Will Men Be Men Again in the Trump Reich?

commentary by Monomakh:

Rurik4Over the past 8 years America had a leader who was weak for the most part. He preferred to ride a bike wearing a helmet (wimpy things) while the Russian president (Putin) preferred to hunt game shirtless and engage in martial arts (manly things). That left many Americans wanting a MANLY leader instead of a Metrosexual leader, frankly, myself included.

Well thank GOD (yes I said the G-word!!) those 8 years are over and Obamy is long gone! Fact is during the last election many Americans were hungry for a strong leader, for one who would be a FIGHTER instead of a wimp, for one who would STAND UP for what he believes in instead of cowering down. This desire resulted in the election of Donald Trump to the WH and it is because he didn’t act like the typical weak-willed wimp politician we see way too often in Washington! What Americans wanted was a MASCULINE MAN and not another wimp!

Trump, unlike Obama, seems willing to engage in battle and to stand up for what he believes in. But more than that Trump seems to be a man of PRIDE. Pride in his MANHOOD which is something that has been grossly lacking in America for a long time now. So the question is will Trump INSPIRE other males to be MEN AGAIN?

American males have basically been psychologically de-balled! The “War on Manhood” has been waged against males by the Leftist Marxist in this nation for far too long! It’s all been part of the Communist Plan to weaken our nation and destroy American society. The Leftists have long known that in order to accomplish the wholesale destruction of the USA they had to de-ball the American male and they started by de-balling male children in our schools just as any good Marxist would (they always go after the youth first).


The result of this WAR ON MANHOOD has been the destruction of MALE initiative and self-esteem.  Today the American male is far to concerned with going to the spa or playing video games in his parent’s basement than he is with getting off his ass and being a man and working!  In fact, many males today are still living with mommy and daddy pretending as if they are only 15 years old even though they are over 30!!  They THINK they are men but they are NOT.  They are physically men but mentally they are STUCK at around 15 years old!  They are casualties of the War on Manhood and most don’t even know it.

As the article in infowars (see link below) states, “Too many men today speak of the need for safe places and trigger warnings.”  WTF?  Yeah because they are wimpy and sissies!  Safe places?  Trigger warnings?  What kind of SHIT is that?! Hey here’s a revelation for you!  NOTHING IN LIFE IS SAFE PERIOD!  Men today are acting like scared little BOYS instead of MEN and it’s got to CHANGE!  Men have got to STAND UP and fight against the war being waged on them by the Marxist Leftist TRAITORS in this nation who are bent on the destruction of our country and our society!! NOW is the time for men to stop acting like adolescents and START acting like MASCULINE MEN again!!

“Too many men today are more likely to be called a snowflake (weak-willed wimp!) rather than a WARRIOR!”  But, historically and traditionally a MALE has been a WARRIOR and he has PRIDE in being a WARRIOR.  Being a snowflake has always been a mark of SHAME!!  And, sadly, that is what most males have been made to feel today. SHAME!  They’ve been fed the ROTTEN BULLSHIT that being male is somehow “wrong” and the Marxists in our schools and society have done everything they can to instill a sense of shame in the American male as the PRIMARY way of destroying American MANHOOD.  And, frankly, it’s actually worked amazingly well!!


Now in case you are thinking manhood and being a warrior is akin to being  THUG and BRUTE you could not be more WRONG!  Thuggery, brutality, womanizing, and an overblown sense of machismo is NOT masculinity!  In fact, historically and traditionally these things are the OPPOSITE of what masculinity is.  In ancient societies and in tribal societies today men are hunters and the hunters not only hunted for food for their people but also fought at warriors. Hunting was part of the training of a warrior!  Real masculinity is the man who is compassionate yet ruthless when needed.  He is loving yet unemotional when times of war dawn.  He is merciful yet determined and stern.  He is forgiving yet he can be harsh too.  He sees his mate as an equal partner not as someone to be dominated ruthlessly or disregarded.  The truly masculine man is a MAN OF HONOR and NOT one of dishonor!!  And honor was a very important thing to the hunter-warrior-masculine MAN!  They just didn’t believe the old adage that a man’s word is his bond.  They LIVED IT daily moment by moment!  And if a man’s word was no good then it was determined that the man was one of dishonor and not honorable!  Masculine men have esteem for life and they didn’t go to and fro indiscriminately destroying life!

