FAKE NEWS! So which version is the real story?

yellow-journalism_1In this era of so called “fake news” one wonders just what is going on much of the time. Seems to me various news stories have various version so that we never quite know what the truth is for some “odd” reason. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about………….

On 13 January infowars.com reported that outgoing President OBAMA is planning on firing National Guard General Errol Schwartz during the inauguration of President Trump on the 20th. This site also reported that such a move could endanger the life of Trump and lead to mass riots as the National Guard is in charge of security for this event. In fact, this site reported, “OBAMA ordered that Maj Gen Errol R. Schwartz, a key figure overseeing riot control at the inauguration, will be removed from command January 20, 12:01 p.m. just as Trump is sworn in as president.” This story was written by infowars.com reporter Kit Daniels and can be found at the following link:


Infowars pointed how how irresponsible such an action would be on the part of OBAMA and suggested the move is designed to allow anti-Trump riots “to wreck havoc on DC.”

Then today 15 January infowars is reporting Fake News put out by the Washington Post claiming the Post changed the story “on TRUMP firing the DC National Guard General! This story apparently taken from Breitbart News and reposted on infowars.com claims the Post reported on Friday that President-elect Trump (has) “fired the commanding General.” But then the story says Trump’s firing of the general will take place “in the middle of the oath of office ceremony.” And then the story says that the Post put out yet another story yesterday, Saturday, that “did not contain the claim.” So which is it? Has Trump already fired the general or is he going to fire him during his inauguration or what? And just how can Trump fire anyone right now as he is NOT the president? You can find this version of the story at:


So is the general being fired? Has he been fired? And just who is doing the firing Obama or Trump? If you ask me I think this entire issue is FAKE NEWS since it appears that neither infowars.com, Breitbart, of the Post can get the story straight. Yet another example of YELLOW JOURNALISM perhaps?  And just what is yellow journalism?  “Journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.”  And lately a lot of news in the US has SMACKED of this!!



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