US Workers Take to Streets Over Wages!


uniteNow more than ever the American workers need to unite and fight against the ruthless predatory powers that be for a decent wage. For far too long American workers have been exploited and it is time to STAND UP. American workers have been little more than SERFS for the past 10 years and the GROSS LACK of action by that absolutely WORTHLESS body called “Congress” proves it beyond any shadow of doubt.

Fact is it is impossible to live on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour without also being on public assistance. All of our politicians claim they want to cut public assistance roles so why don’t they raise minimum wage so people can earn a descent living without being on such assistance? It’s because they are NOT serious about public assistance “reform” as it keeps the American worker in a state of servitude and that is exactly where the elites wish to keep us. SERFS!

The federal minimum wage today of $7.25 is worth LESS today than it was in 1968 when adjusted for inflation. That is absolutely ASTOUNDING! The federal minimum wage has not increased since 2009 and that is equally astounding considering the HUGE price increases we’ve seen over the past 6 years in terms of food, rent, gasoline, and all other costs of living.

Some states have taken it beyond themselves to raise state minimum wage to at least $12 per hour but that doesn’t happen until 2020 which is FOUR YEARS FROM NOW! Why is this state min wage not taking effect NOW? Again…..SERFDOM! Exploitation of the working poor! And this $12 per hour falls short of what many workers have been demanding which is $15 per hour.

Today America’s working poor took to the streets demanding a raise in federal minimum wage NOW and also for the RIGHT TO UNIONIZE which is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT!! Not allowing American workers to unionize is a direct violation of HUMAN RIGHTS and the elites need to be brought up on charges of Human Rights Crimes Against Humanity!!

I hear a lot of people advocating cutting public assistance drastically but I don’t hear these people offering any alternative such as raising minimum wage! And that included President-elect Donald Trump! It’s fine to shout about cutting public assistance but just what do you intend to do with people then? Send them out to live on the streets? There must be JOBS! And those JOBS must be capable of providing the worker with a LIVABLE WAGE.

The GROSS LACK of action by Congress to raise minimum wage is beyond deplorable but I notice over the past 6 years they’ve managed to pad their own pockets! And if you think Donald Trump is going to change all this think again. He’s a CORPORATIST! He’s all for big business and that is who he is going to help over the next 4 years and NOT the American working poor!

It’s time for the American working poor to DEMAND a livable wage! It’s time for the American workers to UNIONIZE and have a VOICE! It’s time to OPPOSE the elites who wish to keep us in SERFDOM! We are PEOPLE not property!! It’s time for American workers to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!!!



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