The Great Wall of America!


Walls have two purposes. Some are for the purpose of keeping people out while others are for the purpose of keeping people in. Of course, a wall designed to keep people out can easily be transformed into a wall to keep people in. Thus is the paradox of THE WALL.

One of the campaign promises of President -elect Donald Trump was to build a wall between Mexico and the US to keep illegal immigrants out and not only that but he said he’d make Mexico pay for it. Now that he’s been elected, however, there is a slight little twist in THE WALL…..

Trump apparently now wants to have Congress appropriate taxpayer dollars to fund the wall and as soon as this coming April. His reasoning is that taxpayer money is needed to build the wall ASAP but he assures us that Mexico will pay the American taxpayers back…..later. Later? How much later???

And soooo…….let’s say Congress appropriates the funds to build the wall and then how does Trump get Mexico to pay us back? Does he invoice Mexico? Does he slap a lean against Mexico’s Treasury? Does he move to conquer the Mexican State of Sonora declaring it the 51st US State? Just how does Trump intend to make Mexico either pay for the wall or pay us back? I mean after all Mexican President Pena-Nieto has already stated opening that Mexico is NOT paying for Trump’s Wall and former Mexican President Vicente Fox was even more blunt about it by telling Trump to go “f**k” himself! Fox also suggested Trump pay for the wall since he’s the richest man in America.

Of course right now Mexico is having a bit of a problem regarding growing civil unrest as the government deregulated the nation’s energy industry sending the price of energy including gasoline up 20%! Looting, rioting, the whole 9 yards is now going on in Mexico. So with all this growing civil unrest and looting going on in Mexico how are they going to pay for the wall? I mean, there’s only so many bills one can pay, right?

Concerning the style of THE WALL…..will it be modeled along lines of a steel fence or perhaps the type of fence or wall you’d find around a prison? Or is the style going to be something along lines of that old Berlin Wall? Will THE WALL have towers mounted with high powered machine guns and big spotlights? Will ammo be supplied to actually use those guns? There’s a lot of questions about Trump’s Wall and a lot of details need to be worked out don’t you think?

Now here’s something I don’t get…….Trump is claiming he’ll make Mexico pay for the wall BUT the majority of illegal immigrants are coming from Central America not Mexico! The nations of Central America are sovereign nations and not territories of Mexico. So why isn’t Trump suggesting places like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or El Salvador be made to pay for THE WALL? Is Trump suggesting that illegals coming from Central America are Mexico’s fault?

And then, of course, there is the little matter of US-Mexico relations now and after erection of THE WALL. I don’t really think forcing someone to pay for something they don’t want is the best way to make friends or to keep friendships. And, finally, what happens after Trump is long gone from the Oval Office? Who’s to say that some future American leader won’t use the wall to keep US in? That is the most frightening thing about THE WALL! Frankly, I think American taxpayers and Trump had better do a bit more thinking about THE WALL and, frankly, I’d like to see some details or even a plan of just how Trump plans to make Mexico pay us back for his wall. So far, I’m hearing a lot of rhetoric from Trump on just about every issue (via Twitter) but I’m NOT seeing any details (ie: Obamacare’s replacement?). In fact, I’m getting a bit concerned about his LACK of details and I’m even wondering if he’s just another “reality star” blowing a lot of HOT AIR!

Jose crank up the jams! Play Pink Floyd’s…..THE WALL……………..gracias.


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