Even MORE Fake News? Obamacare Replacement Almost Done!

According to the Washington Post President-elect Trump said in a weekend interview that he’s nearing completion of a replacement plan for Obamacare and the goal is “insurance for everyone.” He also said he’d force the drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.

Now this is new info because the news has been that Congress is going to gut Obamacare and the Trump administration would come up with a replacement plan “later.” But, now, suddenly WALLAH!! Trump says his replacement plan is almost complete!

So which is it? Does Trump have a replacement plan for Obamacare or not? Well your guess is as good as mine frankly. Why are we getting two different stories? Personally, I think it is the MSM pushing the FAKE NEWS!


In other matters, Trump says he wants more press in the WH press room an this seems to be alarming the corporate media as apparently bloggers may be included! Well of course it is alarming the corporate MSM because they know bloggers won’t submit to their “talking point” bullshit and just may report the REAL news instead of the PC bullshit the MSM typically reports! Besides, bloggers and other press will disrupt the MSM attempts at social engineering!

I say GOOD! I hope Trump includes a whole slew of new media and an ARMY OF BLOGGERS in the WH press corp!! It’s high time the MSM be dethroned!!!





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