CNN Plot Fails! McCain EXPOSED!

CNN and Buzzfeed reported that during an intelligence briefing President-elect Trump was informed that Russia had “compromising information” about him. However, the exact nature of that information was not revealed and today following Trump’s press conference the CONSPIRACY began to unravel. First Russia denied having any such information and Trump at his press conference today denied such information. He blasted FAKE NEWS orgs such as CNN!! Finally we know who the culprit is spreading FAKE NEWS! The Communist News Network has now been exposed to the whole world! CNN should go out of business ASAP as they have now clearly demonstrated beyond any doubt that they are NOT RELIABLE as a news source!!

Then along come that old RINO named Senator John McCain, R-AZ……………………

McCain as we all know is really a Democrat that pretends to be a Republican and the foolish people in Arizona keep electing him because they don’t get it! This man should have been put out of office decades ago as his track record clearly shows he’s a RINO! In this TALE McCain played the role of secret attack dog no less!

Since day 1 McCain has opposed Donald Trump and McCain now admits he handed documents over to the FBI outlining the claim that Russia has compromising info on Trump. He said he was not able to determine if the report was reliable (obviously it was not). It’s alleged that McCain got the dossier from a former British ambassador to Moscow. Subsequently, the report was apparently paid for by Republican enemies of Trump and then by Democrats! Oh yes, it appears this FALSE report made the rounds up on DUNG HILL and over at the CRAP HOUSE!

The dossier reportedly contained info alluding to Trump and a “golden shower” and it is now being reported that 4Chan is admitting the entire affair was meant as a hoax and fabrication. It was first sent to Richard Wilson who then sent it to the CIA. 4Chan’s fabrication was apparently good enough to fool both the CIA and FBI.

Sounds to me like the 3 Stooges all got together and decided to CREATE some DIRT on Trump because they couldn’t find any on their own. So they fabricated a SEX story in an act of revenge against Trump and pretended it came from the Russians. But, alas, once again their plans were foiled! The good old Communist News Network aka CNN just ain’t what she used to be! Sorry CNN but your PROPAGANDA you’ve been peddling for the past 8 years isn’t flying anymore. Did you miss the memo CNN? Comrade Obama is OUT and American-loving Trump is IN!

It’s starting to seem to me that the liberal leftist are trying to do anything they can to keep Trump from assuming the presidency come the 20th. What are they so fearful of? Each one of their PLOTS against Trump have FAILED and this one, the latest, is presently falling spectacularly!



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