Russia Responds to Obama

No!  No!  I won't go!  This is my public housing home and they'll have to drag me out!  Why am I being forced out of the WH???

It strongly appears to me that Obama has chosen to exit the Presidency under a policy of “slash and burn” as it appears he’s doing everything he possibly can to make the start of the Trump presidency problematic. For one, his Secretary of State John Kerry has basically slapped Israel in the face as this administrations last gesture of the hatred it obviously has for the Jewish State. And should we expect anything different? Obama has his roots as a Muslim in Indonesia and even has a Muslim middle name “Hussein.” After his election back in 2008 his first speech was to Muslims from Egypt, remember that? Further, his administration has done everything they possibly can to destabilize the Middle East, in conjunction with Hillary Clinton when she was his Sec of State, and they’ve done an excellent job at that!

Obama has wrecked relations with Israel and several Mid Eastern nations and for the past month or so he’s been trying to wreck US relations with Russia. Thankfully the Russians have been pretty mellow and level-headed about the whole thing as I suspect Putin has pretty much figured Obama out. It is obvious to many that Putin has no respect for the metrosexual Obama and sees him as a weakling with no guts. And he’s absolutely correct IMO.

Sine Hillary Clinton lost the election last month the Obama administration has been working overtime pushing the “narrative” that Russia hacked into the election. This is a futile effort to get us to believe that Trump won due to the alleged Russian hack but there is NO PROOF as this is simply a “narrative.” Obama and the Democrats appear not to be accepting that Clinton and the Democrat message just didn’t connect with working America. Instead of looking at their message and making some corrections they have chosen instead to play the “blame game” and that is where Obama comes in. Obama is basically blaming Russia for Hillary’s loss! “Poor loser” does not even begin to describe Obama, Hillary, and the WRECKED Democratic Party Machine!

Russia said that Obama’s threatened sanction against Russia will get a Russian answer and Speaker Paul Ryan appears happy that Russia has finally chosen to respond to Obama and his CRAP of a smoke screen. Whatever Obama does, Trump can undo next month and I’m sure he will. In fact, I’m sure Trump will spend the first few days in office voiding any and all Executive Orders issued by Obama over the past 8 years! Continue reading


“Armed ISIS Soldier” walks across German border with NO PROBLEM!

In order to demonstrate to the world the JOKE currently playing out in Germany and Denmark with their “open borders” PC bullshit Danish citizen “Vlad Tapes” dressed up as an ISIS soldier, strapped on a fake gun, and took in hand an ISIS flag. He then marched to the German-Danish border and surprisingly (not) walked right across the border without being stopped, questioned, or gunned down! I see the so called “war on terrorism” in Germany and Denmark are going “well” LMAO!

Vlad Tapes then posted a video of this on YouTube to show to the world what a JOKE Europe has actually become. He then asks if you feel safe. I don’t live in Europe but if I did after seeing this video I would not feel safe and, in fact, I’d be OUTRAGED!

So there is an OBVIOUS lack of any real security on the German-Danish border and along other European borders as well. Obviously, the PC riddled Europeans don’t really take the ISIS threat seriously and as is apparent it is now costing them their own lives as witnessed by the most recent MUSLIM TERRORIST attack in Germany in which a huge truck was used to mow down Xmas shoppers. So I must ask, “What in the hell is wrong with the Europeans?”. Oh wait I know the answer……..All of the decades of being PC and all of the multiculturalism BULLSHIT has made their common sense and minds numb to the point to where they don’t realize the DANGER of Muslim extremists/terrorists! Thank God I don’t live in Europe! Of course, things (borders) are not better in the US either as there are MANY places you can walk across the border from Mexico into the US with no problem. In fact, some of those places are only marked by a broken down barbed wire fence!


See the video at:

Prince Charlie Has Something to Say……

Bonnie Prince Charlie (as I like to call him) has something to say to the world and he said it on BBC Radio today. Of course I’m talking about Prince Charles of Wales and the heir to the British throne. I think this guy lives in a cave most of the time, frankly, and I know he mumbles to himself frequently so it amazes me that he actually has something to say!

