Trump Pisses Off Mexico!!

President Donald Trump pissed off the President of Mexico today over the Border Wall during a tweet! Trump said in that tweet that if Mexico is not willing to pay for the wall then Pena-Nieto should cancel his meeting with Trump next week. Later in the day Pena-Nieto did just that and said Mexico will protect its citizens wherever they are by providing all necessary legal counsel they need. He also let it be known that Mexico is a sovereign nation.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Trump, on the other hand, went on to tweet that the US has a 60 billion dollar deficit with Mexico and said NAFTA has been a “one sided deal” with “massive numbers of jobs and companies lost.”

In fact some of the wall already exists so essentially what Trump is going to do is finish it. It will NOT all be a physical wall. Some of it will be an electronic wall, some of which already exists as well. Trump is also going to increase Border Patrol positions and make it easier for agents to do their job. Obama imposed several rule restrictions on the USBP during his tenure in office.

I don’t think that this wall be it physical or electronic needs to be a reason to sour relations between Mexico and the trump_hitlerUS. I do think Trump needs to learn a bit of diplomacy. His style of being the bully won’t work on the international stage as far as relations go. Further, I think he should STOP using Twitter as he tends to spout off on it and as we saw today this could have negative results! When you are the leader of a country you can’t just go around saying whatever you want even though you’d like to.

I also think Trump needs to awaken to the fact that MOST of the illegal immigrants coming into the US now are from Central America NOT Mexico. Yes, Mexico could and should do some things to stop them from going through Mexico but they don’t. I was hoping discussions next week between Pena-Nieto and Trump would result in cooperation but after Trump’s tweets today what has been set up is a confrontational relationship. I do not think that is good!

Sometimes it is better to think before one acts or reacts. Trump seems to be one who reacts without thinking. That might work in business but it doesn’t work in international politics. In fact it’s a good way to make enemies often times. I don’t think we need to be making Mexico into our enemy nor should we be running them into the arms of China or Russia! A strong alliance between Mexico and Communist China would set up a very bad and threatening scenario with our nearest neighbor. Further, the US has a long and rich history with Mexico and that relationship should continue as it is beneficial to both nations and people. The Mexican people and Mexico are NOT our enemies! Let’s NOT make them our enemies either!!

In terms of paying for the wall Trump today proposed a 20% tax on goods from Mexico to pay for it.  That’s pretty stiff and that is going to spell DISASTER for the American Southwest that consumes large amounts of produce from Mexico yearly!  I do not think this proposal is wise.




2 responses to “Trump Pisses Off Mexico!!

  1. And start blowing men, women, and children out of the Rio Grande? How about the US do something about THEIR drug problem? America is the biggest “consumer” of illegal drugs on the planet and all those drug, primarily, come out of Mexico and Central America. Central Americans are coming to the US to escape the violence of the drug cartels. How about the US put those cartels out of business? No market equals no profit. Colonel Oliver North spilled the frijoles during the Iran-Contra Hearings under the Reagan Administration when he exposed the USAF and CIA running rugs into USAF bases in Florida and elsewhere. He pretty much told us that our own government is running a drug operation just as Fast & Furious told us our own government is running an illegal gun operation too. I think cleaning out the cartels and putting some money into Central America to create employment and industry is the solution. However, I highly DOUBT America is ready to give up its drug habit yet.

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