2 comments on “Trump Pisses Off Mexico!!

  1. And start blowing men, women, and children out of the Rio Grande? How about the US do something about THEIR drug problem? America is the biggest “consumer” of illegal drugs on the planet and all those drug, primarily, come out of Mexico and Central America. Central Americans are coming to the US to escape the violence of the drug cartels. How about the US put those cartels out of business? No market equals no profit. Colonel Oliver North spilled the frijoles during the Iran-Contra Hearings under the Reagan Administration when he exposed the USAF and CIA running rugs into USAF bases in Florida and elsewhere. He pretty much told us that our own government is running a drug operation just as Fast & Furious told us our own government is running an illegal gun operation too. I think cleaning out the cartels and putting some money into Central America to create employment and industry is the solution. However, I highly DOUBT America is ready to give up its drug habit yet.

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