“Armed ISIS Soldier” walks across German border with NO PROBLEM!

In order to demonstrate to the world the JOKE currently playing out in Germany and Denmark with their “open borders” PC bullshit Danish citizen “Vlad Tapes” dressed up as an ISIS soldier, strapped on a fake gun, and took in hand an ISIS flag. He then marched to the German-Danish border and surprisingly (not) walked right across the border without being stopped, questioned, or gunned down! I see the so called “war on terrorism” in Germany and Denmark are going “well” LMAO!

Vlad Tapes then posted a video of this on YouTube to show to the world what a JOKE Europe has actually become. He then asks if you feel safe. I don’t live in Europe but if I did after seeing this video I would not feel safe and, in fact, I’d be OUTRAGED!

So there is an OBVIOUS lack of any real security on the German-Danish border and along other European borders as well. Obviously, the PC riddled Europeans don’t really take the ISIS threat seriously and as is apparent it is now costing them their own lives as witnessed by the most recent MUSLIM TERRORIST attack in Germany in which a huge truck was used to mow down Xmas shoppers. So I must ask, “What in the hell is wrong with the Europeans?”. Oh wait I know the answer……..All of the decades of being PC and all of the multiculturalism BULLSHIT has made their common sense and minds numb to the point to where they don’t realize the DANGER of Muslim extremists/terrorists! Thank God I don’t live in Europe! Of course, things (borders) are not better in the US either as there are MANY places you can walk across the border from Mexico into the US with no problem. In fact, some of those places are only marked by a broken down barbed wire fence!


See the video at:



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