Hate Crimes Now Work 2 Ways!! Blacks Charged with Hate Crime!

Thinking that hate crimes only take place in white on black crime is now a thing of the past, thankfully. As of today hate crimes now work BOTH ways. Hate crimes, kidnapping, and battery charges were filed today against 4 black suspects in Chicago accused of beating a mentally disabled white man while streaming it on Facebook.

The mentally disabled white man is 18 years old with special needs. Suspects Jordan Hill 18, Tesfaye Cooper 18, Brittany Covington 18, and Tanishia Covington 24 were all charged today by the Cook County state’s attorney. Specifically, the charges include aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and residential burglary. Hill was also charged with robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

The victim ended up being tied up and repeatedly kicked by the suspects. He was also repeatedly beaten and yelled at by the suspects, slashed on the forehead and forced to drink water out of the toilet. All of this was streamed live on Facebook. Police say at this point they don’t know the motive behind the torture or why the suspects chose to stream it all live on Facebook. At one point the victim was forced to say he loves black people. He was also forced to say “F**k Trump” and “F**k white people.” Police investigated the incident as a hate crime and today the state’s attorney said the actions of the suspects meet the criteria for being charged with hate crimes, and they were.

The 18 year old white male victim comes from northwestern Crystal Lake. He was reported missing from Streamwood by his parents Monday who had not heard from him since Saturday. The parents said they’d dropped him off at a McDonald’s and the victim was supposed to be part of a sleep over with the suspect Hill. Police said Hill and the suspect were acquaintances who met at a school in Aurora.

Police say Hill had stolen a van prior to picking up the victim. The two drove around Chicago for the next 2 days visiting friends and sleeping in the stolen van. Tuesday, Hill brought the victim to an apartment on Chicago’s west side. The victim told police he got into a “play fight” with Hill when to of Hill’s friends, the Covington sisters, grew angry. That’s when they tied the victim up and the anti-white racial slurs began. They also began to attack the victims low mental capacity according to police.

Police say the neighbor downstairs began to complain of the noise and threatening to call police. The Covington sisters kicked in the neighbor’s door and stolen some items from her apartment according to police. The neighbor then did call police and that gave the victim the opportunity to escape his captivity. Police found the victim wandering around Tuesday night confused and bleeding and not appropriately dressed for the cold weather. Police then identified him as a missing person.

Police say the incident may have been carried out while the suspects were drugged out. The victim was taken to the hospital but is now home. Wednesday a group of west-side ministers spoke out against the crimes committed by the four black suspects saying, “This is NOT a representation of the African-American race in Chicago at all.” The ministers also asked for prayers for the disabled victim and donations. President Barack Obama called the attack “horrific” and “terrible.” Facebook has since removed the video. The four suspects will appear in court Friday.

Perhaps the saddest thing in all this is that the mentally disabled victim will now live a life of PTSD and horrific memories of this incident that will haunt him for the rest of his life.  This is one of the most EVIL and VILE crimes I’ve ever heard of!  Preying upon the mentally disabled is nothing short of evil and vile, period!  The Facebook video is the best evidence the police have and I can’t help but wonder why the suspects decided to show their crimes LIVE to the entire world.  Are they stupid or what?  Did they not think they’d get caught?  It’s said criminals are stupid and in this case that’s proven true beyond true.  My prayers are with the victim and his family.  Finally, I’m glad to see hate crimes now working two ways instead of one way.  Hate is a evil thing and hate knows no bounds, sadly.  And one other thing.  I think it’s time this nation start to ask ourselves how far we’ve fallen.  American society is degenerating.  Evil and darkness is increasing.  Trump want to make America great again but I do NOT think that is going to happen until We The People do something about ourselves and STOP THE HATE!!  Then, and only then, can America be great again!!





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