Whiners Give it a Rest!

I thing I really hate is people who whine! And it seems that America is full of people who like to whine! Here’s a news flash for all of you whiners out there. FACT is Donald Trump won the electoral vote and is soon to be POTUS. And the FACT is Hillary Clinton LOST the electoral votes so she’s not going to be POTUS! That’s the way our system of government works in this country and if you don’t like it then instead of whining how about working to change that system (ie: eliminating the Electoral College).

In the days when Americans still had some element of common sense and self respect everyone got behind the candidate who won even if they didn’t vote for them. That’s how America stood united, mostly. We didn’t run to and fro like 30-something year old babes in diapers whining because our candidate didn’t win!

America has “revolutions” in the ballot box not in the streets. That’s why we don’t see the wholesale human slaughter we see so often in other countries when political turmoil arises. Now for all of you “revolutionaries” out there I just bet if there were a revolution in the streets of America complete with the wholesale human slaughter we have seen in other countries you’d be all for it and even a part of it UNTIL your spouse, child, or sibling was killed in that “revolution.” I assure you after that you’d be singing a different tune! All of your bravado would quickly be extinguished.

Hillary Clinton is now history or, if you prefer, her-story. She LOST so get over it already and put your energy into something else besides whining for God’s sake!

And here’s something else while I’m on a roll……………

All of you losers out there still sponging off mommy and daddy at age over-30 get the hell off your computer games and GO FIND A FRICKIN’ JOB! Reality check! At somewhere around age 18 or 20 you should have decided to be an ADULT man or woman and started ACTING like it instead of continuing your far-to-long juvenile behavior! You can’t be 12 years old forever or sweet 16. Time to grow up, get a job, have a family, and get on with LIFE. And, life is not found on computer games played endlessly day in and day out while your parents support your lazy ass! I know that is a revelation to some of you and perhaps you can go to one of those ridiculous rooms that are popping up all over this ignorant nation where you can have a cookie and hung a teddy bear. Seriously? AT YOUR AGE????

It’s high time your parents confront you, boot you out the door, and force you to assume the responsibilities of manhood or womanhood. Enough of the laziness already! If you can’t find a job, join the military. They’ll teach you real quick how to be a man or woman! In fact, this crap is one reason that this nation should reinstitute the DRAFT! Every normal society has a rite of passage for males and for females except modern America which likely explains why American society is so screwed up today!

Finally, I hear alot of you whining wanting “truth.” Well I just gave you a big dose of TRUTH and I bet you don’t like it. Too bad! That’s the way life is! Truth hurts! But, in the end, it WILL make you a better and happier person.

Time to MOVE ON America!!


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