Is Trump setting up a Fascist Corporatist 4th Reich?

commentary by Monomakh —

I have patiently sat by since the election last month of Donald Trump as President-elect but I can no longer sit by because I’m seeing a lot of “red flags.” I’m referring to his staff and cabinet appointments thus far and what I’m seeing is a disturbing pattern. I see Trump naming all billionaires and people without any experience in diplomacy or politics excluding his appointment of General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to head the Department of Defense. I exclude Gen Mattis because this man clearly has some excellent military experience and he’s got balls and frankly I think any military needs to have balls! Obama has deballed our military for the past 8 years and tied their hands via his “Rules of Engagement” so they cannot perform their function effectively.
hitler-trumpI hear today that Trump is considering naming the CEO of ExxonMobile as his Secretary of State. Again, this is a man with no diplomatic or government experience but is a billionaire as is Trump, the richest man in America. In my opinion NOTHING qualifies this CEO to be Secretary of State. Is this Trump’s idea of “draining the swamp?” Appointing inexperienced billionaires to high level positions? I do NOT think that wise at all.

I see another trend in Trump as well and it almost appears to be that he’s setting up some kind of military JUNTA! As he sets up his staff and cabinet many of the top positions are being filled with generals by Trump! General Mattis will head the Department of Defense which I understand. But he’s named retired Marine General John Kelly as Homeland Security Secretary and he’s also named Army Lt. General Michael Flynn, who is also retired, to serve as his National Security Adviser.

It’s been suggested that Trump is naming so many generals in his administration because public confidence in government is at an all time low but public support for the military remains high. Trump is also still considering General David Petraeus for a position on his staff as well as Admiral Michael Rogers for Director of National Intelligence and Mike Pompeo, who is a West Point grad and served as an Army officer during the Cold War, as his CIA Director.

When it comes to Secretary of State we’ve seen General Colin Powell and General Alexander Haig serve in that position in the past. We’ve also had General Dwight D. Eisenhower serves as POTUS. It’s not like generals have not served in our government but the numbers Trump is appointing are somewhat alarming in my opinion. It appears to me that Trump already has a over reliance on military figures and he seems not to understand that great generals do not always make great government leaders. Further, if Trump appoints generals (serving or retired) in great numbers there is a high risk of those generals undermining Trump. But, it also threatens to undermine what has traditionally been civilian control of most cabinet and staff positions.

So my concern is between Trumps picking of the generals and billionaires I’m seeing “red flags.” Those red flags are coming from something Benito Mussolini, the Fascist dictator is Italy, said during WW2. When asked to define Fascism, Mussolini defined it as being the marriage of state and the corporation. He later called this Corporatism and said Corporatism is Fascism! And also running through my head in light of Trumps appointments is the warning given to us by President Eisenhower in his last public presidential address. In that final address he warned Americans about the growing Military-Industrial Complex which today we might call the growing Military-Corporate-Banking Complex. Same thing! Same players! And those players are Fascist Corporatist and that is what I see Trump naming to his administration. Thus, the “red flags.” Sorry to say but the Trump Administration is starting to look a lot like a MILITARY JUNTA to me.

I’m also seeing something else rather alarming when it comes to Trump and that is the unwavering support he’s gotten from KKK and Neo-Nazi White Supremacist groups! Yes, Trump has rejected their support BUT they continue to support him and the reason why is because many of his ideas are IDENTICAL to what these groups believe and I find that (those ideas) HIGHLY ALARMING!

In a way I see history repeating itself in terms of Hitler’s rise to power in broken Germany. Germany was a mess politically and economically prior to Hitler’s election as Chancellor. Keep in mind Hitler was lawfully and duly ELECTED as Germany’s Chancellor at the time. Hitler told the German voters all the right things they wanted to hear and they believed him so they voted for him and he became Chancellor. Once he purged those in the German government not loyal to him he began naming Corporatist Fascists to high level posts in his Nazi Reich. Trump, frankly, is doing the same thing from what I can see. We all know the outcome of the Hitler government and I must ask if what Trump is doing wise?

Hitler had to find a group as a scapegoat and use them to blame all of Germany’s economic woes upon. He found that scapegoat in the Jews! Is Trump also going to find a scapegoat? Is that scapegoat to be the illegal Hispanic immigrants in the US? Frankly, I fear so.

I’ve been giving Trump the benefit of the doubt and will continue to do so for a bit longer. But, his appointments are beginning to concern me. He’s appointing generals and he’s appointing Corporatist billionaires with absolutely no experience whatsoever in government or diplomacy. That COULD BE a dangerous concoction both for Trump and for our nation! One thing is becoming VERY CLEAR to me right now, however, and that is that the 1% are being given all of the top power positions in the Trump government. I assume that means all of us in the 99% will pay the price…….once again!


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