Using the BBC Radio format Prince Charles issued a stark warning to the world against what he views as the rise of populism comparing it to the “dark days” of the 1930s. Charles expressed his great concerns over what he believes is religious intolerance and hatred and pleaded for the world’s nations (read Western Nations) to welcome people fleeing persecution in their own homelands. He went on to say that whichever faith we follow the “destination is the same, to value and respect the other person.”

Charles noted that the Western world is now seeing a rise of many populist groups that are “increasingly aggressive to those who adhere to a minority faith.” He said he finds this disturbing and echoes of the dark days of the 1930s (pre-WW2). Charles went on to note that his parent’s generation “fought and died in battle against intolerance, monstrous extremism, and inhuman attempts to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe.” Of course, this is a reference to Hitler’s rise in Germany and the subsequent extermination of Jews in the Nazi concentration camps.

Charles did not specifically name any world political figures or parties but his rather outspoken address on BBC Radio was obviously a veiled reference to US President-elect Donald Trump and the rise of far right movements in Europe. He noted that his comments on refugees fleeing persecution in their homelands not only applied to Christians but also to other religions such as Muslims, Baha’i, Jews, etc. Charles also added that here we are nearly 70 years later after WW2 and we still see evil persecution in the world saying this if “beyond all belief.” “We owe it to those who suffered and died so horribly not to repeat the horrors of the past,” he concluded.

Well let’s see, Bonnie Prince Charlie………………….

First of all in case you haven’t noticed the “refugee” which I call an INVASION thingy in Europe is NOT working out so well! Take the latest slaughter of Germans in Germany by a radical MUSLIM extremist who was one of those refugees you speak of. This religious lunatic used a truck to ram into a market and killed and injured innocent people. It’s one thing to give people refuge but it’s quite another when they are THANKLESS for that refuge and seek to kill you! Do I need to mention the RAPES of German, Swedish, and other European women by these “refugees”? It doesn’t seem to me that these Muslim refugees in Europe are respecting other people or other religions. In fact, the sooner Europe sends them back to where they came from the BETTER! These people come to the West as “refugees” yet do absolutely nothing to assimilate into Western civilization. Instead they act as if we are suppose to assimilate to their Muslim and Mid Eastern culture! Sorry but they’ve got it ass backwards IMO, Prince. Continue reading

“Rip in Earth” CONFIRMED: May Spell Doomsday!

Before you panic and pack up the old lady and babies to head to the hills you must first know that what scientists have discovered has been known for the past 90 years! So don’t head to that survival shelter just yet. 🙂

In the Pacific “Ring of Fire” there is a tear or rip that is approximately 60,000 square kilometers (23.2 sq miles) in size. It has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to be very real, indeed. The rip is just north of Australia and it is a matter of concern because it exists within the Pacific “Rim of Fire” which is the most active fault line on the planet not to mention the many volcanoes that exist along the rim. The Ring of Fire basically extends around the Pacific coastline from New Zealand to Asia to Canada and down to the US west coast and South America.


Every year there are significant volcanic eruptions and earthquakes along this grand fault line and in many cases the earthquakes are very deadly such as those we’ve seen in just the past few months in Japan, Peru, and New Zealand. Scientists fear that some really huge quakes (mega-quakes) may be on the horizon. The rip or tear is actually an exposed fault and although it has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to really exist scientists do not know how it got there.

The rip is known as the Banda Detachment and it is believed to have formed as the result of one tectonic plate sliding under another resulting in the Earth’s crust sinking into the mantle. The plate is now in a position where a sudden slip could lead to some of the largest earthquakes in history and, thus, cause mega-tsunamis that could cause disaster in ways we’ve never seen before.

Australian National University researcher Jonathan Powhall and his team have now found a 7 km (2.7 mile) deep abyss beneath the Banda Sea off the coast of eastern Indonesia and it may well be the plant’s largest exposed fault plane. This is in a region that already has an extreme tsunami risk. The results of a quick slip of the tectonic plate would be nothing short of disastrous.

