The DEATH of CHRISTIANITY! D-Day has arrived!!

It’s no secret that Christianity has been in death’s grip for a long while now. Back in 2001 following 9/11 scared Americans and Europeans flocked to mostly empty churches hoping God would save them from more terror attacks. That went on for 3-4 weeks at most and then Americans and Europeans returned to their “sinful” ways an selfishness. Guess they thought in such times they could bullshit God? Don’t think it worked, frankly. My point here is the FAKERY of MOST American’s and European’s faith!

Now a top Bishop has come out and called Europe on its BULLSHIT an rang the death bell of Christendom and all I can say is it’s about time somebody in such a position tell it like it is!

Monsignor Carlo Liberatii, Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii said Islam will soon be Europe’s main religion thanks to the incredible numbers of Muslim migrants that have been allowed into Europe and whom, btw, are breeding like dogs! That fact coupled with the always increasing secularism in Europe spells the end of Christianity. The archbishop says this will come to be in no more than 10 years from now due to Europe’s STUPIDITY (read multiculturalism).

The Archbishop went on to say that Europe and its pagan and atheist ways makes laws that are against God and honor traditions that do not honor Christ but paganism, increasingly. “All of this moral and religious decadence favors ISLAM,” he said. “We have a WEAK Christian faith. The Church does not work well and seminaries are EMPTY.”

“Parishes are the only thing still standing,” he continued. “All this paves the way for Islam. They (Muslims) have children and we (white Europeans) do not. We are in FULL DECLINE!”

Europe thanks to the Europeans themselves have cut their own throats! In fact, they’ve been cutting their own throats since the very day they embraced this multiculturalism BULLSHIT! Thus is the end of the Western decadent fat and lazy society in Europe and guess what? AMERICA YOU ARE NEXT!!

Hell the Muslims don’t need an army to conquer the world. They are doing it and have been doing it by exporting their people in mass to foreign countries. Like I’ve said many times in the past there are two ways to conquer a nation or society. Number one is the standard military conquest. Number two is IMMIGRATION! In the case of Europe option #2 has worked ASTOUNDINGLY WELL!

It USED to be that our churches were fortresses and our pastors were generals training Christian soldiers for the future and glory of Christ. But for a long while now our Churches have become nothing more than hospitals and our pastors have become weak-willed nurse maids! Today our churches are not fortresses for the faithful but refugee camps for the spiritual wounded and DEFEATED! And, finally, let me just say this….I’m 100% certain God has turned his head is absolute and total DISGUST over it all!!

Well you people in Europe had better start learning Arabic and all you European women had better get used to wearing the habib unless you know what’s good for you. Islam is soon to be the new Emperor of Europe! Imagine that? Europe conquered without even one shot ever being fired! Long ago Europeans fought to repel the invading Muslim armies. Today they just lay down and take it because they are FAT LAZY SLOBS!  Oh and btw if my words here PISS YOU OFF that is my EXACT intention Europe!  And America?  Everything I’ve said here applies to YOU TOO!  You are all a disgrace to your ancestors who died so you could remain free of tyranny in any form!!!



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