Dethrone of the MSM

The MSM has been riding high for the past 8 years since the election of Barack Obama back in 2008. What they’ve failed to realize is that Obama and his administration played them for the past 8 years pretty much like a fiddle. He took them and molded them into something akin to the old Soviet Pravda, in fact! But, that is soon to change vastly and, in fact, it is already changing with the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House.

detronedOf course you’ve heard about the new debate over “fake news” and the MSM is now grasping at straws as they want censorship of alternative news sites claiming these sites regularly put out “fake news.” However a quick fact check reveals that it is apparently the MSM that puts out MOST of the FAKE news and NOT the alternative media! Case in point, the biggest FAKE NEWS put out by the MSM was that Donald Trump had no possibility at all of winning the White House. And then when he did win no one was more surprised than the MSM apparently. In fact, they’re still gasping over his win! SHOCK! The American people didn’t follow the American MSM Pravda party line or talking points! That put a real burr in the asses of the MSM no doubt.

In a futile attempt to remain on the throne that Obama put them on 8 years ago the MSM is now searching desperately for ways to salvage themselves. Radical solutions are now being called for as public trust in the MSM hits a record LOW. Case in point, a Yahoo columnist thinks he has a sure fired way to keep the MSM on their little thrones. His suggestion? Indoctrinate children in school so that they ONLY place their confidence if the MSM and not alternative media sites! Hopefully, President Trump will do something about the education system that really doesn’t educate our children anymore but indoctrinate them with Lie-beral lies very well it seems!

Yahoo columnist Matt Bal came up with this idea saying that our children need to be “taught” how to “consume” news and Obama himself echoed that same thinking yesterday during an interview. Bal wants to have “media literacy” in our schools that would teach our children to discern “trustworthy” sources of news and information. In other words, what this idea is comes right out of the old Soviet playbook in which Soviet children were “taught” (read indoctrinated and brainwashed) to “discern” information and news. In fact, they were taught to not believe anything that didn’t come out of Pravda and other “official” Soviet media! Seems Bal has missed the point completely, however. How about the MSM returning to JOURNALISM instead of the attempts at social engineering they’ve been engaging in for the past 8 plus years? How about a return to being reporters instead of overly opinionated commentators? And as for public education how about returning to EDUCATION instead of continuing the gross brainwashing and indoctrination that has been happening in our schools and universities for far too long now? How about teaching our kids SKILLS that will get them JOBS and careers? And how about teaching them how to read, do mathematics, and how to write the English language? Now there’s a novel idea, no?

The MSM at present is beside itself over the latest move by President-elect Trump for having phone conversations with various world leaders including the President of Taiwan saying that Trump is risking the “wrath of China.” F— CHINA!! Since when does the fortress of FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY cater to a bunch of COMMUNISTS who have a consistent and undeniable record of human rights abuses? Oh wait, that started 8 years ago with the coming of the “savior” Obama too! FACT is Trump is the President-elect of the USA and he can damn well talk to whomever he wants whether the MSM likes it or approves of it or not so GET USED TO IT!

In yet another demonstration of FAKE NEWS Politico says Obama created an “economic boom” that the lucky Trump will inherit LMAO! WTF? What Obama has created is an economy that is in shambles! Unemployment has hit all time highs under his watch and the Obama Administration’s idea of “good paying jobs” seems to be McDonald’s. WTF? Sorry but McDonald’s does NOT offer good paying jobs period! What Trump will inherit is Obama’s created RECESSION with over 95 million Americans OUT of the workforce! And he’ll also inherit the $20 trillion-dollar debt Obama created! In short, Trump is inheriting a complete DISASTER when it come to the US economy!

As if this were not enough Trump is also inheriting a US military that has been deballed by the Obama Administration and a “foreign policy” (or lack thereof) that has destabilized the Middle East in ways that we couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago! Trump is going to be the “clean up boy” thanks to 8 years of Obama.

When dealing with over inflated egos it is hard when one begins to realize that their stint on the throne is endangered. It’s a real blow to the big egos! Not to mention that come January 20th the MSM will likely NOT get their “talking points” memo (read Official Party Line Propaganda) and the MSM just might have to resort back to JOURNALISM and INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING God forbid! They thought they had the American people well indoctrinated but last month they got the surprise of their lives and discovered We The People are NOT buying their social engineering BULLSHIT! Now that right there just smacks all those big egos right off their thrones doesn’t it? Sure does!

Frankly, I’m glad to see the dethroning of the MSM beginning.  For too long now the MSM has assumed that the American people and voter is dumber than a doorknob and over the course of the past 8 years they’ve consistently demoralized the American people on Main Street.  They’ve consistently attempted to manipulate us in the past 8 years plus and they’ve done everything they possibly could to divide us and make us hate each other.  Further, they’ve turned the relationship between us and our police into an adversarial relationship that has resulted in a number of lives being lost on BOTH sides!  Of course, during the whole time they’ve claimed that they are “fair and balanced” but the FACT is they’ve been anything BUT fair and balanced over the past 8 years!  We The People are not as stupid as the MSM thinks and btw we DON’T need our schools teaching our children how to “discern” information and news as we do a fine job of that already AT HOME!  I can hardly wait for Trump to confront the MSM as he promised he would during his campaign.  I can hardly wait for him to tell the MSM to pack their shit and get the hell out!  Now that is really going to deflate their overblown egos isn’t it?  LMAO 🙂



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