American Exit from the U.N.–Needs to happen NOW!

Commentary by Monomakh——

Call it UNEXIT!!

Why should American taxpayers fund an international organization that is corrupt to its core and consistently works AGAINST American interests? That is exactly what the United Nations does and has done for decades now and it’s time for the US to exit the UN and throw the SCUM out of New York! Thankfully, President Trump may do just that!

Rurik4Republicans in the House quietly passed a resolution proposing the US leave the UN within the next 2 years and another resolution is calling for the US stop funding the UN. The Bill passed by the House is entitled the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017. It calls for a complete US withdraw from the UN and the removal of the UN headquarters from NYC. It also calls for the US to stop its participation in the World Health Organization, a UN body.

The UN does not and has not supported US interests in a very long time now. In fact, the UN has done everything it can to work AGAINST US interests! Further, the UN is the most corrupt body on the planet and it views itself as a global government rather than a representative body! It consistently seeks to impose its will on Americans and other nations without any regard to what the people of those nations want! It is an organization controlled by global Communists whose mission is the destruction of the US and West. What started out as a cooperative body and forum for international cooperation has become a dictator-style pseudo global government! The UN has lost its focus and now it the time for the US to exit the corrupt body.

The United States should NOT support any body or organization that actively works against our interests both foreign and domestic. Additionally, the US bankrolls MOST of the UN operation costing American taxpayers billions in NEEDLESS expenses every year! What the UN is doing is sucking money from the US and using it to promote its Communist agenda globally! It’s time that the US STOP giving US taxpayer money to our ENEMIES! We should not have to pay other nations to be our friends and we should not have to pay the UN for the same reason either! If Trump truly means “AMERICA FIRST” then he ought to start with the US exit from the UN. He should also sign executive orders declaring any and all UN imposed policies on the US null and void effective immediately! And that includes the UN land grappling program! Americans are perfectly capable of managing our own wildlands and natural resources. We DON’T need the UN telling us how to do it. The UN fails to understand that lands owned by the US government are lands owned by WE THE PEOPLE. The UN fails to comprehend the meaning of the US Constitution and has no respect for our Constitution whatsoever! Clearly, the UN also does not comprehend the meaning of representative government but it very well understands the concept of dictatorial tyranny! Money saved from NOT funding the UN can be used to help OUR OWN PEOPLE AMERICANS!! Such a move will save the American taxpayers millions! It’s time to stop bankrolling the world and bankroll our own nation and people!!!

For many decades now Americans have voiced concern over the US and millions of Americans have consistently called for the US to exit the UN. NOW is the time to do so!! Defund the bastards and throw their corrupt anti-American collective asses OUT of NYC!



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