This brought to my mind something archaeologist Jonathan Gray has said. That is, there are ancient stories about how the earth’s crust “ripped apart” causing global disaster long ago! Gray documents these ancient stories in several of his publications including “Dead Man’s Secrets” and “The Killing of Paradise Planet.”

Gray says these ancient stories speak of a time when everything in prehistoric human life changed within 24 hours! Gray also cites physical evidence around the world to prove this global disaster actually happened in our prehistory. The Banda Detachment may well be the “smoking gun” and the disaster may repeat itself anytime.

Ironically, when it comes to human prehistory we know our past BUT when it comes to human PREHISTORY we know very little as written records were not kept and most of human history was passed down orally from generation to generation. Human prehistory runs from the believed appearance of modern man (Homo sapiens) about 200,000 years ago to the invention of writing about 5,500 years ago (estimates vary). So basically anything before 5.5 thousand years ago is considered as “prehistory” and anything after that time is considered “history.”

Now…..I don’t know about you but I’m packing my survival shit just in case I have to go on a moments notice!  And btw whoever you homesteaders are who’ve invaded my bunker I’m coming to evict you!  Get the hell out!!!  Each man for himself!!!  Women and children last!!


References: (Dr Jonathan Gray’s website)

EXPOSED: 30,000 Slaughtered by Iran Regime!!

Back in July of 1988 the Iranian regime and its ruling Ayatollahs slaughtered 30,000 “political prisoners” and then attempted to cover it up out of fear of global outrage.  At least one of the Ayatollahs on the “Death Committee” objected to the mass killings but they were carried out anyway.  Now an audio recording of that objection has surfaced as the world learns of just one more atrocity carried out by the Killer Ayatollahs that rule Iran still today! And btw those clerics serving on the death committee that ordered the slaughter of these 30,000 people are STILL serving on that committee today!  NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN IRAN!  The regime is still the murdering lunatic extremist bunch of thugs that it’s always been!!  And Obama cut a deal with them?  Iran is on the verge of gaining nukes?  This regime needs to be taken out!  Instead of concerning themselves with the recent election perhaps the CIA needs to do what they so graciously done before and foster a mass revolution inside Iran against these lunatic killer Ayatollahs!

Hear the audio for yourself at:

The Iranian people are being terrorized and persecuted by their own extremist government and they don’t deserve it! It’s time for Iranians to stand up and fight back and it’s time for the civilized world to stand up and SPEAK OUT against the killer regime in Iran instead of placating and trying to appease them!  Neither works with the insane and that is EXACTLY what the Ayatollah’s are.  INSANE!!


Radical Muslim Cleric Banned in Pakistan Welcomed in UK! WTF?

You just can’t help but wonder what in the hell is going through the minds of Europe’s leaders much of the time. The flood of Mid Eastern refugees they’ve allowed into their country has NOT turned out well at all especially for Merkel and Germany! Now comes news of one Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadi who is a radical Islamic Imam whose radical preaching got him kicked out of Pakistan. But, not to worry because the UK welcomed him apparently with open arms! Now just why in the hell would the Brits welcome such a Muslim radical?

Qadi has now been booted from a mosque in Scotland where he was scheduled to deliver one of his radical sermons this week. Public outcry ensued and the Sunday Post published and expose on him revealing his radical views. That’s when leaders at the Falkirk Central Mosque in Scotland decided to dump him and thanked the Sunday Post for alerting them about the Imam’s extremist views. They didn’t know? Somehow I find that rather hard to swallow! I’m expected to believe that they invited this Imam to speak at their mosque and they had no clue about his extremist views? Don’t they vet speakers or can just anyone and everyone speak at that mosque? Continue reading

Persecution of Christians Totally Inconsistent With Islamic Teachings — Dr. Craig Considine

Prophet Muhammad’s Last Sermon, as I wrote on Monday, has key lessons for our time. In the Sermon the Prophet of Islam provides an anti-racist stance that echoes Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech. Muhammad, like King, left humanity with a message of peace and goodwill. While history bears witness that Islamic […]

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