other Native American tribe in the US.

Historically, this protest might be comparable to the 1800’s gathering in which over 10,000 Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho gathered and set up a huge encampment for the purposes of resisting the US Army’s attempt to move them in search of GOLD (read Money!). That camp was along the Little Bighorn River in Montana and in June of 1876 the Army attacked the camp resulting in the Battle of Little Bighorn. That attack was led by US Army General George Custer and it proved to be a total disaster for Custer and the US Army! The tribes won the battle and huge land rights as a result.

There was also the Wounded Knee protest back in 1973 in which protesters led by the American Indian Movement (AIM) gathered about 200 people and occupied the town of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. That site was also the site of a massacre back in 1890 in which US soldiers slaughtered hundreds of gathered Native Americans. AIM protesters turned Wounded Knee into an armed camp to protest corruption in tribal leadership and to draw public and global attention to the failure of the federal government to be honest and honor treaties. The fact is the failure of the US government to honor treaties and to respect Native Americans has been systematically LACKING for decades/centuries now!! In fact, for the past 150 years Native Americans have been fighting for their rights and humanity which is the same thing they are now fighting for at Standing Rock.

In fact for far to long now the powers that be have been ignoring the HUMAN RIGHTS of all Native Americans in this country!  We do not respect their faith, their land, or anything else and, frankly, it is because those powers that be see Native Americans as a conquered people!  The Fascists Corporatist running this country have respect for no one not even themselves, frankly.  All they respect is the almighty dollar and their motto is “Anything for profit and we mean ANYTHING!”.  And that is exactly what we are now seeing played out at Standing Rock.  It’s what we saw at Wounded Knee and it is what we saw at Little Bighorn.  Native Americans have no voice in our so-called “democracy.”  And they are NOT alone because for the most part NO ONE living down on Main Street has a voice anymore!  This is why people are angry!  This is why people in this country are divided!  This is why people in this country want CHANGE and it is NOT the “change” Donald Trump is about to hand us all either!  Trump is a Corporatist, clearly!  He doesn’t hear the Voice of the People.  He won’t hear the voice of Native America!  He says he wants to unite people well he can start with Native Americans or does he intend to offend and insult them too just as he did during his campaign against women, blacks, and a host of others?  Sorry but when you busy yourself with making irresponsible comments (attacks) against groups of people I DO NOT think your intention is to unite but to DIVIDE FURTHER!

I support the standoff at Standing Rock and I support Native America period!  These native people’s voices MUST begin to be heard and cannot be and must not be any longer ignored!  They are the First Americans and, in fact, they are the ONLY TRUE AMERICANS.  All of the rest of us, frankly, are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!  Think about it!





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