Russia Responds to Obama

No!  No!  I won't go!  This is my public housing home and they'll have to drag me out!  Why am I being forced out of the WH???

It strongly appears to me that Obama has chosen to exit the Presidency under a policy of “slash and burn” as it appears he’s doing everything he possibly can to make the start of the Trump presidency problematic. For one, his Secretary of State John Kerry has basically slapped Israel in the face as this administrations last gesture of the hatred it obviously has for the Jewish State. And should we expect anything different? Obama has his roots as a Muslim in Indonesia and even has a Muslim middle name “Hussein.” After his election back in 2008 his first speech was to Muslims from Egypt, remember that? Further, his administration has done everything they possibly can to destabilize the Middle East, in conjunction with Hillary Clinton when she was his Sec of State, and they’ve done an excellent job at that!

Obama has wrecked relations with Israel and several Mid Eastern nations and for the past month or so he’s been trying to wreck US relations with Russia. Thankfully the Russians have been pretty mellow and level-headed about the whole thing as I suspect Putin has pretty much figured Obama out. It is obvious to many that Putin has no respect for the metrosexual Obama and sees him as a weakling with no guts. And he’s absolutely correct IMO.

Sine Hillary Clinton lost the election last month the Obama administration has been working overtime pushing the “narrative” that Russia hacked into the election. This is a futile effort to get us to believe that Trump won due to the alleged Russian hack but there is NO PROOF as this is simply a “narrative.” Obama and the Democrats appear not to be accepting that Clinton and the Democrat message just didn’t connect with working America. Instead of looking at their message and making some corrections they have chosen instead to play the “blame game” and that is where Obama comes in. Obama is basically blaming Russia for Hillary’s loss! “Poor loser” does not even begin to describe Obama, Hillary, and the WRECKED Democratic Party Machine!

Russia said that Obama’s threatened sanction against Russia will get a Russian answer and Speaker Paul Ryan appears happy that Russia has finally chosen to respond to Obama and his CRAP of a smoke screen. Whatever Obama does, Trump can undo next month and I’m sure he will. In fact, I’m sure Trump will spend the first few days in office voiding any and all Executive Orders issued by Obama over the past 8 years!

Obama appears to be trying his best to set the world on fire before Trump takes over in mid-January. This is not the behavior of a true statesman as Obama likes to portray himself as being. This is, in fact, the behavior of a vindictive and bitter amateur! A man of dishonor! And, in short, that is exactly what Obama is. A man of dishonor.

Barack Obama hasn’t done one damned thing for Black Americans in the past 8 years of his presidency. He’s left them on the “plantation” while he himself has moved into and taken over the mansion! Here is the first Black American POTUS in history who HAD the opportunity to really do something to help Black America and instead he chose to do nothing for the past 8 years except give Black Americans lip service! He claimed he would unify America back in 2008 but after 8 years in office what this president has actually done is caused more DIVISION than perhaps any president before him! He has outright lied, repeatedly, to the American people and wrecked the economy in ways we don’t even know yet. He’s signed oppressive legislation into law during the midst of the night and he’s found every backdoor he can to ram his desires down our throats even when we’ve told him we do NOT want what he wants. He’s destroyed our military and he’s destroyed our International relations. In short, Barack Hussein Obama has done everything he can to trash, divide, and wreck America! And now he’s attempting to trash our relationship with Russia.

Thankfully, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is not an idiot nor is he one that reacts emotionally off-the-cuff. I’m absolutely positive Putin sees Obama for what he is and for what he is NOT. He knows Obama is a lame duck president and he knows Obama is not engaged in his last gasp as POTUS. He also knows that come January 20 cooler and more logical head will prevail. I’m sure Putin will not miss Obama nor will most other world leaders.



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