Radical Muslim Cleric Banned in Pakistan Welcomed in UK! WTF?

You just can’t help but wonder what in the hell is going through the minds of Europe’s leaders much of the time. The flood of Mid Eastern refugees they’ve allowed into their country has NOT turned out well at all especially for Merkel and Germany! Now comes news of one Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadi who is a radical Islamic Imam whose radical preaching got him kicked out of Pakistan. But, not to worry because the UK welcomed him apparently with open arms! Now just why in the hell would the Brits welcome such a Muslim radical?

Qadi has now been booted from a mosque in Scotland where he was scheduled to deliver one of his radical sermons this week. Public outcry ensued and the Sunday Post published and expose on him revealing his radical views. That’s when leaders at the Falkirk Central Mosque in Scotland decided to dump him and thanked the Sunday Post for alerting them about the Imam’s extremist views. They didn’t know? Somehow I find that rather hard to swallow! I’m expected to believe that they invited this Imam to speak at their mosque and they had no clue about his extremist views? Don’t they vet speakers or can just anyone and everyone speak at that mosque?

Leaders at the mosque did issue an apology for having scheduled the radical Imam to speak and said they are reviewing their procedures concerning external bookings of speakers to ensure this kind of incident never happens again. Meanwhile, Pakistan says the Imam is a “firebrand” and was barred by officials in Karrachi from preaching at all. Further, Pakastani officials revealed Qadri is an avid supporter of Mumtaz Qadri who killed an employee by the name of Salman Taseer who was a popular politician in Pakistan known for speaking out against the nation’s blasphemy laws. Qadri was subsequently executed for the murder and his supporters rioted thereafter.

Of course the BIG question is just why Qadri was even allowed into the UK to begin with! So much for the alleged “war on terrorism” I guess. Ironically, the Home Office refused to allow 3 prominent Christian archbishops into the country to attend an event inaugurating a new and the first Syriac Orthodox Cathedral in the UK. All 3 archbishops were from the Mid East. In defense of its decision the Home Office says they feared the archbishops might not leave the UK once the ceremony was over and that the archbishops may not have had enough money to support themselves if they were allowed to remain in the UK. LMAO what an ABSOLUTE LOAD OF SHIT!! So let me get this straight……they refused to allow 3 CHRISTIAN archbishops into the country but they welcomed a RADICAL MUSLIM EXTREMIST? What in the hell is wrong with these people? Have they not figured out that Europe’s “multiculturalism” is NOT WORKING? Did they not fear that this radical Imam might inflame Muslims living in the UK and motivate them to engage in terrorist acts?

But apparently Qadri is not the only radical Muslim cleric allowed into the UK as back in July the Home Office allowed not one but TWO more extremist Imams into the country with no problem! And those two just happened to be supporters of Qadri as well! In fact, these two radicals were allowed to remain in the UK for no less that 7 weeks preaching their extremist message across the nation! One of them was even welcomed by the Archbishop of Canterbury no less!!!

UK Prime Minister Theresa May was formerly head of the Home Office and under her watch she banned controversial anti-Jihad activists such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Gellar from entering the country. May also banned at least ONE radical Muslim cleric named Zakir Naik. LOL and how many did she approve?

These radical Imams preach anti-West and anti-Christian messages. They preach terrorism (Jihad) and the killing of innocents! They inflame people to commit terrorist acts! What is the UK Home Office thinking? Are they thinking? Apparently NOT!




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