Trump to Launch Building of Border Wall Today!


President Trump is expected to sign a major Imperial Edict (aka: executive order) today authorizing the construction of the infamous border wall he promised to erect during his campaign. Trump will also meet with President Pena-Nieto in Washington next week to discuss this and other issues.

This is a developing story with more details coming later today. One thing Americans need to keep in mind, however, is that walls serve two purposes. They keep people out AND they keep people IN. Remember that.




One response to “Trump to Launch Building of Border Wall Today!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I started a WH petition on Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground.
    If, people could arm-up, without corrupt paying for rights as in, permits, and, if people had lawful authority in standing their ground, then for what purpose would America have to build a wall costing billions of dollars?
    Simple solutions, always, neglected by government stooges.
    Arm the People, and forget the wall. Allow the People, to “Take Care of Business”, if there is a call for it. The wall will increase national debt. Trump has made some bone-headed decisions by saying he wants “permits” to carry, and by keeping Comey around. Bad form. Very bad form.

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