Trump and Ryan Ready to AXE Obamacare!

Incoming POTUS Donald Trump is about to make good on one campaign promise along with Speaker Paul Ryan and that is to axe the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare without any clear replacement on the table. The defunding of the healthcare act could come as soon as the end of this month or early next month.

obamacareTrump has said that there will be a replacement but as of now there is NONE in site! Speaker Ryan says Congress wants to defund Obamacare and put a new plan into action at the same time. However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Obamacare needs to be axed first and then a replacement put in. So in other words here’s the DEAL…..Congress is going to gut Obamacare by defunding it and whenever the Republicans get around to it they’ll try putting in a replacement plan. I would not hold my breath if I were you for that to happen as you will likely be really blue before such a replacement plan is put into action!

Congress could just as easily expand Medicare to everyone but they aren’t going to do that either because the mega-profit health insurers won’t be making billions in PROFIT every quarter! With no clear replacement in sight that tells me there is going to be NO replacement so get ready to GET SICK AGAIN AMERICA! Of course, Congress could take note of the FACT that when it was enacted into law President Obama said the Affordable Healthcare Act was NOT set in concrete but was a starting point to which improvements could be made as needed. Everyone seems to be ignoring that point and the mood up on DUNG HILL seems to be one of just wanting to dismantle anything and everything that the Obama Administration has achieved over the past 8 years. Is that wise? Likely NOT! Not everything Obama and his youthful cronies has done is bad.

So get ready America! Trump and his Republican hordes are about to return us to the past where millions of Americans will have no health insurance. Now if you happen to find the need to go to the ER after they gut Obamacare you might want to take some food and a sleeping bag as once again the waiting rooms will be overflowing with uninsured people seeking emergency or urgent care! You haven’t forgotten that already have you America? Ah yes…..a simple trip to the ER or Urgent Care and waiting HOURS to see the doc! I can hardly wait! Nothing like camping out in the ER, right?

I might mention that Donald Trump is one of those guys known as “big talkers” which typically carry out LITTLE ACTION. He has NO PLAN for the replacement of Obamacare and claiming that he’ll come up with one “later” as I’ve heard him say is just a way of passing the buck! Trump has little intention of replacing Obamacare. He’s 100% a Corporatist and he’s padded his cabinet with like-minded Corporatists. These people are all about the Corporation and, frankly, couldn’t give a shit about YOU, your children, your grandchildren, or the WORKING POOR (read SERFS because this IS how these Corporatists view YOU!). The ONLY thing that matters to a Corporatist is PROFIT and there is no profit to be made in giving people free healthcare! But, hey…..if you insist go ahead and hold your breathe waiting for Trump, Ryan, and McConnell to come up with a replacement plan. Meanwhile I’ll just dial 911 for ya cuz you’re going to need ’em. 🙂

Oh and one other thing America………………

Maybe you should have listened to Senator Bernie Sanders a bit closer concerning his frequent rants about how the 1% control 99% of the wealth in this country because as of this past November’s election YOU but that 1% in FIRM control. Why you handed them this country on a gold gilded platter an even the Corporatists were shocked by YOU ignorance! Now it is these Fascist Corporatist that are REALLY going to be running things! You’ll find out this is so the very next day after Trump’s assumption of power on Jan 20. But, alas, it will be too late as the American electors dirty deed is already done!



2 responses to “Trump and Ryan Ready to AXE Obamacare!

  1. Thanks for the reblog. Regarding Paul Ryan I think he’s proven more than once that he is NOT to be trusted LOL. The man is a JOKE! I’m sure the “battle plan” is to 86 Obamacare with no replacement period.

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