Sea Ice Extent Nearly Same as 100 Years Ago!

There is absolutely no question that the global climate is changing and for that matter climate is ALWAYS CHANGING as it never stays stagnant. Sometimes climate changes in small even subtle ways and other times climate changes in somewhat dramatic ways. But the point is climate is always changing.

Thus is the case with the sea ice in Antarctica and what a new study has discovered is that the extend of the sea ice there has changed very little over the course of the past 100 years. Man-made global warming is NOT drastically reducing the sea ice as some would like to have us believe. However, in my opinion there is indeed man-made global warming contributors and we all need to do our part to reduce greenhouse gases and emissions as I firmly believe humankind has a sacred obligation to be STEWARDS not pillagers of our planet (nature). Truth is we DO do things that are bad not only for the planet’s environments but for ourselves and we need to curb these toxic practices as best we can and within reason.

That said, the new study conducted an analysis over the past 100 years data from previous Antarctic expeditions and what they found is that when they superimposed past shipping expedition routes in Antarctica over current routes there has been little significant change over those 100 years. Researchers also reviewed the log books of polar explorers such as Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton from their expeditions between 1901-1904 and 1907-1909. What they discovered in those comparisons is that the assertion that sea ice has declined after the 1950’s in the region due to man-caused global warming CANNOT be supported.

In fact, changes in sea ice are NORMAL and are part of a NATURAL CYCLE and are NOT the result of massive man-made global warming! In fact, over the past 30 years Antarctic sea ice has actually increased slightly and we know this from satellite observations over the continent. This according to Dr Jonathan Day a meteorology professor who was part of the study. He said, “…these new findings suggest it may not be anything new.”

Additionally, our Sun is now reaching its lowest activity level not seen since 2011 and there is growing speculation among some scientists that what is happening is NOT global warming but the possibility that we may be entering into a mini ice age. In fact, we ARE ALREADY IN AN ICE AGE and have been for a long while now. Since around 12,000 years ago when recorded history began (anything prior to that is deemed pre-history) our planet has been in a warming period and judging from what we know about such periods in the past we are assured that the ice will return. BTW some of those past warming periods have seen temps HIGHER than what we see today by far!

When it comes to the Sun the longest solar minimum that we know of lasted for about 70 years. That is known as the Maunder Minimum which was between 1645-1715. During that period the Thames River in London froze over and “frost fairs” became rather popular there as Europe was thrown into what is known as the “Little Ice Age.” Normally, ice-free rivers throughout Europe froze over and snow fields remained year around at lower altitudes. We may be heading into a repeat of the Mini Ice Age OR we may be heading into something much, much bigger. In fact, we may be headed into the end era of this warming period we have been living in!

Fudging the data and changing temps to appear to be a few degrees higher as NASA and some scientists have and ARE doing is not going to change the growing apparent reality! A lot of the global warming hype is geared towards MONEY in the form of carbon taxes all scheduled to go to that HIGHLY CORRUPT body known as the United Nations! In fact, their own scientists have been uncovered red-handed outright LYING about climate data if you recall not so long ago! Here’s what gets me, however, and what concerns me MOST. The global warming advocates have been preparing us for global warming but what happens if we get global cooling (ICE AGE) instead? How many people will die of hypothermia and starvation? Billions!

As I said, climate change is a reality and there is absolutely no doubt that our planet’s climate IS changing. Question is just what is it changing to? Warming or massive cooling? If we are going to tackle climate change in an intelligent and logical way void of the hype then we need to tackle the problem with level headedness and common sense. We need to look at past data such as this new study did and compare it to the present and draw our hypotheses from such. Politicizing climate change as we have done is HIGHLY liable to put humanity on the verge of mass extinction by a failure to prepare us for what is REALLY coming.

Ice core and sea core samples have shown repeatedly that ever so often something happens on this planet that is INSTANT and FATAL! We don’t know what exactly it is but we do know we find animals and trees under the ice that appear to have been flash frozen. We need to take a lesson from that and prepare instead of stroking all the hype motivated by BIG MONEY.

Finally, whatever the case, warming or cooling, we each have a responsibility to be stewards of our planet and it’s environment. For far too long we have viewed ourselves as dominators and this has resulted in the pillaging of our environments all so we can gain mega profits! We DO need to cut our production of dangerous gases that are indeed man-made toxins! We DO need to clean up our environments on land and sea and in the atmosphere. We DO need to not only look for safer ways of doing things that are less harmful to the environment and we DO need to COEXIST with our environment! We may not be able to stop climate change, and likely we won’t, BUT we will enjoy a less toxic planet! It’s time to cast out the politics in the issue of climate change and start applying some common sense and REAL SCIENCE!!




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