Victory at Standing Rock…..sorta

uniteThe Secretary of the Army Corp of Engineers announced today that the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline will be DENIED. The corp said that the best alternative is to explore other routes for the pipeline at this point. Cheers erupted within the makeshift camp of protesters and veterans who have been gathered for months now in North Dakota opposing the pipeline route which would have run within 1/2 mile of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and crossed under the Missouri River. Protesters say the pipeline would have adverse effects on drinking water and sacred sites in the area.

Tomorrow is the deadline given by the US Government for protesters to abandon their makeshift camp due to, alleged, worries about plunging temps and snow in the area. As far as we know that deadline is still scheduled to take effect tomorrow.

President Obama has repeatedly asked the Energy Transfer Partners company who is behind the pipeline project to stop construction but those requests have been ignored. Spokesmen with the company said last month that they were 100% sure that the pipeline will be approved by the incoming Trump Administration regardless of what the US Army Corp of Engineers says to the contrary!

Senator Bernie Sanders praised today’s move saying he was thankful the project has listened to Native American concerns and others who oppose the pipeline.

For now the indigenous peoples of North Dakota are victorious but we’ll see what happens when the Trump Administration takes over the reigns of power come January 20. One thing is certain and that is that the protesters WILL be back if today’s victory is short-lived!




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