Anonymous Issue Stark Warning to Trump!

“This isn’t the 80’s longer. Information doesn’t vanish, it is all out there. You are going to regret the next 4 years.”

“Trump has financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers.”

“The United States has committed ritual suicide by electing Trump.”

The above tweets have been issue over the past few days by the collective hacker group known as “Anonymous.” The group appears to be ready to release sordid information against the President-elect but thus far has provided NO EVIDENCE to back up any of its claims.

Anonymous has previously pledge to take down Trump long before the November 2016 election but didn’t. In March of last year the group released Trump’s personal phone number but that information, it was later determined, was already publicly available!

Well all I have to say is this……………….

Igor the Thug: "Move along Comrade America! Nothing to see here!!

Igor the Thug: “Move along Comrade American! No thing to see here!!

Und der subversives will be sorry once Der Führer Trump unleashes his ire upon them! Der Führer will not be threatened nor mocked! Der Führer Trump has every intention of erecting a Corporatist Fascist State in AmeriKa und nothing will stop his glorious plans!! He will purge the planet of his foes! He will be honored and revered in every household! He will make Adolf look like school boy! Is now dawn of 4th Reich!!

And some advise……learn to do the goose step and follow orders if you don’t want the soon to be unleashed American Gestapo bounding down your door in the midst of the dark night!

AND BY THE WAY didn’t Wikileaks founder Julian Assange say he would turn himself over to US authorities if Obama commuted the sentence of Pvt Bradley Manning (now known as Chelsea)?  Well Obama has done just that so when is Assange turning himself in????????????????  Thought we had a DEAL?



2 responses to “Anonymous Issue Stark Warning to Trump!

  1. One problem: Anyone, can “mysteriously” say, that they are Anonymous. There is no source to be reached. Much of the stuff is veiled in language and unverifiable. When I see the Guy Fawkes mask and digitized voice, I tend not to listen or place too much weight on anything said. You want to be Anonymous? Get TOR, bounce your IP address over a few countries, and feed a script into a voice synthesizer. That’s it. The tin foil hat people will watch with mouths open, drooling, and eyeballs bugging out of their heads.

    When I hear people talking like farmers or ranchers, kind of like the old actor Ben Johnson style, “My daddy always said…”, then they have my full attention.

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