As the infowars article mentions author Todd Starnes made some rather interesting observations about men today recently.  He observed that today men no longer have friends but instead they have “bromances” and settle disputes by hugging rather than via fighting or competition.  Starnes also observed that so called “men’s magazines” now run articles such as “Should a man show his nibbles” or “What men know about wearing eyeliner” instead of MANLY articles such as “How to build those biceps.”  Frankly, so called “men’s mags” have become a LAUGHABLE JOKE not worth one cent!!  They are all GARBAGE!  They promote the Marxist war on manhood!!  Trash them boys!


Educationally boys today under-perform girls in school and that is likely due to the low self-esteem many boys have today as a result of the war against them being waged by the PC Marxists bent on the destruction of maleness.  When it comes to higher education women are 60% more likely to go to college than young men.  And when young men do leave school they are more likely to go back and live with mommy and daddy than they are to get out there, get a job, start a family, and get a place of their own!!

Starnes made some additional observations when he conducted a simple survey asking women what they are looking for in a man (possible mate) and here’s what he uncovered.  Women are looking for a male who has a job, drives a pickup, urinates standing up rather than sitting down!  They are looking for a male who eats meat (brain food) and who is willing to be chivalrous!  They are looking for a male who is willing to stand up for them and protect them.  In short, women are looking for males who are like daddy and NOT the effeminate version we see far too often today!! Women do NOT want a wimp!  They don’t want a male wearing skin-tight pants or a shirt buttoned up so tight around his neck that he looks like a priest!  They want a man who is proud not ashamed, decisive not indecisive, MASCULINE not macho or wimpy!!  Women want a male who will love them, protect them, and provide for them.  They do NOT want a male stuck in some sort of suspended adolescence still living off mommy and daddy trying to pretend he’s just a boy at age 30.

manhood4Like I said the War on Manhood has worked amazingly well.  The Marxists have pretty much succeeded in demonizing the masculine male and marginalizing him!  They’ve pretty much made SHAME the life of a male! The Marxists bent on the destruction of society have brainwashed us to the point that many of us now equate masculinity with oppression which is NOT true!  Our males have been FORCE FED a line of absolute SHIT in our schools, colleges, and universities for decades now!!  Our young youth are DESTROYED within themselves!  Oh yes, the libs all talk about self respect and being whatever you want to be but that does NOT apply to you IF you happen to have a penis between your legs!

This all said let me add something about RESPECT.  Respect is NOT something that is automatic.  Respect is something you must EARN!  If you want to be respected and you are male playing the part of the thug with your baggy pants half way down your ass is not the way to gain respect.  If you want to be respected then try acting like a masculine gentleman instead of a thug!  BTW did you know males who wear their pants halfway down their asses in jail/prison are the “women”?  Just sayin ya better reconsider your style home-BOY……………….

As the infowars article points out gentlemen (masculine men) are “self-controlled, patient, temperate, and willing to make sacrifices for others.”  And I love this line from the article:

“IF we want to make America great again, then MEN (and women) need to start dedicating themselves to becoming great again on an INDIVIDUAL LEVEL.”

AMEN TO THAT!!  The fate of this nation and this society does NOT depend on Trump or any other politician.  In fact, it depends on YOU!!

manhood5It is time to stop the assault against manhood in this country!  It’s time men learn how to be MEN again, MASCULINE men!  It’s time to call the PC bullshit for what it is….BULLSHIT!  It’s time to unload the shame you’ve been conditioned into buying and proclaim your FREEDOM AS A MALE!  It’s time to break the yoke of oppression from around your neck placed there by the Leftist Marxists bend not only on the wholesale destruction of our nation and society but also of Y-O-U!!



Read the infowars article and other links at:





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