“America First” Branded as “Racism”?


Commentary by Monomakh:

Now that the Communist POTUS aka Barack Hussein Obama is out of the Crap House it appears that that move is just one more thorn in the side of the Hillarious Clinton supporters who are STILL whining about her loss. Like school children they are still sniveling over the loss and Obama’s having to leave the WH is just one more setback that they refuse to get over!

And speaking of sniveling, whining juveniles in adult bodies we turn our attention to Chris Matthews who was covering President Trump’s inauguration yesterday and who took issue with Trump saying “America First” during his speech. Matthews, “I’m thinking when he (Trump) said America First it is not just RACIAL….I mean, the….I shouldn’t say racial…..the Hitlerian background of it, but it was the message, I kept thinking what does Theresa May think of this…..”. WTF? Hey Chris why the f**k don’t you learn how to talk?

So let me see if I got this straight…… If one holds the idea of “America First” and I assume by extension anything like “Make America Great Again” then one is a racist? Oh wait….I mean….”Hitlerian”? LOL that’s the BIGGEST LOAD OF SHIT I’ve heard lately!!

You see the message from the Communist Left (read Democratic Party) is that we are not to feel pride in our nation at all and if you happen to be white then you should go f**k yourself because you are automatically a racist. However, any person of any skin color other than white is NEVER a racist. Do I gots it bumpkin?


Frankly, I’m sick of these leftist Communists posing as Democrats or Democrat supporters! Frankly, I wish they’d SHUT THE F**K UP! For 8 long years we’ve had to listen to these retards spout their GARBAGE and enough is enough! Barack Hussein Obama was a TRAITOR and that is a FACT! That man did everything he could to weak this nation and American society. He rammed this CRAP of the bathrooms down our throats and he rammed Obamacare down our throats which has now turned out to be one BIG f–king JOKE! We’ve all now discovered that there is NOTHING “affordable” about his Affordable Healthcare Act, period!

FACT is the lying Communist left in this country would like for us to believe that most Americans hold the same ideologies that they do when IN FACT MOST AMERICANS DO NOT! In FACT the MAJORITY of Americans remain CONSERVATIVE! For the past 8 years we’ve had lie after lie crammed down our throats and people all across this nation have spent 8 years praying for DELIVERANCE! Well GOD answered our prayers and Donald Trump and ‘AMERICA FIRST” won!! But the lying Communist leftists still don’t get it!

Frankly, Trumps first move ought to be to round-up all the COMMUNIST SCUM in our midst and deport them to COMMUNIST CHINA since they love Communism so much! Let them get a real taste of an oppressive Communist regime and they’ll change their tune quickly I assure you. And while he’s at it he needs to issue an arrest warrant for that NAZI collaborator known as George Soros who betrayed his own people in Hungary during WW2 and whom now finances the Communist SCUM in America and elsewhere! I find it LAUGHABLE that this man has to run ads in newspapers offering “jobs” as demonstrators with pay! He has to pay people to support his twisted ideology!

The FACT is this. Americans NEED to put AMERICA FIRST especially after the past 8 years of COMMUNIST RULE by Comrade Barack Obama and Company! Because if we don’t then our nation and our people are going to cease to exist! This nation and the American people are already on the brink of the abyss thanks to the insanity of the past 8 years and MOST Americans now KNOW IT. I have no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama is a closet Communist and no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton is CERTAINLY a COMMUNIST! If they aren’t then why do both of them so highly value the words of that Communist SCUM known as Saul Alinsky author of “Rules for Radicals”? Obama never knew Alinsky but Clinton worshiped at his feet in college! Of course, Obama had his own Communist “mentors” (read brainwashers) growing up and coupled with a good dose of radical Islam! Let me tell you it’s a MIRACLE that this nation has survived as well as it has for the past 8 years under this closet Communist!


Matthews might think that Trumps words yesterday were “Hitlerian” but Matthews and all of the rest of the Communist leaning MSM had better take a good look at themselves because what they spout is 100% LENINIST and STALINIST! I see NOTHING in Trump’s speech yesterday “Hitlerian” but I sure did hear a lot of LENINIST BULLSHIT from the MSM yesterday!

Now is the time for Americans to UNITE! Now is the time for a NEW PATRIOTISM! Now is the time for a GREAT PURGE in America of the radical Leninist leftist SCUM that are eating away at the very fabric of our nation and society! Now IS the time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! It’s not only time to “drain the swamp” but it’s also time to CLEAN HOUSE! I suggest we start with our colleges and universities which are literally INFESTED with Leninist’s and Stalinist’s now! These CREEPS are brainwashing our youth to no end! When an ideology THREATENS the very fabric of our society and nation it IS time to ELIMINATE THAT IDEOLOGY as it is an ENEMY OF THE STATE AND OF THE PEOPLE!!


3 responses to ““America First” Branded as “Racism”?

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Very good. MOst people do not understand that aside from troublemakers and the criminal element, which is comprised of all races, religions, and ethnic compositions, differences between Americans, is a cultural issue. The attitude as of yesterday is, “You go – We go”, and many of the communist Marxist insurrectionists, along with their propaganda (MSM) sections, do not want our nation unified as one people. Why? Because then the Lefty cause, would peter out.

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