EXPOSED: 30,000 Slaughtered by Iran Regime!!

Back in July of 1988 the Iranian regime and its ruling Ayatollahs slaughtered 30,000 “political prisoners” and then attempted to cover it up out of fear of global outrage.  At least one of the Ayatollahs on the “Death Committee” objected to the mass killings but they were carried out anyway.  Now an audio recording of that objection has surfaced as the world learns of just one more atrocity carried out by the Killer Ayatollahs that rule Iran still today! And btw those clerics serving on the death committee that ordered the slaughter of these 30,000 people are STILL serving on that committee today!  NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN IRAN!  The regime is still the murdering lunatic extremist bunch of thugs that it’s always been!!  And Obama cut a deal with them?  Iran is on the verge of gaining nukes?  This regime needs to be taken out!  Instead of concerning themselves with the recent election perhaps the CIA needs to do what they so graciously done before and foster a mass revolution inside Iran against these lunatic killer Ayatollahs!

Hear the audio for yourself at:

The Iranian people are being terrorized and persecuted by their own extremist government and they don’t deserve it! It’s time for Iranians to stand up and fight back and it’s time for the civilized world to stand up and SPEAK OUT against the killer regime in Iran instead of placating and trying to appease them!  Neither works with the insane and that is EXACTLY what the Ayatollah’s are.  INSANE!!



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