Liberalism is a Mental Disorder….proven once again!

I hope radio personality Michael Savage doesn’t mind that I borrowed the title of one of his great books to use in this post but what he says in “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” is absolutely true and it appears that Liberalism is becoming even more of a mental disorder. For the latest example of this I cite the following:
As you may or may not know the chairmanship of the DNC is open and the democrats are looking for a new leader. Several candidates are aspiring for the position and they came together last night to discuss just what went wrong in the November elections and brainstorm on how to get the Party back on track. Ironically, Democratic leaders said after the election that there was nothing wrong with their message when obviously there IS something wrong with their message! Their message does not and did not appeal to many voters registered Democrats included. For one thing the DNC has gone too far left! For another the DNC promotes RACISM especially against White people! We saw a prime example of this last night when one candidate hoping to become the national DNC chairman spoke out.

Her name is Sally Boynton Brown and she’s the Chairwoman of the Idaho Democratic Party. Now keep in mind that the DNC claims that they want to unite people all across this nation. Before I go on I want to mention another candidate named Jehmu Greene who is a Fox News Analyst hoping to become the head of the DNC. Greene told the crowd, “The DNC did a piss poor, pathetic job attracting minorities.” They sure did! In fact, the DNC message appears to have turned many minorities off just like your presidential candidate Hillary Clinton turned many people off!!

Getting back to Brown…she said last night that Democrats must provide “training” which focuses on teaching Americans “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are WHITE!”. Now ironically Brown happens to be WHITE!! She was a shining example last night of being NON-sensitive and of a White person NOT shutting HER mouth!! I guess Brown really does need some training.

But Brown seemed not to know when to sit down and SHUT UP as she continued her spout of insanity saying, “It makes me sad that we’re even having that conversation and that tells me that WHITE leaders in our party have failed. I’m a WHITE woman. I don’t get it! My job is to listen and be a voice and shut other WHITE people down when they want to interrupt!” “This is life and death,” she continued ranting, “I am a human being trying to do good work and I can’t do it without y’all. So please, please, please get ahold of me…..I need schooling so I can go school other WHITE people.” Ahhhh……yeah……you need awhole lot more than schooling Sally…………..

Does Brown seriously think that words like she spoke last night will serve to unite people? She just alienated every White person in the DNC with those statements. How can the DNC even begin to expect that they can unite people when someone like this in their own party vying for the chair position is spouting SHIT like this?

Brown says she doesn’t get it which is a gross understatement in my estimation! She sees her job as shutting white people down? So is she telling us White people have no right to express their opinion now? Obviously, Brown is looking for a scapegoat to blame the November election LOSS on and it appears she’s focused on white people. What gets me about this nut is that SHE IS WHITE an she’s up their TRASHING WHITES! Has the thought occurred to her that non-whites are looking at this and listening to her stabbing her own race in the back? I assure you they are and they are also likely thinking that if she trashes her own race like this surely she will trash non-whites in the same manner although secretly! Putting Brown as the head of the national DNC will put the death nail in the DNC for sure. Brown is NOT the kind of RACIST leadership the DNC needs now!

But Brown isn’t the only example as we seen plenty more in the Women’s March this past weekend. What in the hell was the woman with the soda and beer cans dancing in the street as if she were demon possessed all about? And what’s up with Madonna wanting to burn the WH down? That sure got the notice of the SS didn’t it LOL. Now don’t get me wrong. I support the message put out this weekend by the women’s march. Women should NOT be treated as a piece of meat period and Trump’s past comments about women are inappropriate and irresponsible! That said, some of the participants were just outright nuts! Of course you’ll find such nuts in any demonstration.

The DNC has gone too far left. They have gone way beyond being “liberal” and moved into the realm of Leninism and Marxism. The DNC claims equal opportunity for all, justice, and everyone has a right to be heard. Apparently, that is NOT so as none of this applies to WHITE PEOPLE! But the DNC isn’t doing well with Blacks either as more and more Black Americans are figuring out that the Democrats have been keeping them on the “plantation” for a long, long time now! And Black Americans are also figuring out that self proclaimed civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton are NOT acting in their best interest! Sharpton has gained millions over the years while the MAJORITY of Black America still resides in poverty! He talks the talk but he sure as hell doesn’t walk the walk!!

The DNC had better wake up! They’d better get someone with some common sense and vision to head the party. Brown is most certainly not that person in my opinion. The DNC needs to get its act together and appeal to people of all races and STOP the anti-white BULLSHIT! The DNC has sown the seeds of division from with NO UNITY can come so that makes their message of unity nothing more than hypocritical BULLSHIT! As a minority myself I really don’t care to hear people trashing their own race. I also don’t like the scapegoat game! And there are a lot of minorities with my same views. Hearing Brown spout her lunacy only served to turn me/us OFF more to the DNC!! Get a frickin’ clue DNC! You are not only alienating Whites but other minorities as well and a resounding YES you DID do a PISS POOR job last November!



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