Fake News! Sleazebags! And a New LOW!


Is this how we do things in America now? When we don’t like someone do we simply go searching for dirt on them and when we can’t find any we just make it up? Apparently, this is the “new normal” in American politics and in the American Mainstream Media (MSM). The most shining example of this is the recent “secret dossier” on President-elect Trump supposedly gathered by the Russians, given to Intelligence Agencies by the infamous Sen John McCain R-AZ otherwise known as the RINO, and “leaked” via the MSM thanks to CNN aka Communist News Network. And who was involved in this SLEAZEBAG PLOT? Why it’s NOT Russia but AMERICAN POLITICIANS and MEDIA from BOTH the Democrat and Republican camps!

The American political system and media has now sunk to a new low. We should have known something like this was coming because for the past month all we’ve heard is a whining MSM over “fake news.” They’ve been working overtime accusing alternative media of creating and spreading fake news when IN FACT it has been the MSM who has been engaging in such activity as the most recent example PROVES beyond ANY doubt. It’s a classic case of the pot calling the kettle “black.” It’s a classic case of “let the guilty speak first” and THEY DID! After CNN’s little escapade of releasing this bit of completely FAKE NEWS who can trust the MSM anymore? Answer: NO ONE and NO ONE should!

The MSM has long been involved in a battle against alternative media and in that battle they’ve seen their approval ratings fall right off into the abyss. MOST Americans have already figured out that the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda machine for those in power in DC. What they report is NOT news but is political propaganda and it appears to me that the MSM has taken the old Soviet propaganda machine known as PRAVDA as their pattern! They have not yet figured out that Americans DON’T want to hear about their “talking points.” They haven’t yet figured out that the masses are NOT as stupid as THEY think! We can see right through them!

Of course now the excuse is the “secret dossier” was “leaked” without knowing if the info in it was true or untrue. What kind of irresponsible reporting is that? I’d ask what happened to investigative journalism but we already know that doesn’t exist in the MSM anymore. However, it does exist in the alternative media and these people went to work right away to verify the info. They quickly discovered the info was UNTRUE and what’s funny is the MSM is STILL trying to determine that! And that has been yet another point of conflict between the MSM and AM (Alternative Media). The MSM doesn’t engage in investigative reporting anymore and they resent the fact that the AM does!

The MSM has long blamed the MSM for their poor viewership and readership when in fact it is the fault of the MSM themselves! Instead of straightening their act up they’ve chosen to play the “blame game.” You know….woe is me….nobody likes me….whine….whine….whine. Like a bunch of snot-nosed children they whine incessantly! Hey here’s a novel idea……why don’t the people in the MSM trying acting like ADULTS instead of snot-nosed children? Sorry MSM but Americans haven’t been buying your PROPAGANDA for the past 8 years and we’re not going to buy it either especially after this FAKE NEWS about Trump and Russia! GROW THE HELL UP!!

Trump said yesterday that this “secret dossier” BULLSHIT (and that is 100% what it is) was completely fabricated by “sleazebag political operatives, both Democrats and Republicans—-FAKE NEWS!” It’s all made up and not factual in the slightest! But this is what American politics and the MSM have reduced themselves to now. SLEAZEBAGS!!

They’ve whined endlessly since last November because their gal Hillary didn’t when the Crap House. They were just so sure that they had brainwashed the American people into putting her there and when it turned out to be so we even had to watch these SLEAZEBAGS on their “news shows” have breakdowns! Seriously? Over a frickin election? America didn’t buy their SNAKE OIL and when they realized it they broke down like the insecure BRAT children they really are! And I suggest we start treating the MSM like children!

They couldn’t find any dirt on Der Fuehrer……oh….oh….I mean President-elect so they created some with a little help from the Brits! The “secret dossier” made the rounds and was bought for money by both Republicans and Democrats. MONEY! That’s the bottomline here! Their gal lost the election so they resorted to irresponsible reporting namely CNN and Buzzfeed et al. Now they find themselves EXPOSED and they are now WHINING about that! Is there no end to their whining? Good God! These people are starting to make me PUKE! I’ve heard of juvenile behavior but this is off the charts!

I strongly suspect PRESIDENT-elect Donald Trump is going to be a figure to be reckoned with once he’s in the Crap House. I strongly suspect he’s not going to take any BULLSHIT especially from the whining MSM or Republicans or Democrats. He’s already JERKED the chain of the new Republican Congress to bring them in line and I suspect he’ll be jerking that chain many more times over the next 4 years too. I mean, after all, for the past 8 years we’ve had a DO-NOTHING-CONGRESS and they’ve done exactly that! For far too long now they’ve sat in their plush offices doing NOTHING really other than taking kickbacks and BRIBES from Corporate America! These SLEAZEBALLS are corrupt beyond belief and need to be put OUT of office because they DON’T represent the American people anymore!

And so it begins! Most newly elected POTUS have a honeymoon period with the MSM but it now appears Trump gets no such honeymoon as the MSM attack DOGS has already created an adversary relationship with him! Fair and Balanced? LMAO BULLSHIT!! The MSM is anything BUT fair and balanced period!! But that’s ok because those in the Alternative Media will be right there calling them on their BULLSHIT every step of the way for the next 4 years!! You can count on it!!!!!




One response to “Fake News! Sleazebags! And a New LOW!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Worse than that. The time spent at brick and mortar colleges, along with tuitions. Hours and hours of studying. Everything it takes to become a journalist, and just like that (/snap) they throw it away to push an agenda of Marxism. They damaged their own professional careers and their own livelihood. Less damage would have been done if they shot themselves.

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